Two Years

Here’s my speech when I recently handed over.

I’d be handing over. I had been serving as the Outreach Coordinator of FECA Nsukka. For two years. Permit me to eulogize these two years.

Two years of yes.
Two years of more.
Two years of better.
Two years of utter inadequacy.
Two years of sheer abundance.
Two years of ingenuity.
Two years of background play.
Two years of dignified pursuit.
Two years of brotherhood.
Two years of singleness.
Two years of disclosures.
Two years of steadfastness
I can write about these two years. That’s how resolute and particulate they were. Probably just in 5000 words. They will be more than enough to write about the two years. But I won’t write about the two years. I will only write on the two years.
I stand here with 11 other people who have served and seen through these two years with me. Each and every one of them offered something. There was something to learn from each. With me are memories that will last forever.
These 11 people here are products of two years. Not one of them escaped the production process. Bonds were knitted in these two years. Boundaries were crossed. But ahead, we forged.
My life has become better. I have realised how weak I have become. Alas, how strong I have also become. How many more pieces need be knitted. Stronger, perfect.
Two years I will adore.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

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