So many times, we are faced with the problem of reliance and to a lesser extent relevance. We become skeptical whenever it comes down to pinging our hopes on another person. It’s either we feel the person isn’t worthy enough or we feel there is no need to even rely on another. But what we are going to be talking about here is how this “trust” gets to thrust us deeper into our understanding of God and our relationship with Him. The scripture clearly states that for you to have a good relationship with God, you must wholly trust him – believing that first, HE IS, and then also believe that He rewards those who believe! So our relationship with God has an added incentive, once you wholly trust; a reward awaits. You must have noticed that I’ve used the believe in place of trust numerous times already, that is because trust is a firmer form of believe – belief without doubt! You know even with this added incentive that comes from trusting God; people still find it hard to wholly trust. I’m going to be sharing a story that fully illustrates this;
“The date was 27th June 2013, the time was roughly circa 4pm. For the first time in a long while we were about to write an exam where you could sit anywhere you wanted to as there were no allocated serial numbers. I gently went to a corner of the hall close to the front where I felt no one would disturb me, I also didn’t care who sat around me as I didn’t indulge in any form of exam malpractice. Those around me where busy asking me if I was going to cooperate so that they’d know if they would have to change their sitting positions. I made a bold statement already that anyone who intended asking me a question should ask me now before the exam starts as I was not in the habit or practice of talking during an examination. So I tried my best to relay some of the few things I knew to those around me. That being said, the scripts were shared and the exam was fully started. I first scanned through the questions and I was already shuddering. How can this be, MOST of the questions there were alien to me or vague. I was struggling to grasp a hold. I knew this exam wasn’t going to favour me, so I bowed my head, spoke in tongues and started writing…wrote the ones I knew which were very few compared to the empty spaces. Two days ago, I had written a carry-over course – my first ever! The experience was so bitter that I determined never again to make sure I was so unprepared in a course not to even make at least 40. The fear of re-writing this course overshadowed my feint dependence on God. By this point, the tongues had stopped flowing, my mind was looking for other ways. I couldn’t fail this course, why don’t I trust God and believe he’d see me through irrespective of what my brain was telling me. I started remembering testimonies of people who submitted empty sheets and still made wonderful results. I contemplated submitting an empty sheet but the fear of a carry-over overrode my actions and I decided to ask. Strange, because I was asking the very same people who I had told not to disturb me once the exam starts. I started asking around in a bid to fill up my empty spaces, now the only thing driving my mind was the fear of a carryover instead of my love for God. Even after all I did, I still didn’t fill up all the empty spaces as it turned out I was surrounded by dullards who didn’t even know too much or who were awed at the fact I was asking around like I was a pro in the cheating game. Some put on bewildered faces when I called their name, I never represented any part of the word; gentleman. At some point, after I wasn’t receiving any aids, I paused and asked myself why I couldn’t just trust God, I started imagining what the scene would be like if I were t stand in front of my class and preach next time. Will these guys listen to me? Was I painting the right picture? Too many things ran through my mind, I felt I was letting God’s image down big time. I wanted to draw inspiration from the fact that this exam challenge was a test on the abilities of God on my inside rather than a test on my person, but my mind was fixed on the scenes that surrounded the carry over course I had rewritten a couple of days ago. I left the exam hall feeling so bad, so bad at the fact that my GP would not be a reflection of the abilities of God on my inside anymore, I felt so bad because I couldn’t even talk to God. I felt so bad. As I was walking home, my mind was running through so many scenarios; from Peter to David to Paul. The constant theme was repentance. Then I heard God speak directly to my spirit; “son, trusting me would have fetched you a whole lot of good in that exam hall…it would have been the equivalent of a 2 hours salvation message. Make sure you don’t lose the limited time that you have already because there’d always be a next time. I love you soon, I still did even when you were in the hall, I was just waiting for you to activate the trust button”. How horrible I felt after this. He took me to Ezekiel 31 where he brought down the great beautiful tree because it became self-bloated and proud. Not long after that, I got a message notifying me of the cancellation of the exam due to leakage of the questions. The exam had been rescheduled for another date. Aaargh!! How sorry and pitiful I felt the more, if only I had trusted God and submitted an empty sheet. Now I have enough time to read up and prepare well for the exam with my GP still remaining a picture of the ability of God on my inside.”
I hope you enjoyed my story; the good thing about it is that once you decide to live out for God, your business becomes His business. He begins to sort everything out for you but you just have to trust me and follow him illogical. Don’t try and decipher his next move – his thoughts are way higher than yours – follow him every step of the way. He’d always work thing out in your favour so long as you love Him.
Start trusting him today and remember; “problems don’t test your person but they test the abilities of God on your inside”!!!

Miracle Onyebuchim
World’s Greatest Prospect.



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