My Battle for Relevance

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Miracle Roch Blog


Recently, for the past one month at least, I’ve been wasting my life away. I really don’t know but life suddenly became uninteresting. Of course I know why but the “why” is not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about how self-indulgent writing has become a huge let-off for me. I’m so good at this that I can spend the next 2 hours writing non-stop and what I’d write will still make a whole lot of sense. This is exemplified by the fact that you’ve probably spent the last 60 seconds reading this and in reality, there’s been no blockbuster line that I’ve dropped here yet but I guess you haven felt bored at all. That’s what I’m all about. Writing is a huge let-off that if only I can add more energy, zeal and enthusiasm to what I like doing, I…

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