It is very easy for us all to advocate a change in leadership all because of the state of our economy.
But before we go into the make up of the impact leadership has let’s go near…

I am Nigeria, before I go into blaming Nigeria; I gotta blame myself because I am Nigeria. So…
I don’t expect Nigeria to be respected by others if I don’t respect people;
I don’t expect Nigeria to follow due process if I jump queue;
I don’t expect Nigeria to grow if I’m too lazy to work…
Yes, let’s start seeing Nigeria as our own because if we personally don’t get it right within…we can’t expect Nigeria to get it right outside. Until I understand that in the next 20 years; I’d be in a position of leadership and that the values I’ll nurture and inculcate into the system would be the same values I have now which have led to nowhere then will Nigeria become great. It’s time for me to live right because I am Nigeria; if I don’t do it right…Nigeria won’t get it right.
Until we come to realization of this fact; then and only then will we be able to bridge the lacuna between reality and phantasm!

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