Life of my Party

I’ve had so many people walk up to me and cry their hearts out. Bone of contention? They wish they were like me.
So many people wish they could be as expressive as I am, so carefree. They wish they could turn every situation into a party like I do so well, they wish they could discover what their life was all about just as I have discovered mine (or so they think).

I am the life of the party.

I don’t know how to keep calm, I am a professional noisemaker. Already blessed with an unusually loud voice, I guess I was built for the medieval age where they had no microphones but depended largely on loud voices to pass
across information in public.

I still don’t know how to whisper subtly, my voice keeps letting me down every time. I am proud of my noise-making abilities. I make bold to say that my name almost always appeared on every noisemakers’ list back to back all through my primary school days. Most times you’d see a “x4” attached to my name in those “Names of Noisemakers” lists, I always got more strokes of the cane than every other person. I was both the instigator and the sustainer of noise.

Did I forget to mention that I am also a talkative whenever I’m in my niche? I can talk for Africa, as a little boy, I earned the nickname “Radio without battery” as a result of my propensity to talk for long tours without tiring.

My name is Miracle Roch, and I am the life of MY party.

My life is a party, it is my duty to give life to this party. I can’t have a dull party, it is my duty to supply the necessary consumables required to inject life into my party. This is what I do every day; supply consumables. It is my life’s job description. It is this constant supply that has led people (cue first paragraph) into wanting to join in on my party.

But here’s why I am writing this, don’t try to join my ride, don’t wish you were in my party, rather than look for a budding party to groove to, why not try fixing your own party and give life to your party?

I knew my noisemaking abilities and talkative nature were key ingredients in giving life to a party, hence I made no effort to curtail them. Rather I made more noise, talked some more, and I can categorically tell you that most of the progress I have made in life and most of the networks I have established came as a result of someone’s interaction with the products of my noisemaking or talk!

I am the life of my party, if only Shawn Mendes knew this, he wouldn’t have begged a girl to be the life of his party (To illustrate this, how many charts did Shawn Mendes top, where is he now, do you even know him? You see?!). Get this, it’s your party, you give life to your party, you don’t hand over that responsibility to another. In doing that, you lose the essence of your life, life becomes boring, and you start getting tired of stuff around you.

Stand up today, and give life to your party.

Life is a party and you are the life of your party!

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.


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