The Discipline of Routines

I used to be a prayerful Christian, until that night when God spoke to me. So, I felt satisfied. If God was speaking to me clearly already, then I must be doing something right. So I reduced my praying time, slowly it went down the drain, now I hardly pray “like that” anymore. Of course, I haven’t heard God’s voice ever so clearly again like that night.

I used to brush my teeth twice daily. Until I started getting compliments about how white my teeth were and how fresh my breath was. Then I stopped brushing twice daily, why would I? Since my teeth were already white as snow. These days, my breath stinks and my teeth is nothing to write home about.

I used to bath twice every day, and use all sorts of assorted deodorants. But I never had a bad body odour, people always said nice things about how good I smell. Then first, I stopped bathing twice daily, then slowly stopped using deodorants. I’ve always been a naturally clean lad, I said to myself, deodorants are for people with a natural body odour. These days, I smell so bad if you came close, you’d use your whole money to buy me a deodorant.

I used to be a badass writer, until I started getting emails about how my writings have positively affected lives, compliments flying everywhere, someone even likened me to Wole Soyinka, ah! Soyinka the literary genius. So I stopped reading my Sidney Sheldon books, but I forgot that these same people were the same people dropping wonderful comments on pictures I put on Facebook 6 years ago where I looked hideous. Of course, you guessed right. I’ve become so bad at writing that you may not even read this to the end. You may not even come across this line as chances are, you stopped reading after the first paragraph.

I used to be very very good at graphic designs. Then I started getting the usual compliments, I stopped practicing. I forgot that design was more about ingenuity than craft. These days, I suck so much that I don’t even try anymore.

I used to be a pro at the Bible, as a kid I used to go to Mushin to participate in Bible quizzes where we had to memorize half of Paul’s epistles word for word using the NIV. I used to do well in those competitions. But slowly as I grew older, I studied the Bible less, and less and less. These days, I struggle to know if Mark comes before Matthew or the other way round.

I used to be a baby boy. A very loving baby boy. But I took that feat for granted, I acted anyway I wanted thinking my actions wouldn’t rub me of my Babyboy-ness. I forgot to apply the computer language; “garbage in, garbage out”. These days I’ve become so much of a hard-man with no emotions that even John Cena would be jealous.

I used to be so good at Soccer Video games that I basked in the euphoria of my extraordinariness. But then, I stopped going to the “training” session, stopped paying attention to formation, and stopped studying my opponents. These days I struggle to win a game, as I write this, I have played a particular match over 12 times, because the computer keeps winning me in all of them. After writing this, I will give it another try, but I guess we all know how that will end.

I used to be adept at making friends. Like, it didn’t use to take me time to come into someone’s life and help the person become better. I became so good at it, I developed a reputation. But I felt so on top of the world, I didn’t bother looking into my ways, I felt too confident that I didn’t bother about standard procedure. These days I even struggle to strike up a conversation, struggle to keep ongoing ones. I’ve turned into a bad friend that I wonder if I still have friends, because I keep chasing the ones around away with my rigidity.

I used to be loved by all and sundry. Everyone used to like me, even during the dark ages when I turned into a pseudo-Frankenstein. I was still loved. I took it for granted, I had forgotten that the actions of human are sustained over a long period of time by a continuum. So all that love disappeared. Your guess is as good as mine.

The discipline of routines.
It can make you.
It can mar you.
Difficult at first, it may be.
But gain traction, smooth sailing.
Stop half way, progress is lost.
Persevere till the end,
All is gained.

Stay True!



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