The Perfect Guy

I write this with joy. The kind that comes from the spirit.

For some weeks now, I’ve lived with someone, someone I’m more privileged than, I’ve fed him, I’ve morally supported him and otherwise.

This guy sees me as a god, from ranting about how lucky I am, to how tall I am, to how intelligent I am, to how handsome I am to everything. This guy wishes he was like me…he’s six years older than me yet he looks UP to me. Now listen up let me tell you a bit about this guy.

This guy is very intelligent, those of you in Biochemistry will know that Lenninger textbook very well, do you know that this boy has almost finished reading that textbook and he isn’t an undergraduate yet. This guy spends over six hours reading yet he has no exam in sight waiting. This guy has high imaginative powers, this guy can articulate, this guy has written JAMB over four times and in each of them he hasn’t scored less than 240 and once scored 274. This guy can teach chemistry and biology seamlessly. You need to see the way I discuss physics with this guy, if I wasn’t smart, this guy could have floored me in my own field. We talk physics like classmates but I’m almost graduating and he isn’t even in school yet.

So you see from the above that we are something close to equals. So what has distinguished me according to his scopes? How has he been able to see my genius in our discussions? I’m not here to talk about that, I would rather we talk about something more pertinent to the general public that relates this story to each and every one of you.

This guy has the capacity to do great things in life, juxtaposing this guy against my very self, you see that we aren’t equals. You know why this guy has seen me as the perfect guy? Its simple; vision!

For someone as intelligent as him, there’s probably no reason why he should look at me as better than him. You know, this has been a trait in me, everywhere I go, I’ve just become distinguished. It’s not something I can help anymore, I walk into a place and from my first sentence, people are already wondering what sort of genius I am. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple. Vision.

My life has been characterized by vision. I’m a visionary and I make bold to say I am one. I never do anything just for doing sake, I calculate, I analyse, anything I’m doing, I make sure it has got answers to the “why”, “how”, “who”, “when” “where”. It is something akin to the Rotary Club of Nigeria’s “Four Way Test” where they give you the criteria for what you say. I already know the purpose of whatever it is I say, that is why not just anything can come out of my mouth, this guy probably has the same container that I have, has the same content but the difference probably lies in the fact that I’ve been able to set a definite destination and measure of what it is I have set out to do.

Imagine a world where we all did things not just for the sake of it but because we needed to hit purpose on the head. Imagine a world where we there’s no hocus pocus, people did things and did them well because they realised the fact that whatever it is we do stems from our inside and is a more accurate example of what we are and who we are.
Then, people will look up to you, the same way this young man has looked up to me, the same way he adulates me people will adulate you. Become a visionary today and have yourself to thank for it later.

Always have a definition of whatever it is you do.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch

Twitter @Mr_GudMan

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