Do It Now!

There was a time when I always whined about not having a laptop; I kept telling myself (and those who cared to listen) that I wasn’t doing most of the extra-ordinary things I was expected to do because I was so IT inclined that the lack of a suitable means was hindering me – or so I thought. During one of my numerous whining, someone chirped in a statement which sounded along the borders of err… “if you aren’t doing those extra-ordinary things now that you don’t have a laptop; when the laptop comes, you won’t be able to do them again”. My natural instinct was to defend myself and prove the falsehood of his statement so I was like “no, that’s not true, I can’t do most of those things without a laptop and borrowing doesn’t always work. He didn’t take up the bait to argue with me as he just ended with “that’s not true but you win”.
Some months later, I’ve gotten my “Holy Grail”. The laptop, no! My laptop has arrived and for almost a month I’ve not done anything extraordinaire yet with it. My mind flashed back to the conversation I referred to previously and how true it is. So why am I not doing those extraordinary things yet? Was there a link somewhere? After much bickering, a phrase came out of all my ramblings – DO IT NOW!!!
There’s really nothing that is hindering you from doing that thing now! It’s all about stepping out of your comfort zone and marching on against all odds. If only I decided not to see my not having a laptop as a hindrance back then, if only I sought for alternatives, if only I listened, if and only if!
Alright, it’s very easy for us to sit here and postulate some theories on “how to…” and “why you should…” But no! That’s not the aim here, what we are going to do is use my story as a case study and see how I could have done things better. So here we go….
Ok so, I didn’t have a laptop, I could have simply borrowed. Even if I wasn’t comfortable with borrowing, the humiliation should have been part of the exits I had to make from my comfort zone. Even if it meant borrowing from different people every time I needed to make use of a laptop. The other chance would have been going to a cyber café and doing whatever I had to do there and PAY money for it. Yes, if paying was the price I had to pay then I had better do it. Note actually that I was using a good phone – good in the sense that I could do cool things with it – so I could have actually improvised with my phone in some ways but because I felt that was too mainstream and stressful I bypassed that option. I could have also found a way to manually do those things without relying 100% on digital means, I mean there’s still a crude way or analogue way of doing things so rather than sticking with existing protocol why didn’t I try to be maverick?
I remember those days when I didn’t have a good phone, I always had this book where I wrote down all the apps and games I’d download whenever I got a good phone. Of course, when the phone came I referred to the list immediately.
There’s really no excuse to not doing that thing now, it doesn’t really have to be something having to do with digital media but them whatever it is, you can do it now because if you fail to do it now, you may pay a heavy price for procrastination as you may never have to do it again. So trying to pick out points from what we said earlier, we can say alternatives to doing “it” now include:
– Using people
– Paying for needs
– Having just a little pride…very little
– Embracing humiliations
– Improvising
– Paying attention to little things
– Ditching status quo
– Being a maverick
So there you go, go ahead and achieve that dream and goal of a lifetime by doing that thing now!
Stay True!
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