Lion or Sheep?

The above topic could also be termed “comfort or domination”. Now when you get to the point where life throws you these two options; which would you go for? I am going to be giving you an illustration in the form of a short story…
” …there was once a shepherd who went to the field to take care of his flock, whilst he was busy tending to the flocks; he had a roar and immediately knew a lion wasn’t far away. He succeeded in taking the sheep away from that region only for him to discover that the new region was actually close to a lion’s den – thankfully – there was no lion in the den when he got there – save one – a cub. It looked like the mother of the little cub had abandoned him so the shepherd in his usual nature of utmost care took the cub along with him…took it home and started training and feeding him. Years later, the cub of yesterday had slowly become a full grown “sheep”. Yes! A sheep, he grew up in the company of flocks that he assumed himself to be one of them. Whenever they went grazing and heard a roar, they’d all run including him. Meanwhile, whilst also being in the company of these flocks, he would sometimes want to be domineering, his inner being would always be pushing him to make the sheep submissive to him and eat them up, but he didn’t understand why that thought would be coming to him when he had seen these guys as siblings to him. However he always managed to suppress the motions of the inner being. Then one day, they heard a roar and as usual the others started running, he wanted to stay back and see who this creature they always ran from looked like, he stayed back but couldn’t stand the thought of leaving his siblings run and so ran along with them. This he continued while also asking himself why he even had the courage to think about facing this guy. Then the next day, he decided not to run and when the roar came, he stood firm refusing to run along with the crowd. He waited and finally when the lion that was roaring came along, he was surprised. He told the guy not to follow the flock again telling him how he didn’t belong there. The Lion-sheep didn’t understand all of this, he was confused. The real lion asked him if he preferred the comfort of the houses where the sheep stayed as opposed to the dominating nature of the forest. He urged the sheep to leave his comfort zone and embrace his full nature. The lion-sheep was marvelled the more when he saw a mirror reflection of himself via a pool of water nearby, he was shocked with what he saw – an exact image of the lion standing in front of him – how could that be? He was shocked, he left the presence of the Lion in disarray. On getting back to the camp of sheep, he got angrier on discovering how he had wasted his true nature in the company of weaker beings. Now he began to follow the motions of the inner being. Every day, he’d trod the bush walking deep inside just to be in the company of other lions. By reason of association, he began to do what the others were doing and soon targeted the flocks of sheep as prey. It was then that the sheep noticed that their one-time friend was now a perennial enemy. The music had changed and so they left that region once again – living in the fear of being snapped as preys by one of those lions – the lion had finally discovered who he was resumed his domineering nature. Finally, he wasn’t a lion-sheep…but a full lion now after all those wasted years”.
The little story above starkly displays the on-goings in the life of so many of us…many of us have been living as sheep when we were made to be lions and dominate (Gen 1:26-27), we have chosen the comfort of laziness (Esau) and sold our birth right all because of comfort (pot of stew). The ultimate end would be curses (Esau) instead of blessings (Jacob). Have you been living in mediocrity all because you have refused to take out time and sow? You can’t harvest maize when you sow a pumpkin…the law of sowing and reaping is one that remains. Never expect life to show you it’s good side if you haven’t done something tangible to turn the tides to favour you. Principles would always work under the right conditions, most times what has been hindering you from achieving skyrocketing greatness has been your inability to create the right kind of condition that would enable you engage the principles of wealth, management, success, growth, etc.
It’s time to wake up, look at the mirror reflection beside you, listen to your inner voice and become who you truly are!!!
Sín míèdó!!!

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.


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