Musings of a Mad Man

How can people say I’m normal? It’s an absurdity for someone to say that…but how can they say I’m controversial? When did the fight for equity turn into a controversy? I wonder…
I long for a society that will be free from any form of jingoism. How can you be showing love shrouded in partial judgement? That’s nepotism! Like I said, this is an illusion…the views that aren’t clear enough.
I wonder what this is all about.
They say I love controversy, they even said I was stubborn, they even said I was ugly. What won’t they say…I love hearing all they say. in fact, if they didn’t say them. I would be disappointed. I am a Mad Man…have you seen someone say anything good about a mad man before? People should say bad things about me and then change them when they see how ignorant they are…
I’m musing here…I’m a mad man..what do you expect? That I construct a meaningful sentence? have you seen a mad man write so well? Have you seen a mad man amass so much wealth? Have you seen a mad man so smart that you feel you are a dullard? Have you seen…?
Why would I stop talking when I have been given the rare gift of expression? Why would I not talk when talking is synonymous with mad men?
The good thing about it is that I didn’t smoke weed to get mad, I didn’t get enchanted by some act of wizardry, I didn’t…

I’m mad because madness is the only way forward…madness is the way to greatness…madness is the way to the top. You can’t be normal…there are 6.999999999 billion normal people in world. there is only one mad person in the whole world…Me! I can’t afford to mix in with the crowd…my prototype was destroyed after my creation…they believed I could do the job alone. For long, I wandered around the job…but ever since I received the keys of madness…the job has been sweet. I’m on course to changing the world…and very soon I will do it.

Very soon…madman


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