Comfort Zone

I know everyone wants to know what the lacuna I talked about in my previous post is.
I have decided to prolong the wait. Meanwhile while we are still waiting for it; I’ve got something important to share. It’s a ramble so don’t expect anything mind blowing. Yes, I’m actually trying to reduce your expectation level in order to highlight explicitly the problems talked about here. Don’t be surprised if you see this as a waste of time as it’d have been because you have been made to see it as such – that is the idea. Let’s roll!

Recently I have had the opportunity to change my location and while you may be right to tag my original location as my “comfort zone”, my present location has proved to be the exact opposite.
I’m in a place where my abilities have been questioned from day one even without me having the chance to prove myself.
I’m in a place where going to “school” is highly reverred and as such has always prompted me to remind people of the fact that I’m an undergraduate. Since that would be a statement that purports the “self”; I have decided against it.
I’m in a place where I’ve been made to do things someone of my status shouldn’t do.
I’m in a place where I’ve been made to live with people and interact with them even when I have been a loner.

Now why have I taken the pains to list these out?
All this piece aims at is to analyse the truth that most times we become so used to our comfort zone that once there’s a change we shrink. I have sought to use my personal experience to shed more light. The human mind is naturally inclined towards comfort; no one wants to suffer, no one should suffer either but the desire not to see someone suffer has led to the promotion of laziness.
Humans should be able to adapt to whatever the situation is, why? Any difficult situation tests your resolve/patience. Even the Holy Bible in James confirms it. The reward of passing the tests that comes with trials is Success! Yes, success but many people don’t seem to pass. Annoying thing is; passing is easier than failing. I wonder why people would work hard to fail albeit in ignorance.

The best approach to life has always been to approach thing in the second person pronoun style. Always pay attention, always offer help, always put a smile on someone’s face. It’s a rule that has worked for me. I have endured all that I have gone through here all because they’ll make me a better person at the end of the day. Everyone benefits when I’m better. Harrowing experiences are there to give you a story. It’s up to you to make your story worth it.
Titanic remains a blockbuster because it was well executed, if the same story had been acted by nollywood, no one would have heard of it probably.
This bring me to the issue of the human’s mindset. Generally, there’s this complex Nigerians suffer from; thing is not an ordinary complex but an inferior one! We seem to be okay with failure. Once you see nothing wrong with failure, success will run away.
We always seem to allow fear get the better of us. There’s nothing I would say here that you probably haven’t heard before but I would implore you to scrutinise your ways and make them better.
Finally, I leave you with words I got from a song I heard;
“I see higher than the heights of the mountains, deeper than the depths of the sea, further than the eye can see. I’m talking about spirituality”

Save that last sentence, a deep hearted quest for knowledge will make you act in line with the song but like I would always say. You can’t go far in life if you have got no spiritual backing. Jesus has got ’em for you – freely. Just accept it. It helps resolve some unknown mysteries.



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