Jeduthun; The Chief Musician

Recently, my fascination about Jeduthun grew so much that all I was writing about was Jeduthun. Now this question is, who is Jeduthun?

Jeduthun is a Levite from the tribe of Merari and one of the three masters of Music appointed by David. Whilst Asaph and Heman may boast of more Psalms attributed to their names; Jeduthun has only three Psalms that were led by his choir; Psalms 39, 62 and 77. Whilst the fascination with Jeduthun isn’t about the number of Psalms he rendered; the fascination comes from the man’s fascination himself with music!
He office description was mainly to preside over the general music of the temple and seeing that David took music seriously; he had to make sure the best tones were rendered!
When it came to sacred songs, Heman and Jeduthun were also put in charge of playing the trumpets and cymbals! Sacred people for sacred songs!

It appears
that Asaph, Jeduthun, and
Heman, were chief singers in the
time of David; that they, with
their families, presided over
different departments of the
vocal and instrumental worship
in the tabernacle, 1 Chron. 25; that they were holy men, full
of the Divine Spirit, (a thing very
rare among singers and
performers in these latter days,)
and that they prophesied with
harps, with psalteries, and with
cymbals; that Jeduthun had six
sons thus employed; that himself
prophesied with a harp to give
thanks and praise to God, ver. 3;
and that the sons of Jeduthun
were appointed by lot to the
different courses. The eighth
course fell to his son Jeshaiah,
ver. 15; the twelfth, to Hashabiah,
ver. 19; and the fourteenth, to
Mattithiah, ver. 21.

Now we are going to be studying the Psalms that were led by Jeduthun and his crew and try to infer why he was chosen to lead them having juxtaposed the three different Psalms!

PSALMS 39: the brevity and uncertainty of human life is put to question, there is also a watchfulness of thought so as not to go against God. The general theme in this Psalm is that of trust in God. In v. 8, there is an earnest prayer to be saved from sin, there is a cry for help. So this Psalm sees God as a helper and cries out for help.

PSALMS 62: Now the intent of this Psalm is to teach men to trust in God and not men. We see David in danger and He’s assuring himself of the help he has got in God. There’s a constant re-assurance that God is my helper.

PSALMS 77: Ah! We see a cry to God for help in the first verse! Someone is in trouble and has got no other choice, he runs to God and also re-assures himself of the ever present help that God is. Even referring to the great help God offered the Israelites back in Egypt.

Now did we see any striking similarity between the three Psalms???

All center around God our helper. So Jeduthun was trusted upon to play the Psalms were cries were made to God. Why? Was it because he was so holy that they trusted God would send help because his ever loyal son, Jeduthun was singing?

All the Psalms are very short with the exception being Psalms 77 which was led alongside Asaph. So we see that Jeduthun wasn’t a man of many words. He knew what he wanted and hit the nail on the head.
We also see absolute trust in God and disdain for trusting men. So God is the only helper we need and vanities will lead no where!!!

Oh Jeduthun!!! So anytime we are in trouble, re-invoke the spirit of Jeduthun; the faithful man who served God in His courts. So keep your ways clean and God’ll ever help you out.

Will our modern performers on
instruments of music in churches
and chapels, pretend to the
prophetic influence? If they do
not, and cannot, how dare they
quote such passages in
vindication of their practice,
which can be no better than a
dulcet noise without its original
meaning, and alien from its
primary use? Do they indeed
prophesy with harps, and
psalteries, and cymbals? or with
their play-house aggregate of
fiddles and flutes, bass-viols and
bassoons, clarionets and kettle-
drums? Away with with such
trumpery and pollution from the
worship and Church of Christ!

Oh how I love Jeduthun!


  1. Imagine a team of music ministers, each ministering with great anointing. The lead singer, all the backups, the drumer, the keyboardist, everyone of them ministering under the influence of the spirit.
    This Jeduthun spirit is what made the world’s best praise and worship team Hillsong what it is today.
    A quest to know God better than the musical instrument, the understanding that God reacts in the most special manner to music from a hungry and thirsty heart. He is not as intrested in the melody and harmonics than he is intrested in the heart of the renderer.
    I think that most of us who call ourselves ”Music Ministers” should take a stern look again at that name and what it actually means.
    God did not regret sacking Mr Luci eventhough he was an embodiment of the best music that could ever be heard in heaven.
    Jeduthun… Jeduthun…


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