Random Musings – Water is not Wet


In the 19th or 20th Century, there was a man named John Pierpont, who died thinking he was a failure. It’s sad that he died thinking he was a failure when in reality, you

I’ve spent the best part of the last three months living in hotel rooms. I’m writing this from my fourth hotel room within that space. People look at me and they say I’m so lucky to have a job that takes me round to different places, but they conveniently forget the fact that living in hotel rooms mean stricter deadlines to beat, and less sleep time. On several occasions, I’ve had jto work through the night and dash to board meetings the next morning for a presentation.

That’s the ugly side that people refuse to see, when you see people display flamboyance on Social Media, the worst thing you can do is let that get to you. Humans conveniently relegate the ugly things about them to the background, it’s a natural human instinct to keep up appearances. There is really nothing wrong in keeping up appearances but to what end?

I recently saw a line on the internet that hit me deep. A 90-year-old woman said something along the lines of “start with what you have, not what you want”. This is so deep, little wonder that the older people get, the less materialistic they become. Most of us are sucked into phantasms and dreams of what we want our lives to look like based on what we see on TV, but we forget to really appreciate what we have.

You want that car so bad that you forget you are not on a wheelchair. It’s crazy because we don’t seem to own any form of control over how we want our minds to react to our wants. It’s like the carrot and the stick, we know we ought to be grateful for what we have but at the same time we want more, sometimes we even derive motivation to conquer new grounds because of what we desire.

On to other trivial things, I don’t know if it’s selfish for me to say I’m low-key hoping Trump succeeds n aggravating Kim Jong Un, the North Korean lad. Would be nice to finally see a real-life War scene play out on CNN. I know it’s kinda evil because people will die, I don’t want people to die but then again, I want to see a real-life battle play out. You see that thing I said about not having control over what our mind and heart wants?

I’ve had to travel so many miles away from my base, to a new state, meet new people and it’s been fun. Some of the guys I’ve met here are the best guys you’d ever meet, people willing to go all out to help a stranger, it’s led me into thinking of what I really want to do in my retirement. By the way, I plan to retire early, say 40. I would probably pull off a 2017 Zuckerberg or a Life-time Richard Branson and make a list of places I want to visit and go on a visiting spree round the world. Oh yes, I forgot to talk about the Laundryman at the hotel where I’m staying who apparently is trying to make money off me by not giving me a receipt for my laundry so he’d pocket that money himself.

The first place I’d like to visit though will be Switzerland. The Swiss amaze me, I read a whole lot about how pedantic and technical they are, how good they are at everything and how easy it is to become rich over there and it has got me thinking. If the Swiss are all that, how come they are rarely mentioned when real matters are being discussed? Like all the important treaties are either signed in Geneva or Bern, but you never hear jack about the home town. If they are so good, and have several rich people, how come they aren’t topping the Forbes list?

I hate a theory as to why the Swiss have been out of the Spotlight though, it’s something I’m hoping to prove by visiting. I think they play safe, and people who play safe never really make it to the top. That is my hypothesis; I see the average Swiss as someone who is happy to stay indoors, occasionally do some grocery shopping and go back to their couch at home, no stress.

There’s something about doing your job so well, and also something about making people know you do your job so well. It’s similar to something you see often in Nigerian work spaces, people who don’t do pay attention to doing their jobs so well as much as they pay attention to making people know that they’ve done a job. Everyone wants the spotlight, sometimes it gets tiring and annoying. But then again, would you rather be the quiet Swiss millionaire sitting on his couch with no press serenading him, or would you rather be a Mark Cuban, make little money and make some noise about it? Your choice.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

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