10 Random Things I Like

1. Quality shoes. Show me a very good shoe and I’ll show you my money. I don’t joke with quality shoes, I feel there aren’t many of those around these days so I make sure I buy the next available one I see not minding how many I already have. You can never have enough of quality.
2. Wrist watches. I love wrist watches, they are more than a time piece for me. They are necessary and efficient fashion items.
3. Good Cologne. I’ll kill for a long lasting cologne. My dream is a cologne that will remain strong even after 3 days. Show me that and I’ll like you, give me one and you’d become my friend for life.
4. I brush twice a day. This list is random eh? There’s the mother of all randomness, not many people do it though, but to me, it’s more like a ritual. I can’t feel good through the night if I haven’t had a brush.
5. I like space. I don’t like crowd, I love my space. Except you’re my wife or lover, you have no business being all up in my space. I like that seclusion, having too many people around freaks me out, y’all should give me my damn space.
6. Bangles. For the past three four years, my wrists have never been free. There’s always been a bangle on one or both of my wrists every single day for the past four years.
7. Loyal ears. Will you carry out my instructions to the letter? If your answer is yes then there’s nothing I can’t do for you. Move through a brick wall? So long as you’re loyal. Deal.
8. Unique clothes. Show me a piece of clothing that isn’t in vogue, that isn’t trendy and you already have my attention. I like disrupting the status quo wherever I meet one, even in fashion
9. Good Vocals. No matter the kind of music, no matter who the artist is, so long as the song contains strong unique vocals, I already love the song.
10. You. I like the next person more than I like me. I can go hungry for the next person, no matter how random you may be. I like you.

Miracle Roch
Twitter: @Mr_GudMan



  1. I love my space biko rather than share, i’d prefer to get u ur own stuff. I absolutely love my own space nd things. I love no 8 too though my disrupting status quo ain’t exactly geared @ clothes… I love systems, beliefs annd mindsets. don’t lemme get started…lol


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