The OJ Simpson Conundrum

Orenthal James Simpson was a black American sportsman who dominated the American football league during his heydays; he was a superstar and was nicknamed OJ. The paparazzi followed him everywhere he went. So you could understand the hype that surrounded everything he did.
Meanwhile, he made headlines for the wrong reasons in 1994 when he was accused of killing his ex wife Nicole Simpson and her young friend. This post will try to lay some hypotheses that suggests that he was the killer and I am an avid fan of the school of thought that he killed his wife!

After reading his autobiography about what happened then, I couldn’t help but become irk at the image of such a man. How he tried to paint himself in good light and his late ex-wife in bad light was pathetic. Someone you know couldn’t defend herself, demeaning her was a no-no!
Justice was later served when several years later he was arrested for armed robbery in a separate incident…he’s currently serving his jail term.

In his book, he had provided a hypothetical version of how the murder could have taken place if he was the one that did it, my view is that what has been adjudged to be hypothetical was actually how it happened, I don’t care what others think. How come he was so good with the narrative, how come his narration tallied with real time, how was he able to come up with the Charlie character –evidence shows that indeed there was one of their friends named Charlie who had made the Cuba trip with them – if his narrative was indeed hypothetical; why add a real character to a hypothetical ordeal? That’s a huge imbalance; my guess is that Simpson couldn’t resist the urge to withhold the truth, he must have been having countless nightmares of with Nicole’s ghost haunting him, he knew telling the outright truth will kill him so what did he do? Put the story in a hypothetical form to soothe his conscience and maintain public allure at the same time. Simpson is heartless.

There was no remorse in his book, no regret! Ever wondered why the Kardashians have got no shame? Ever wondered why Kim basks in a sex tape? Ever wondered why Khloe revels in ugliness? Ever wondered why Kourtney has a hard time being faithful to one man? It’s not hard finding the answer – Rob Kardashian, the father of the Kardashians was a very close friend of Simpson and was part of his defense team at the murder trial – speculations even have it that Rob carried away a bag that contains the murder weapon albeit allegedly that Simpson used. The saying; “show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” readily comes to mind. Kris Jenner who was Kardashian’s wife at the time was also close to Nicole and Bruce Jenner, as a matter of fact they all hung out together on numerous occasions so what are the chances that Kris and Bruce (they are married now) didn’t start an affair before Kris divorced Rob? We see that even though this post plans to talk about OJ Simpson; there are a whole lot of lessons for parenthood here, we see that the Kardashian kids had been wrongly influenced by their parents; that’s why they can go about aiding the moral decadence in our society freely.

We see that OJ didn’t surround himself with the right kind of people one bit so who was he to tell Nicole who and who not to hang out with even after they had been separated? The lad that drove his condo during the now infamous police chase; Al Cowlings is no-where to be seen when it comes to good deeds. So many unanswered questions! Why couldn’t OJ explain the cut he had on his hand? Why did he have to stutter whenever he was required to narrate events that happened that night? Where was he that night? Why did the cab driver wait for so long? Why was he mood all through the trip? Why did he have to assemble a high profile team of expensive lawyers to defend him? Has it not been said that “a clear conscience fears no accusation”?

OJ has never been one known for a good temper, never one known for keeping his cool even as a football player; altercations were his thing. It bemuses me when people try to paint OJ as a saint. Make no mistake, I’m on no vendetta here, in fact I should be supporting OJ as he is black but hell no! Anyone who goes for bigotry and prejudice in place of equity, prejudice and jingoism in place of fairness is undeserving of a life! Never will I support bad or evil! OJ even had to stage some media plays just to enhance his image, else why would he write a book and start with “…I’ve been called a devil without having a chance to explain myself blah blah blah…”. Why has he refused to pay the sum the court judgement required he pays to the Nicole and Goodman families? Cut the crap, that dude has no soul! I make bold to say it.

Why would he contemplate suicide or run away from the police when he was summoned? I’m so surprised the police took it lightly, over a dozen police cars and some choppers kept following him yet it was never brought up in the case, why did he try to kill himself leaving his kids behind, so he wasn’t the perfect father after-all. Why did he sound so apologetic in his supposed suicide letter, why did he make no effort to defend himself nut rather pacify his interests? How come no one mentions that police chase?! Why was he living a normal life during the trial…the whole nation was following the case and the main character was just there – carefree. The court proceedings must have been heavily influenced by the huge media attention the case garnered. This case has shown that money can buy almost anything! It has never been a good deterrent for those trying to abhor from evil deeds.

I’m pretty sure he lost some fans after he was arrested later on for armed robbery! Oh! Wasn’t he a saint? Why would he go about with guns, drinking around and constituting a nuisance? The Orange Juice wasn’t all that juicy afterall? I’m having a laugh. He’s been serving his sentence since but the best form of justice would be a personal confession from OJ! He has to come clean, talks of him having given his life to Jesus in prison doesn’t even tickle a staunch Christ-believer like me, part of what will convince me is a confession. The fact that you have now repented will redeem your public image but before that; let some justice be served.

Thankfully, OJ got himself into trouble again to show people what his true colour was – and still is.

Miracle Roch.


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