New Year or Another day?

Really, the atmosphere is obviously filled with jollification and while I’m still busy trying to decipher how a light weight mosquito can pierce my thick skin with its very very light proboscis, others are obviously not that concerned with minute things as such. People are basking in the euphoria of the yuletide and making plans – whether right or wrong. We all make a fuss about New Year and resolutions that we miss the point. Note that your brain doesn’t change its pattern of operation because you’ve entered some new year, the earth doesn’t even turn upside down. I hope I didn’t shock you by saying what you call “new year” is just like any other day. Resolutions ain’t going to change your life. Keep doing the same thing over and over again and you’d get the same result over again too. So don’t get lost on the euphoria; stand out and be maverick. Meanwhile; I’m not saying you should plan or do all that; far from it. Actually you should plan, to achieve success you MUST plan too but here’s the thing; your life isn’t structured according to the calendar year but according to your birth year. You don’t say “I bought my first car in 1987”, no! You simply say “I bought my first car when I was 25”. That’s because your life is structured around your birth. So all those “resolutions and plans” you make on the first day of a new year should actually be made on your birthday because that is what defines you. You new year starts once you enter a new age and not when you enter a new calendar year…note the difference. So don’t go around lost in the rigmaroles and razzmatazz of the new calendar year because the truth is; it doesn’t change anything about the structure of your life.
Make all those plans on your birthday instead…that’s where it matters the most. MR.

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Stay True!

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