Life is a Sure Truth

“Let’s dance in style; even if its only for a while. We’re still waiting for Heaven as we watch the skies. Life is a sand pit; it shouldn’t last long…”

Life hasn’t been fair really, how long do we continue to exercise hope? How long will the struggles continue? How long will we keep wishing we were born dope? With gas cookers and no kerosene stove? We keep dreaming of stomping the yard…even if dreams don’t cost a thing…why are their realisations so expensive?

Yeah, the hopeless will take solace in alcohol, but we asking is that all? What happens after the fan fare? Will it fetch our t-fare? When the deprived keep striving with no reward; whose fault for wanting to be King Edward?

We all want to be famous and rich; but the undeserving find themselves up the pitch; the deserving rot in a ditch. Who will we blame when they’ve all made us lame? Can’t even point fingers as they’ve quietened our ginger.

Slowly, we are giving up, since we’ve haven’t been able to usurp. They say the way up is down; how do you explain that to the clowns? We work till dawn but they enjoy our sweat in the lawn.

They keep saying it’s simple as ABC; the question is what do they see? The hell they profess; inaction makes it useless. Our efforts – priceless but they haven’t brought success! We ain’t cynical; just correcting the betrayal. Ain’t critical just wanna see the physical.

They say love is the answer; but it eats deep like cancer. Well what do we do in time; sit and watch the crime? Hell no we’ve gotta belong no matter how long!



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