20 Random Things About Me

20 random things about me. In no particular order.

1. I’m a Christian. Everything in my life, around my life, on my life, under my life is serenaded by my Christianity. I can’t say much about it. I’m a firm believer in the finished work of Christ on the Cross. Bonafide.

2. I’m a nose digger. I can dig my nose for Africa. I enjoy digging my nose. Disgusting right? I don’t care. But I try as much as possible not to do it in public though. No I don’t.

3. Social Aesthetic Segregation. My social interactions with people are based on certain aesthetic standards. No jingo involved. Loathe me if you like.

4. I’m Sapiosexual. Yeah! Forget the body shape and curves; if your brain is starkly empty, I’d be on my heels in less than no time.

5. I’m a shameless romantic. I hope this doesn’t get me into trouble but I just don’t know how to fake love. I love with everything I’ve got.

6. I’m a sucker for bread and butter. I like bread and butter very well. Anytime any day. Maybe you should add fried plantain and yam to that list too.

7. Computer Games. How do I get to tell my friends that I don’t really know how to play FIFA or PES that much but I get to win them. My secret? Confidence. I can win even you reading this but I don’t really know how to play it. First time I played PS3, I kept telling the guy I was a very good player, little did he know I hadn’t played it before, but I won 4-3.

8. I’m proactive. There’s something going on and there seem to be no plan in place? I’m your guy, in seconds I can come up with something very classy and cool.

9. I can’t iron my clothes. Yes, no one ever really taught me how to iron, I just observed. I only place emphasis on making sure the clothes aren’t rumpled. That should do, funny thing is, I can actually iron someone else’s very well.

10. I can’t properly wash my clothes. I just keep moving my hand all over the clothes until I’m satisfied there are no dirt. Black coloured clothes make my job easy though.

11. I know everything. Yes, that is very much true. There’s nothing you say now that I haven’t heard or read about before. Even if I don’t know the details, I have an inkling what it’s all about. I’m that god.

12. I’m super confident. There’s no kind of crowd I can’t face and be sure of me telling them exactly what they need.

13. I’m a tech guru. I learnt all I know by myself. And I even teach people.

14. I’m a reader. There’s nothing I don’t read. Reading gives me a leeway to imagination. I seem to be attracted by a book, even if the cover isn’t attractive, there’s always something to learn in a book, however poorly written.

15. I’m a writer. I’m so good and adept at writing that if you wake me up from sleep now, I can write almost immediately without breaking and I will still make sense.

16. I’m a polemicist. I like stirring up debates, controversies and arguments. It’s a way of making people learn new things and also exercising my intellectual superiority.

17. Playing the background. I have no problems playing the background. Problem is, limelight just knows how to spot me even in my hiding. And I can handle the limelight so well. It doesn’t get to my head.

18. I always see the serious side. I hardly see the funny side of things. I just pretend to do so I don’t get misunderstood. Life is serious so don’t blame my staidness.

19. I’m a radical. First thing I do is to locate the status quo and dislodge it from the norm. I don’t think like your average person. I love change, I’m inventive, and I’m not stagnant. I do radical things, I say radical things. That’s my spec.

20. Funny. How I can’t remember anything again at number 20. I’m really a good dancer…just about the confidence to show that in public. Keyword: public.

Bonus: For the sake of being a radical, let me do things differently and add a bonus. 21. I don’t lie.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.
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