Having a Rest

I’ve been out of school for nearly two weeks. Not that I graduated or dropped out of course, I’ve been on my semester break. I came back home to refresh and get ready for the next semester. But soon I’d be going back and I can hardly point to one moment that symbolizes the word refreshment. I’ve wasted my two weeks away and whilst I felt I was “resting and refreshing”, in hindsight I now look back and see how depleted and wasted I have become during those two weeks.
I stayed indoors, rarely went out. The problem wasn’t in my staying indoors, the problem was in the fact that my staying indoors alone failed to bring in solitude. I watched movies, played Football Manager like 18 hours out of the 24. I was supposed to rest and honestly, then I felt I was really resting when I was doing all those things but now I can see that I wasn’t. Which brings me to the concept of rest.
What is rest really? Inasmuch as I don’t like consulting the dictionary for lexis as I rather prefer we use our everyday vocabulary and sort out the meaning of words, we’d be breaking out of the status quo now and check out what the dictionary says for want of clarity. The dictionary says rest” is a state of refreshing freedom from exertion”. Before we go into the other definitions, lets slide tackle this one first.
The first word of note is “refreshing freedom”. By direct substitution and collecting like terms (pun intended). In all those my activities (and yes, funny enough, all my activities centered on those two things I mentioned) you realised that although there was freedom, it was pseudo. It wasn’t full fledged freedom because I was still a slave to the movies I watched; they’d glue me to my seat for two hours, so I was basically enslaved during those lewd two hours. Where they refreshing? I don’t know about you but my idea of refreshment is gulping down a bottle of chilled Fanta under scorching sun. The movies didn’t give anything close to that at all. In fact they regularly engaged my mind as I was left in the trail of what was going to happen next. And then even the Football Manager game would always use my whole body part as I had to brainstorm on my tactics, gesticulate at missed chances and all that. As a matter of fact, Football Manager was the extreme opposite of refreshing and freedom. The tail end of that rest definition mentioned “exertion”. So the question I would ask myself is if I was really running away from exertion. Did I indulge in the movies and games because I was running away from stress? As opposed to what I would have been doing in the absence of all that, I beg to differ. If I wasn’t watching a movie or playing a game, there were things I could have been doing like reading, sleeping, writing, etc. So in the light of that, I’m not sure I was running away from force. So you see, as for the first definition, what I did was nowhere near rest. Funny how I keep telling people, “I used this semester break to rest very well”.
I’m a (proud) physics student and we use the term “rest” very well especially in our study of relativity. So the second definition of rest is going to come from a physics perspective. Rest is seen as the absence of movement. A static body is seen to be as rest; that is actually the concept behind classifying sleep as a form of rest. So when your body is not physically moving, you are resting. And this happens either when you are asleep, unconscious or dead. Even Jesus related death to sleep and to rest. Similarly, when your intellect is static, your brain, emotions or something, you can also be said to be at rest. And in all these my activities, none of the above where at static.
So enough of the semantics, let us really look into the err…impact of the above. You see how funny it is but then I have had no rest in the last two weeks at all. And I would have been going about tell people I rested, not that I had intentions to lie but then inadvertently…that is the same way we go about saying things that we feel we may have done but at the end we are just being delusional. What if I knew all these things stated above 2 weeks ago, why am I just realising it now? I beg to differ but if I had known all these things before now, I think my 2 weeks would have panned out better. So why do we keep knowing things when they have seemingly become too late? What stops us from knowing things early on? I feel if we begin to get the right lessons for our lives on time, then success wouldn’t be far away.
So don’t be like me, I head back to school with 2 precious weeks of my life gone and unaccounted for…I sob as I end it.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.
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