Randomly Useful; Musings.

I’ve been off for a few days largely due to some engagements that came my way. First, I had to make a short trip to attend a meeting within my association; what I learnt from that trip was that people really do care; and that when you find yourself in a position to offer help; don’t hesitate, you’ll reap the rewards later.
Then, I had to be involved in the logistics that had to do with my association hosting some National executives. One lesson I learnt whilst running around was that those who value and respect authority will always be elevated. Secondly, once you are in a position of authority; savour it…it definitely won’t last long.
I also had to travel to another state; I’m as a matter of fact posting this from my new location…I’ve been moved to my foundations ever since I moved here. I’ve come face-to-face with the movers and shakers of our economy. Most of the things I’ve observed have had to do mostly with politics. I’ve been able to see the intringues that take place behind the scene and it has left me wondering if there’s hope for this country. Whenever you are faced with the option of property as against people; choose the latter as people’s deeds will outlive and outlast property. Never ever go for material things; they will fail you. Pursue virtues…these things last longer.
I’ve been touched also be the love some people has showed…I made a rash decision concerning one of them and to my surprise she took it in with maturity; that’s classy; my respect for her tripled. That shows you that the things that matter the most are little things we don’t even pay close attention to. The other called me on phone and her demeanour just endeared me the more to her.
On the contrary; I’m slowly letting someone off the hook in my life; I’ve realised that there comes a point in life when you just have to let go in order to fly high…but be careful so you don’t end up throwing off the important things while the dead weight still remains (a la Jonah and the Fish story).
Another complained bitterly at how she felt hurt at the way I constantly rebuffed her actions to get closer. It pained me really as I really hate seeing people hurt…buh those are part of the hard decisions we have to make sometimes.

I’d stop here for now and let y’all digest these.

Stay True!


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