2012 – The Year that Ended Twice

I still vividly remember the first 10 days of 2012, I was virtually living a borrowed life. I had lived in the exact life that I had strongly abhorred; instead of trying to be grateful for seeing another year, I had become petulant and it strongly casted fears over how the remainder of the year would pan out. But thank God for the experience he gave me on the 10th of January 2012. So the year ended at first on the 10th of January. So this has been a second part of the year for me as I didn’t have the complete 365days.

That experience has spurred me towards knowing more of Him and in the words of the famous Gospel Rap artist; Lecrae, walk on water!

I went back to school still relatively new to the environment school offered but surely I had back up. God had finally restored me and I had forgotten about the hellish 10 days I went through. I’ve met different people, I matured this year I encountered experiences that made me a better person and somehow I was able to create an impression in the hearts of people!

There rumours of Apocalypse…the first one bothered me at that point but I wasn’t too dithered after I had said my “last prayer”…the world didn’t look like ending anytime soon though, I had already outlaid plans for the rest of the year. It was during this period that I met “heart-melting” love, and it was during this period that somehow I had to seriously make a decision on who to place top on my priority list; turned out to be God and trust me, He hasn’t failed. I had reached a significant level of autarky that anyone at my age would be proud of, I had deleted every form of sleaze and abandoned preposterous deeds! I focused on the eternal as I found out that it brought some kinda urgency to my actions. I also had to make big decisions that had to take people outta my life, it was the first time I was to do it. Since I wasn’t one who valued relationships, circumstances that fell within the year made me rethink!

I also experienced growth in my relationship with God..He took me to heights where I saw things from a different and better perspective. The secret, of course was much devotion to prayer & study of the word. I reduce concentration on the letter as I found out that it kills and concentrated more on the Spirit resident in the word!!! My joy knew no bounds. Mere words couldn’t express the new found love and satisfaction I derived from God. Old agealso helped me attach “responsibility and accountability” to my deeds and as usual, I would always want to save my name so I had to do things well enough. I became independent in my actions, I tried to eliminate anything shambolic from my actions and found out how strong willed and disciplined I was. I’d never forget this year because it was in this year that I found the cure to an addiction that had derided me for most of my life right from infancy!

The year came with troubles, but I overcame, I didn’t make enemies but I downgraded a few people from friends to acquaintance. Some others were upgraded though…I wallowed in joy at my new found posterity! I had increased in knowledge and now had a new trademark. I never at any point wished the year would end, I never at any point knew the year would run this fast…ALAS it was a leap year! I always wonder if I actually made the extra day it came with count…

Most of the people that matter in my life; I met them this year…my horizon was broadened this year. I had causes to laugh, cry, feel humiliated and feel proud but that was the joy the year came with. This year has never seen anything like it before, we had four identical dates, rumours of war and revolutions! At some point, folks weren’t sure if tomorrow would come but here we are epiloguing 2013. Different people have come and gone but I’m still here all because of HIS grace and mercies.

So 2012 didn’t bring about the end of the world, for me I would say 2012 was kind and palatable amidst all the rigmaroles of financial hearsay! Opportunities came for all, even the layman had a chance to laugh; the year was better than 2011. There was relative peace but it didn’t probe more.

Some others have been busy forgiving enemies but we do forget that one enemy we should appease; 2012 isn’t happy that we are ditching it in favour of a new found love in 2013. You lived life in 2012, it had the chance to end the world but it decided to afford you more time make sure you spend the remaining few hours of the day being grateful to God for all He did using “2012”…trust Him to do more in “2013”…

I really do hope you find a renewed vigour to live on…


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