Writing Relief

How writing can be a relief to me I will never fully understand to be able to put it in writing. Trust me, I really what to be able to fully write about the ecstasy and joy that thrills my whole being anytime I write but it still doesn’t flow.

I was getting scared, as I walked back from class to my room, I was thinking about all the motions my life has been going through and it pretty much seemed to be the same thing it was last year. Nothing new, just an upgrade or aversion to what has always been there. Was this how I was going to live? I figured out how big a distraction school was, you get so engrossed in trying to make good grades that life slowly passes you by without you knowing that there’s no time again.

Even when people change, the new ones only follow the scripts of the old ones. Everyone seem to be the same, the good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones. Changing the people in your life don’t even really seem to change much because the new people still do the same things, you don’t really start to do something new, you just do the same things you do rather differently.

Typically, my fears are being erased as I write this no wonder the first thing I did was to open my laptop lid and starting writing. But, I’m not allowing my writing affection overshadow the fact that slowly we are running round circles. It doesn’t matter that we get to the tip of the circle on the other end only to still fall back to where we started off, right now I’m so in love with the words “slow and steady”.

This is my fifth paragraph and basically I’ve not pinpointed anything but I have been writing. Ok, I think it’s time we stopped playing around, let us add some magnitude and direction to the vector quantity that this piece is turning out to be (pun intended).

What have I been trying to say? Simple. I love writing and as a result whatever state I may be in doesn’t affect that love. I have discovered how powerful my imaginative being comes into play once I start writing. The only thing that came into my mind was the words “writing relief”. All I have typed so far have just flowed, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t even pause or a second while writing this. So where have all these things I have written so far come from? Are you trying to tell me these things have been somewhere in me?

Imagine I didn’t pick up my laptop, imagine I was waiting for “inspiration” before I could pen down a few things under this title. Chances are if I had to wait for some kinda revelation, this piece wouldn’t be born. Could that be the reason why your life has been revolving round circles too? Are you afraid of publishing a piece you didn’t take the time to think up like me? Are you afraid your next piece won’t get the public approval that you so crave? Are you still waiting on some inspiration? Why don’t you pick up the laptop first and start typing?! Who knows, in writing, you may discover the key to something the whole world has earnestly been waiting on you to discover.

I just glanced through what I have written so far and I’m proud. I have written something good (my opinion) and to think of the fact that I just sat here typing aimlessly without even thinking up what to type is a great sense of joy. Don’t wait till you get the money for that textbook, you can start now to try to give us an equation that will counter Pythagoras’ Theorem. It isn’t farfetched, just pick up a pen or whatever and start scribbling and who knows…

After reading this piece myself, I know my life won’t run round circles again, I know I would be set on a different path, I know I’m gonna add a new dimension to the things revolving around me, is that an evolution or a revolution? You decide.


Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.


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