An Un-Typical Daily Routine

Lying down on my bed and starring at the stained white ceiling. Eyes quickly scanning the whole room, I begin to wonder what this life really is, as I begin to slowly drift away into the subconscious, I begin to recant how my day went..

So I woke up this morning quite early, first thing I do is check if my laptop is ok. Turns out, I left it on and fell asleep the previous night. Still lying on my bed, I check my phone lying just besides me, also turned out I left the slide open whilst I slept too. I quickly go through my pending messages without replying any.

Still lying on my bed, I stretch out, close my eye lids and try to go through my head, I see some bits of ingenuity are still inherent, I jump out of my bed. Return to my laptop, and click on the playlist titled “Early Morning” and as spirit inspired worship songs blaze out from my home theatre, my day sets off. I quickly do circa 40 press-ups.

I arrange the bed, seeing that the rug is still pretty clean, I decide against sweeping the room. Lazy me right? Nah. Cool down. So I ransack my room for a boiling ring, didn’t find any so I knock on the neighbour’s, turns out he’s using his so I chill for him. I come back to my room, go through my mini wardrobe and decide on the cloth I’m wearing for the day.

Remember, there’s worship song playing at the background. I brush my teeth, the neighbour brings the boiling ring for me, I begin to boil my water. While the water is boiling, I bring out my diary and begin to write things amongst my To-do list for the day. Just after I was done with that, the power guys take their electricity. Thankfully, my water was warm enough. I rush to take my bath.

I begin to dress up. Takes me quite sometime after I realise my trouser-shirt combo didn’t work out thanks to my long mirror. I quickly change the trouser, thankfully I have a plethora of choices. I finally decide on the right trouser. Yayyy! After dressing up, I look at the mirror once more. I look good enough. Confidence grows.

I then sit down. And begin my interaction with God, I start with gratitude, (did I forget to say the light was restored as I returned from the bathroom?) in the midst of my interaction with God, I begin to reflect on the recent death of my friend and again, I burst into tears, tears trickling down my cheeks to my just perfumed shirt. I use this opportunity to genuflect to God Almighty, thanking Him for my friend’s life and mine. We discuss some other things in between and whoa! My day is set.

I find out I’m too early. My lecture starts by 9 and I’m leaving the house by 7. I’m torn between going back to the house and leaving for school. I decide to just go to class. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me make the right decision and I leave for class and the rest is history.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.
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