Don’t Remind Me

Don’t put pressure on me.
I put enough on myself already.

Don’t remind me of my age,
I know I’m 21. I mean, it’s the first thing I realise every morning.

I know I’m supposed to have started that conglomerate now. So don’t remind me of my mid-level white collar job.
Don’t make fun of my insistence to climb through the ranks.

I don’t want fast money, but I still want to be rich. Don’t mock me and say “stay there”.

I know I use a low end android phone. Don’t remind me of that time when I said I’d buy an iPhone. I still remember.

I know I trek 1km every day to work from the bus stop, don’t remind me; I know I don’t have a car yet.

Seriously, keep your opinions about me to yourself, I have a full catalogue already.

Don’t remind me, I feel asleep too late, now I’m fatigued.

Everyone in the society is “hammering”.
Instagram pictures here and there displaying flamboyance.

Don’t remind me of my one favorite striped shirt which I wear all the time. Don’t ask me for an explanation, it’s none of your business if it’s the only shirt I have.

Don’t remind me of my lack of a Rolex. I know I don’t even have an ordinary watch now. It’s none of your business if I’d still get one.

I don’t have my favorite Yeezy yet. I don’t care if you think it’s a reflection of my bank account. I don’t owe you an explanation.

Keep your thoughts about me to yourself again. You have enough worry to do. Don’t add mine to your list of worries.

I know I still can’t drop bars like a pro. It still won’t stop me from being a rap fanatic. Oh wait, I don’t owe you any clarification.

Flaunt your cars if you have them, but allow me flaunt my legs in peace

I know time is running out, and I’ve not turned into a Bradley Cooper yet, I know the abs are still hidden. But please, don’t tell me it’s because I have refused to work out.

Allow me bask in the euphoria of my freedom.

Don’t blame me for refusing to succumb to society.
I won’t rush. I won’t struggle.
What’s mine will come to me. Women, wealth, friends. Or I should say “woman” because one would be enough.
But society shrugs. Society says you need plenty women to thrive.

If that will make you thrive, then I’d rather strive.

Please don’t remind me of my failings, I know them already.

To you failings, to me stepping stones.

Stay True!


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