Talent – The T Word

Does practice really make perfect?

So you think you were born into this world daft? You have found it extremely difficult to come out tops in your class, find it tough answering those smart trivia questions like who the President of Panama is. So you’ve given up on yourself, it’s just not there, I’m not as smart as those other guys. I would love to tell you how right you are, I would love to call you a “zombie”, yeah, it would make my day, but alas, you’re wrong.
No one is born daft, no one is born stupid. That guy you call the smart one, you’re better than him, yes you are. I will tell you what the difference is…hard work and practice.

Thing is, you were born into this world with a high level of ingenuity. Everyone has talents. Equal talents! Those servants in the bible that were given talents by their master, they were given equal talents – according to their abilities. What determines the weight of your talent is your ability. The guy with 5 talents had five because his abilities could contain five. If your abilities can’t handle your talent, sorry, but you ain’t getting nothing.
But here’s the good news, developing your abilities is a task that lies wholly in your hands. Your abilities depend on you, how far are you willing to go? Are you willing to work your socks off? Yeah, old fashioned hard-work, that’s the difference between that smart guy in your class and you!

Think about it, God has given you amazing talents, given you all the necessary incentives you need, to become a world beater, and all he’s required from you is just some hard work, some effort. And because you’ve been too lazy to get your ass to work, you’ve let all that talent go idle, effectively leaving mankind in need.

Yes! For every time you let your talents waste, the world suffers. Think about all the great inventors we hear about, where would we be if that guy who invented the telephone decide to just “chill”. Yeah, I can’t imagine it neither.

The world is waiting for you! Get to work.



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