Strange Mosquitoes

There’s a thing or two to be learnt from the modus operandi of Mosquitoes.

Note that I haven’t actually figured out what that lesson is exactly but I trust my intellect to unravel that mystery as I scribble this down.

Mosquitoes suck blood. That’s all they do! How have they been able to survive? The proboscis of a Mosquito is so light that you wonder how it pierces deep through the Human skin to suck blood.

Lesson 1: The weight of your proboscis counts for nothing when you’re desperate for survival, when mosquitoes see blood, they don’t think about how they’d get through, they just dive in. Don’t let the weight of your proboscis outweigh your hunger and desire.

Mosquitoes don’t live long. Their lifespan is ten days max (assuming a very irritated and angry human doesn’t get to them first). You know the stress Mosquitoes go through to get food (and ultimately survival)? To think that they go through all that stress just for an extra day or two?

Lesson 2: Hope is power. Hope is not the construct of the vulnerable, it is the will of the “survivee”. The Mosquito doesn’t think about his looming death when hunting for food, he just wants to live through this minute, and the next, and the next. The hope that this blood will get him through the next minute is what keeps the Mosquito going. Don’t be too worried about failing, don’t be too engrossed in Economic indices that portray your industry as bad business, forget about what will happen next, just do the present and hope. It’s the least you can do.

Only female mosquitoes suck blood and are the most dangerous vectors amongst the species. Females!

Lesson 3: It’s no coincidence that it was a female who first ate the apple, its no coincidence that our ” music space” is filled with people singing about women. Females are vectors and suck blood, don’t allow a female full blown access to your skin (or blood) if you don’t have enough, the question of whether they will suck or not is akin to asking if Vladmir Putin smiles. Be careful the females you allow too, they are vectors, some carry progress, some carry delay. Even King Lemuel’s mother didn’t mince words when advising her dear son; “…women have destroyed Kings” she mused.

Ever wondered why Mosquitoes bite you only at night? Like where do they always hide during the day? They are crepuscular. Think no further, Mosquitoes take their time to rest and digest their food. So they spend the whole night sucking you, and the whole day resting.

Lesson 4: Rest is important. If you don’t rest, you may self destruct. Don’t be after blood all the time, sometimes chill. The Mosquito becomes vulnerable with food, its movement isn’t Brownian anymore, it knows this will pose danger so, it chills and enjoy the fruits of its labour before embarking on a new journey. Not getting enough rest may leave you vulnerable.

Mosquitoes can suck more blood than they actually weigh. They keep sucking until their abdomen begins to enlarge, the weight of blood they suck is larger than their whole body mass.

Lesson 5: Mosquitoes don’t let their size limit them. Don’t let your current incapabilities limit you. Stretch yourself until you can take no more. Don’t look at your lightweight or small stomach size, keep digging, set your eyes on the prize and watch your capabilities expand.

Mosquitoes don’t go around trying options. Once they land on your skin, they make sure to keep sucking until they are full. They don’t suck small and go look for someone else except you interrupt their rhythm.

Lesson 6: Opolo eyes no be open eyes” Sorry to my foreign readers but explaining this statement in English will make it worthless, please bear with me. Don’t be on the lookout for something better all the time and end up losing out on what you have. Mosquitoes take their chances because they know life is hard, you’re only one Insecticide (or one hangry man) away from meeting your Ancestor.

Mosquitoes are classy. They don’t just perch anywhere. They love people with body odour (yes, if you smell dirty, Mosquitoes will rush towards you). Body odour appeal to Mosquitoes, they like sweat, it makes the skin soft for them. Mosquitoes are also choosy about their preys, some prefer animals, some prefer humans. They choose the one better suited for them.

Lesson 7: Have some sort of respect for yourself. Don’t be everywhere, don’t settle for anything you see, set a standard and strictly adhere to it.

You know all that blood Mosquitoes suck from you? They don’t need all of it. After sucking, they take time to sieve through, they take the nutrients and pass out the remaining fluid that they don’t need.

Lesson 8: Don’t carry all sorts. To fly far you need to fly light. Don’t carry too much baggage, always seive through what you carry, they may be human beings, they may be idiosyncrasies, know the nutrients and ditch the waste.

Mosquitoes come armed. They come with their weaponry which prevents blood clotting and makes your skin soft to enable piercing.

Lesson 9: Get knowledge. Develop your Arsenal, know something at least, don’t stop learning, have your own device to overcome opposition, it will be handy to determine how you thrive.

Do you know that if you get rid of stagnant water around your house, you won’t battle Mosquitoes? Mosquitoes are not the problem, your dirty-stagnant-water-keeping habit is. Mosquitoes thrive in stagnant dirty water. Get rid.

Lesson 10: Do you know that most times, you’re the cause of your own predicament? Check your life, what are the stagnant waters you need to get rid of? Do them right away and say goodbye to Mosquitoes.


Mosquitoes are Physicists. They understand the concept of Pressure difference very well, so they don’t even need to suck. They just need to bore a hole and position their mouth, they understand that the difference in pressure will lead to a blood flow.

Lesson 11: Physics is important, if it’s too late for you to be a Physicist, then marry one, or make sure your kids do. I’m a Physicist just in case…

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.


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