What Did He Choose?

Ok, so there’s a young chap who has just met someone who is slowly beginning to look like she’s the “love of his life” and as you’d expect, the young chap is happy. So they decide to meet on a random day and as you’d expect, this young man is excited about this meeting. There’s probably something this pretty angel’s face does to him so he longs to behold it all the time if that were possible. He didn’t even think twice about it, he cancelled all his plans for that day, nothing was gonna be worth more than a time with the one who makes him feel some type of way. So he sets off, goes with a book he plans to read while waiting, as you’d expect, he was there way before time. An hour, no one shows up, the lover boy tries so hard to concentrate on his book, no way. So he decides to examine his life, who the hell is the girl that’s making me feel this way. What’s it about her that has won me completely over. He tries to find an answer, searches deep but finds nothing. Well, that was the answer he was looking for, love as it were isn’t explainable, and you can’t explain that of feeling, if he had gotten an answer then something must have gone wrong. Love is magical, not decipherable.
So, this young man has stayed for like 3 hours and he trying so hard not to lose his patience, ah! This girl doesn’t see me as priority o, this girl doesn’t love me as much, the devil slowly beginning to bring all those kinda thoughts into his heart, he remembers a girl who wanted to see him today who he had told he wasn’t gonna be available. He thinks about telling the girl to come around, something in him says no! He considers going to see another one of them, something in him again say no!! So what could the problem be, I’m just trying to make sure my day isn’t wasted, what’s wrong in seeing someone else, the young man desperately battles with his mind, no there was no leeway? So he decides to try something different. He sits down on a chair, sees how blessed he is to have such an angel in his life, how he was totally undeserving of this chance. But the young man isn’t used to being stood up, on the other hand, he stands lots of girls up. And here’s one making him look so inept. One making him look so clumsy. That was another confirmation he needed to confirm this was truly love.
So he was done, he was convinced she was the one. Now was time to show he was the man here, so he makes up his mind not to reply her message for the whole of that day, he wasn’t going to talk to her till the next day, he was going to tell her to her face; “I want to be priority baby, I love you, yes I do but don’t ever treat me that way again pls”, he was even going to say more. The young lad finally decides to get up and go back home after like over 4 hours, on his way home, he receives a message from this girl, and funny enough, all his resistance is broken. He did not even consider whether to reply or not, he replied immediately, so all that resolution to be a “hard man” all out the window?! You’d be so surprised, the young lad that was walking home dejected suddenly turned into a man beaming with smiles as he made his way home all because of a message from her. He gets home looking very happy and thankful, Lord! He couldn’t believe his luck. One of the reasons why he hadn’t been in a relationship for some time was because he didn’t want to love the wrong person and see how the good Lord has sent the PERFECT person his way! You have no idea how happy that young man is feeling right now after what looked to have been a bad day. I can’t even explain and write how he feels because I don’t even know but mere looking at him, I can sense he’s in cloud nine! This is just the beginning, how would it pan out? You bet the Lord’s hand is on it so…
You see how what would have looked like a textbook bad day, a day when he was stood up turned out to be one of the best days of his life, one where he confirmed his affection, one where he confirmed he was into the real deal. Maybe I and you can learn from this young man, did we go through something bad and just because we are feeling unhappy, we have allowed our emotions override our actions. Always see that silver lining in every cloud just like this young man, as for me; I will.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

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