Fallacy! Peter Walked on no Water

I’m sure the first line caught your attention right? Yeah, you read that right, Peter didn’t walk on water. It’s impossible for someone to walk on water as the density of water (which is about 1kg/cm3) isn’t enough to carry the weight of a human being, besides it offers no friction whatsoever. These floatation laws were put in place by God, so there was no way God would go against his own laws just to allow Peter (and Jesus) walk on water.

I guess, you’re struggling to grasp the full implication of the first paragraph right? All along, the Bible always recorded that Peter walked on water before he began to sink right? Now think about this. Jesus was walking on water and the disciples thought they had seen a ghost. They couldn’t believe that Jesus could walk on water, and in disbelief, Peter told Jesus to call out to him to join him on the water and Jesus said “come”. That was all the incentive Peter needed. Peter stepped on the Word, and the word carried him through the waters, once he felt he could do this outside the Word, he began to sink.

Peter didn’t walk on water, he walked on the word (“come”), the only way we could overcome a physical law was unless it had a higher divine law backing it up. God’s word is bigger than any physical law because those laws came from the word. So Peter walked on the word.

Notice how Jesus questioned his faith once he began to fall? That’s the point I’m trying to make here. God is structured, he has put some laws in place; adhere strictly to those laws and they will produce results. Principles work under the right conditions; create the right conditions and the principles will thrive. Never ever base you faith levels on what you see around you, base your faith levels on God’s word, nothing is higher than God’s word. That’s the only leeway to usurp physical laws.

This same lucidity applies to when Jesus referred to dead people as “being asleep” because you can never bring a dead man back to life, once life is gone; it’s gone, hence Jesus used the word “sleep” because you can always wake someone up from sleep. So don’t be like Peter, never ever begin to feel you’ve arrived once God’s word starts yielding results, keep on at it else you’d begin to sink in less than no time.

Remember, Peter couldn’t have walked on water; he tried it and sunk.

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.

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