Who Knows Your Name

For three months, Moses had no name. He was hidden! That same Moses you hear/read about, the same that parted the red sea. For the first 3 months of his life, he was non-existent.
Steve Jobs didn’t know too much about computer engineering, at a point he knew almost nothing. All he had was the ability to think, he could imagine, he wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. Steve Wozniacki did most of the work but why do we hear Jobs’ name more than we hear Woz’s? Wozniacki had been a computer genius, he would sit at home and construct different kinds of motherboard. And that was where it ended. Job’s saw the opportunity Woz’s ability provided, he made the moves, the met people, he made deals using another man’s ability as a lee way. He could see the big picture, he could see change.
Bill Gates doesn’t do much. When he started, he didn’t know much. He had to run to Paul Allen because he almost couldn’t do anything. He had the desire but Paul had the skill. Paul taught Bill, Paul wrote most of the codes, Paul did almost everything. But I bet most of you don’t know who Paul Allen is whereas everyone knows Bill Gates. So why aren’t we hearing of Paul? Paul had been comfortable as a meagre IT worker in one of those Palo Alto firms. He was in his comfort zone. Bill saw what could be achieved with the kind of technological gifts Paul possessed so he walked up to his teacher and convinced him to leave his IT firm and start up a garage firm with him. The rest is now history.
Albert Einstein didn’t do much. He rarely did much. Yes, he was a genius but what did he do? Henri Poincare had already said things about relativity long before Einstein came with his relativity postulates, on the contrary Einstein got so many things wrong. He didn’t get his theory of black holes correctly, Einstein didn’t know mathematics. His friend, Besso always helped him with the tough equations and all. But everyone refers to Einstein as a genius, as the father of modern physics when on the contrary, Poincare, Heisenberg, Erwin Schrodinger, Marie Curie did more. So why did Einstein stand out? He was a thinker, he didn’t like the word “comfortable”, he was always seeking for more. No one gives Poincare the mention he deserves but most of Einstein’s postulates on relativity came from the work Poincare had already done. So what happened to Poincare? He took the easy path of insisting “luminiferous ether existed”, Einstein on the other hand was intuitive enough to study the Michelson and Morley experiments and said otherwise, now the rest is history.
Thomas Edison is referred to as the great inventor. Almost everyone knows about Thomas Edison but few know about Tesla. One of Edison’s greatest inventions; the light bulb didn’t come from him. Tesla designed the filaments, sold the idea to Edison and we all know what happened next. Why does no one talk about Tesla? First we know Edison associated himself with the right kind of people, he was close friends with Mark Twain, Tesla on the other hand was more of a recluse. He didn’t mingle with people, he was just comfortable there meanwhile Edison on the other hand had tried out so many projects and experiments. So many, he kept failing but he didn’t allow that get to him. Now see how that turned out.
Everyone in economics knows John Nash as the father of the Game Theory. But no one knows his roommate at Princeton University. When John joined the University he was aghast at his surroundings, he didn’t know his way, he could rarely solve simple problems. People taunted him but he had a crazy roommate. One who was unserious but magnificently intelligent. He would talk to John regularly about probabilities and all that. One day as he blabbed he said something that John took note of and started penning down figures, which was the beginning of John’s Game Theory. His roommate was satisfied with just sitting and talking, John Nash took the initiative!
Everyone knows Mark Zuckerberg, how many know Dustin Moskovitz or Eduardo Saverin. What Zuckerberg had was a skill, he didn’t even come up with the facebook idea, he didn’t even come up with anything. All he did was be intuitive, when people came to him and sold the idea, he took it on, Eduardo finance their early days, Dustin helped with some of the interface but why do we hear of only Zuckerberg and not the others? He was proactive! He set out to be his own man, he used the available resources around him and channelled it into the right source. Eduardo was all about the financial gain, Dustin was all about popularity, only Mark thought about transformation about changing the world and he duly employed people who thought alike like Sean Parker and the likes, now see where how far Facebook has gone.
Nelson Mandela wasn’t even at the fore front of the ANC Youth wing. He was coerced to join them, he had to leave his comfort zone as a successful and promising lawyer to join the risky ANC. He was the only one that was sentenced to prison, in fact, some served longer jail terms than him so why do we keep hearing Mandela’s name and no one talks about the other guys? Why has he become such a renowned public figure? Simple, he decided not to look after himself but after the interests of the majority, he didn’t care about personal goals. And see where that landed him.
My name is Miracle Roch and because I have decided to be proactive, optimistic, associate with the right kind of people, work my socks off, I know I will go far. I know my name will be heard. I don’t know about you.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch

Twitter – @Mr_GudMan



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