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  1. My acquaintances are many,
    My friends are few
    Those who really know me are fewer still
    Am really a very weird person, with a lot of boring dreams.
    Those that really know me thinks i dwell on the impossibles and thats has been the reasons why they have never set down to listen to my weird dreams.
    But you ?? we were just different .
    You treated my every lines like it were diamonds.
    You were always ready to listen to every words i had to say.
    Most surprising you never for once told me you were busy especially those moments i called you every minute.
    i really appreciate.
    thank u for your write up. i will forever be grateful for it. out of all the things i have achieved for myself i consider your writeup the greatest because it has taught me, that our interaction with people creates history. its left for us to either make it a good one or a bad one.
    i appreciate .gilblessing


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