Choosing a Name

What’s in a name? I’m strongly resisting the urge to see what learned Oxford lexicographers have concluded as being the meaning of a name. I remember way back when I was in elementary school; I claimed that a noun is a name and that a name is a noun – now this claim is correct but what makes it ridiculous is that I felt since the above logic was true; I should rightfully be allowed to say “what is your noun” in place of “what is your name”. Of course you’d excuse my knack for being weirdly different at the time but really…what’s in a name?

We can’t talk about how to choose a name without first determining why there should be a name. Stories from iconic medieval times have always emphasized the significance of a name – from Gambo in Hausa which is attributed to someone born with six fingers to Mara in the Philippines for someone that was born in abject poverty; we strongly see that names affect our living conditions either pro- or post- is another topic of discussion but we all know it does affect.

This post meanwhile will not look into the make-up of a name, what it has done in preceding paragraphs is to whet your appetite whilst you keep looking out for subsequent posts (from this blog!) that should treat the subject matter (what’s in a name) but for now…choosing a name; it is!!!

How do you choose a name? I recently came across a branding quagmire when I saw that I had grown from a “boy” to a “man”. It led me into changing my ‘name from Mr. GudBoi to Mr. GudMan. But this has opened a huge box of Pandora’s for me. I now have to rebrand everything I’ve put much effort into over a long period of time (even though this blog still bears “gudboi”). It led me into wondering…the name came about when I was in high school (a long time ago), my mates had branded me with the good boy tag for my obvious sincerity and abstinence from evil deeds. Even after I left school; the name continued to University. Now that I have changed the name; how do I go about changing people’s psyche? They already know me as GudBoi so how will they change to GudMan. It’s a very big ask.

You see, I don’t want you going through the kinda stress a name-change will bring so here are some short tips on how to choose a name…

-Longevity-a name that can remain significant even when you are very old.
-Originality-a name that isn’t fake.
-Environment-a name that is not dependent on your environment as you may leave that environment later on.
-Spur-a name that isn’t inspired from the spur of the moment, relax that moment will pass.
Religion-don’t ever bring bigotry into your name.
Antecedents – pay attention to what has been said; you don’t want your name to be Mary because a certain Mary gave birth to Jesus only to end up realising it means bitterness.
Public- don’t go for a name that will suit public image only for your profile to dwindle later on.

These are short tips…interestingly any other factor you bring up falls under these categories already.

So choose wisely and don’t be flattered by the spur of the moment.

Stay True!

@Mr_GudMan šŸ™‚


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