Much ado about nothing!

Hello, how are y’all doing? I’m sure you lots were quicker/smarter today. You know its the end of the year and the sporadic tendency to try to do the impossible might still be there! But guess it’s all for the better.
Now, enough of all the ramblings and rigmaroles. Yeah, its the end of the year, its also an opportunity for you to evaluate your life. I’m sure we all must have come across many articles telling us the do’s and dont’s for 2012 to be a good year but the truth is; the power to attract Favour lies in us!
Many people have died, many have seen their hopes dashed but you are still here. I think the coming year should not become something that we should get hysterical about. I mean, our brain doesn’t change its pattern because we are approaching a new year, its just another day for it.
The best way to become more effective this year is by taking as any of the other days so as to lift off that added weight of expectation.
Yeah, I’d rather we stop here. Think about what you’ve achieved this year, think about what you failed at, think about how good you can be, think about the things you’d do that could possibly lead to failure then ammend your ways.
Till we meet again; Gracias.



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