A Blessing not Disguised

“God’s love for the world is incomparable”. These and more she says with an elegant eloquence and soothing voice. She had just read out an article she wrote about God and his love for the world.
This isn’t your normal kinda article, don’t be on the lookout for grammatical errors (although I hardly make one) because I write this with a heavy heart that isn’t fully coordinated. A heart that isn’t yet sure of what tomorrow will be like in this regard. Don’t be on the lookout for punchlines, there’s no strength within from which to punch. Just read, draw your conclusions and go. You may even stop here if you have an eye for the spectacular, because ain’t no way this gon’ be spectacular…this’ just gon’ be bare and honest.
My friend is travelling to a very far country, I won’t be seeing my friend again in a long while. I will miss her, I already do. So how about I take the time out to share some of the memories, some of the traits that make her so unique.
First time, I saw her as one intelligent pampered daddy’s girl with all the right manners in the world, at first I found it very difficult to correlate this persona with her love for rap music, yeas! She could rap very well. I still remember the first real talk we had, we are both standing, she does some talking, I do some admonishing, I spend a large portion of my time trying to tell her how strong she should be and not to depend on her parents, telling her how old enough she had become, how wrong I was then. She didn’t need any talking to, she was already a strong lady, I guess it must have been inherent. The fact she didn’t even object to my admonishment, she listened with rapt attention, that should tell you how humble she is as a person, how meek and wonderful she is.
One thing I am not is a sycophant. I don’t adulate people, I tell you how it is. So make no mistake, I’m not trying to flatter anyone here or make anybody feel good. So I mean every inch of what I say here and inadvertently I mean what I say.
After that first time, we talked on the phone next and we spent something close to 20 minutes. Now let me let you in on this, she always did majority of the calling, she’d call me and we’d spend long minutes on the phone talking about different things, I hardly called her, few times when I even called, we hardly spent long minutes on the phone, she never for once whined or complained. She’d go ahead. There was this angelic touch to her, she had this strong spirit that was highly infectious. You could be having the worst day ever in your life and her call would just come in and almost immediately, you’d wear a smile and forget your bad day, by the time you would have finished the call hoping to return to your bad day; you’d discover it’s all gone. That’s the kind of person she is.
I still have memories of her singing with excitement over the phone, she would write a new rap song and call me and sing over the phone, we would both laugh. Times when she was scared, she would call and by the time the call would have been over, we’d both be happy, I think it was something inherent. I remember when she was preparing for her exams, how she would tackle situations in a totally different manner from the average person. If anything, she wasn’t average and she still isn’t.
I’ve learnt a lot from her, she has taught me to love on a whole new level and yes I do love her! With her, I’ve learnt to see life from a more lenient standpoint of view, I’ve learnt to be more porous to people who come my way, with her I’ve never hesitated to offer any kind of help whenever I find myself in a position to do so. I refused to give up on your dreams, together we made it happen and look where we are now.
Now that she’s gone…it’s going to be all different.
My earnest desire of course is that you do well and triumph. I want you to always be happy, that should always be your default state, and your happiness would unleash potentials in the life of another. You’ve greatness written over you, there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you ever out your mind to it, follow God, love Him and be His, that’s the only way to live life to the fullest…I hope these few words guide you as you embark on a new sojourn in your life.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch
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