The only experience I had with the word DNA prior to my epiphany was with foreign movies. I always imagined how some sort of acid and blood vessels could give information about whether someone is your offspring or not.
Ah! There was an epiphany! A DNA contains some set of information about the characteristics of your genes. I’m a physicist so I guess you can forgive crude expulsion of all that biological jargon from my definition. Drop it.
Can I alter my DNA? The answer is no! so it means, if perhaps, there’s some sort of anomaly in my veins (oh! I forgot to mention, gold flows through my veins), it means my offspring will reproduce that same anomaly too since my DNA is not exactly a SONY computer that the Koreans can alter or hack into.
So I can’t alter my DNA, let’s just hope there isn’t an anomaly then (with the whole gold thing flowing through my veins). That’s just about that for our original DNA, but can’t we create our own DNA replica in our facets of living? Can we reproduce the DNA effect in various areas of our lives?
Can we create some set of biological jargons and numbers that can’t be altered and make that our sacrosanct identity?
How about finding one observable that can be attached to our academic DNA? Something like “two hours of book time everyday”, stuff like this will take some doing, what will happen on days when you are so tired? It would mean no negotiations, you do your two hour book time because it’s in your DNA and you can’t help it despite the valance of excuses at your disposal.
Marvin Gaye said he needed some sexual healing; maybe all he needed was an emotional DNA that creates no atmosphere for despair or anguish, that way you would need no healing in the first place.
A DNA is revered; it saves you the rigours of moving back and forth (with friction to overcome too). But a DNA isn’t easy to come by, it takes guts, it takes too much brouhaha to come up with something or let’s say a strand that doesn’t vary with time. Except of course your name is Michael Jackson, and you have vitiligo meaning your skin colour changes every five years, else…

Stay True!

Miracle Roch


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