The Principle of Digging

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I have been so busy lately; however, neglecting this blog because of how busy I have been lately will be purely cruel to the beautiful soul that is this blog. Most of the opportunities I have gotten came because of this blog, and this is what I want to talk about today. A principle I have termed “The Principle of Digging”.

I was never sure of how good I was as a writer, five years ago when I mused starting a blog, it wasn’t because I was a good writer, and it wasn’t even because people pushed me to open one. I will share that story with you. Circa five years ago, I used to spend most of my time on the internet reading other people’s blogs, at some point back then, I had read every single post ever posted on, I was that deep into reading stuff on the internet.

I became awed at some of the awesome things I read and kept wondering how a human could craft such gold. Then I began to ask myself; if a human like you wrote this, there’s no way you can’t write stuff like this, and considering the fact that I had enough ammunition (back then, I read a book every two weeks), I felt I could give it a try.

For most people, that is where they stop; “feeling like trying”, but they never ever get to try. I mulled over starting this blog, but I never doubted myself one bit. I knew once I carved my own niche and defined my parameters, I will be same from the executioner. I also knew about the Principle of Digging

The Principle of Digging states that “so long as you keep digging, the wells shall eventually burst albeit it after a long time”.

I knew that so long as I kept trying to write and post, I will eventually come good. If you scroll through my archives to my first set of posts, you’d see how brutally honest I was with my thoughts without trying to mince words; that was me in my niche. Look through, I’d never gone more than two months at a stretch without posting something, because I knew I couldn’t afford to lose momentum. The more I kept posting, the better I would become albeit after a long time.

Look at me now, I have made money and gotten connections as a result of the crappy things I post on this blog. Who would have thought that five years ago when I started this blog, I would become better today considering I was no Wole Soyinka incarnate?

You can then begin to imagine the numerous things in your life you’ve passed on because you didn’t feel up to it, or because you felt you needed to practice more? I didn’t need practice, my practice was on this blog (the posts are there for you to see), I was proud of my mistakes.

When I decided to change states and become independent, I didn’t get a hang of it, had no clue what my tomorrow was going to look like. But I knew life obeyed the Principle of Digging, I knew so long as I kept getting at it, I’d eventually come good. It has also kept me at work, so many times I get disappointed at myself for the quality of work I produce, but I don’t get worried or discouraged at all, I know so long as I keep getting at it, I will eventually come through, it would only take time.

Looking back at my life, I laugh now seeing how frightened I became at the Goliath of those days (they always took different forms those days), I remember going to bed most nights terrified about what the next day would bring, but I knew I’d come good if I keep getting at it.

Look at me now…I’m better off. Start digging, it definitely won’t be easy but the wells shall eventually burst.

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch


The first time I came across the word “inadequate” was in my Primary 5. I still vividly remember the events surrounding that epiphany. I had been preparing for the final round of my school debate – I had made it to the final round and was due to face the other guy in Primary 6. I always won – as a result of my good preparations.
Oh! As I typed that, I just remembered the one time when I came second at the state level, but it wasn’t due to my performance. It was due to my composure, the thing is, as I made my way to the stage that day, my shorts tore at the back, in a bid to hide it, I couldn’t move around freely and it cost me my fluency and ultimately the State
Debating title. I felt so bad at losing, I never thought I’d have experienced things worse than the feeling I felt
that day. I was barely 9 years old then.

So as I prepared for that final debate the night before. I had gone to my older cousin to show him the points I had, waiting to be unleashed the next day. I think the topic of the debate was “Doctors and Teachers, who was more important to Nation Building”, something like that. I can’t exactly remember which side of the debate I was on, I’ve been struggling to remember, keeps eluding me. My elder cousin came back late at night, so it meant I slept off already before he could make his corrections.

I woke up the next morning to see he had made some edits on my point. He said so many things but the one that stuck was this – he said there were too many “lack of…” in my points. All my points started with “Lack of”, and so he changed some of them to “Inadequate”. I remember asking him what “inadequate” meant with all curiosity and tension. I mean, the debate was that morning, and you’d expect me to be jittery over using a word I hadn’t come across before. He carefully explained the word “inadequate” to me, I think I was satisfied with his definition because I remember using it throughout that debate. Of course, as you’d expect; I won! I had won the primary six guy – my senior! I think I still remember the guy’s name, of course I won’t write it here!

That was my introduction to the word Inadequate. It has lived me with ever since. I have grown to hate that word. For what it stands for, I hate being inadequate. I never ever want to come across as being inadequate and as a result, it has reduced my circle. Rather than appear inadequate, I’d retreat to my shell.

What inspired this post? In some quarters, I’m perceived as proud. I’ve always been befuddled by this tag, because the real me is nowhere near being proud. Like I’m the most down to earth guy you’d ever meet – wait let me finish before you counter that. But in trying to hide my inadequacy, I had sent the wrong vibes unintentionally.

A common example is when I don’t return people’s calls, they’d tag me proud. When I don’t reply your messages; you’d tag me proud. But I wish I could tell you the real reason behind me ignoring you. I fear that my replies won’t be appreciated, I fear that my calls won’t be the best phone call you’ve answered in a while, so rather than call and show my inadequacy, I was better off staying put. I fear that my messages won’t get your maximum attention, I fear that you’d classify them amongst the others. I hate being classified alongside the chasing pack.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Miracle Roch and I suffer from Inadequaphobia – the fear of appearing inadequate.

This fear has helped me overcome challenges, make no mistake about that. For one, it has made me consciously strive to become better, just so I’d not appear inadequate and as a result, I’ve come to learn a whole lot of stuff.
It’s not a bad phobia to have. I mean, I still return some calls and reply some messages, only when I’m sure of maximum attention, or some other time, because your opinion doesn’t matter to me. The challenge with this kind of phobia is that I cannot stress myself too much; so I’m always retreating to my shell or not giving a hoot about what people say in some cases. This is probably the greatest fear I have, I mean, times when I should suffer from what people term “depression” in this part of the world, I have found myself frantically searching for knowledge. I’d rather be miserable than not know anything. Times when I’d be faced with a challenge, I’d find myself trying to bulk up mentally, because I love my knowledge bank so much more than anything.

I always want to know stuff, I always want to read, and most importantly, I never ever care about impressing people, because the more they see me as ordinary, the lesser the shoe size I have to fill hence nothing to NOT feel adequate about. Thanks to Inadequaphobia.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Birthday Post: New Wine; Old Wineskin.

A birthday post is a tradition as old as this blog.

Every year, I turn into a recluse in the weeks that precede August 30. All my life, this date has always fallen during the holiday period. School has never been in session. In high school, people would be splashed with water, beaten and thrown up in the air on their birthday, it always seemed fun. I felt unfortunate that my birthday always came during the holiday season, you know, back then, having water splashed over you was the deal.

So it meant I’d always have enough free time on my birthday to do stuff I wanted. It’s a sign of progress and growth that my birthday this year will have me seated on my desk at the office working. I’m done with the school life. Just look at me, a twenty-two year old working class who lives alone fully independent in a city over 500km away from the one where I spent most of my years.

This birthday is not special, it’s like all the other ones, but I have really grown as a person. I have become realer with my veracities and stronger against my fears. I took daunting decisions this year. I made the bold step to leave my comfort zone and move to another state without having any backup plan. It worked out well for me.

On the premise of this new level of independence, I will share some of my struggles with you as I come to terms with a new 365. Yes, I have some struggles; I’m no superman. If anything, independence helped me realize that.
I am not as nice as I’ve always thought myself to be. This is a very difficult admission to make because I’d always pride myself as being one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. I mean, I don’t smoke, drink, sleep around, break hearts, use vulgar words, do evil, commit crime, and all the other ill stereotypes we’ve gotten accustomed to.

This year, I was a major recipient of unusual niceness from several people. The kind of favours I got this year from people made me realize how far away I was from reality. So many of the things people did for me this year, I wouldn’t have done the same if the roles were reversed, and I’d have valid reasons. On further probing, I’d have probably helped them too but not without dithering and considerations.

I am not nice, and I am pained. Following due process doesn’t always translate to being nice. Being a Christian boy isn’t all you need to be nice, there are elements of human interactions where I’ve been found wanting, for all my ramble about working hard, I still don’t give my all when it comes to work. I don’t even know how to sap myself completely. I am not nice.

It makes me question all those who have been nice to me. Why spend all that effort on someone who doesn’t deserve it? Well, I got my answer; when you’re being nice, you don’t worry about the qualification of the receiver at all. I will spend more time on this moving forward.

I was celibate all through the year. I have never been under as much pressure as I was this year to have sex. I still don’t understand why I was born in this generation – a generation that flagrantly seeks to do the exact opposite of the law. Letting people know you’re celibate doesn’t actually keep them away from you, it brings them closer, which is odd. But I get the reasoning, humans want you to go down with them.

Very few people want you to succeed even if they don’t. The human nature is malicious by default, so don’t blame them. Which is why you must learn to appreciate those who genuinely care about you. I stayed away from every form of negativity this year, I didn’t even have to think about it before getting an earpiece. When there was no one to
encourage me, I plugged in my earpiece and found encouragement in songs and words.

I have become a stronger character, without fear or timidity. The secret? Positive words. You need to always stay encouraged. I haven’t done badly for myself. There’s still more to be done of course.

Is this the life I dream of at twenty-two? I can’t remember. But I know I’m in my perfect place. God has been gracious, I have a job I honestly like doing and I have the right people in my life. Every single thing that’s happening with me right now was orchestrated by God which gives me huge confidence. It also explains why I approach important matters with dull complacency.

I can’t honestly be killing myself over the details of my life when it’s been so evident that God has been working out things for my good. I know what’s ahead of me is better than my wildest imaginations which is why I’ve stopped drawing up plans and goals, because for every single time I did that this year, God showed up with a much better plan midway. So instead, step by step, little by little, I will keep growing just the way God wants me to.

I’m super excited as I grow older!

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Unbroken? Don’t Touch

The average price of a toothpaste in Nigeria is $1 (at bank rate of course). I pay so much attention to my mouth and its constituents, I don’t even know why, probably because I hate bad breath. Like if I was going for a meeting with a client worth a million dollars and your breath was stinking; I’d gladly forfeit that money. So I try so much to make sure my mouth is clean, I think that’s the part of my body that gulps so much money from me followed by my armpit of course.

My teeth has been awesome over the years, I’ve gotten compliments from all and sundry about how white my teeth are (are instead of “is” sounds so weird, but English says it’s correct), and how awesome my dentition is. Basically stuff like that. I mean, I use a mouthwash, I brush twice everyday (it’s like a religion, I never ever fail to do this, one time I fell asleep after a long day, I woke up by 12 in the middle of the night and unconsciously headed straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth). So I expect my teeth to be cool of course.

There’s this international toothpaste brand that keeps making brilliant ads on TV, I’d seen them for so long and somehow, they’d managed to convince me that their toothpaste was superior. Remember the average price of a toothpaste is $1, well these guys sell theirs for $3. I didn’t even mind, I bought it. Anything to make my already awesome teeth better! After using the first one, I didn’t see any difference, in fact, I think my teeth became worse. My teeth became rather sensitive to extremely cold things (unlike before), my teeth just became uncomfortable, and it was awful. But because I believe so much in their adverts, I decided to blame myself. I felt it was because I had gone for the wrong “flavor” (not exactly flavor but you understand what I mean, I ran out of adjectives), so I decided to buy another variant (oh! That’s the word I was looking for). It didn’t get better, the final straw that broke the camel’s back was the third variant I bought, they called it ”Gentle Whitening”, that stuff darkened my teeth instead of whitening it. Like what the hell? What did I get myself into? It’s been frustrating.

That’s the tale that has led me to this post. If it’s not broken; don’t fix it. I know there’s that constant natural desire to be better and stuff, but be careful what you wish for. My teeth was awesome, in perfect state, but I fell for a brilliant TV ad, now see where it has led me to. Quality sometimes can be disguised. Yeah, I said that. And funny enough, it doesn’t require quality to spot quality most times. It requires a simple survey.
After my horrible experience with these $3 toothpaste guys, I decided to do a simple twitter search about them (google is too mainstream), and I realized almost everyone had a complaint or two about them. Like people were experiencing the same problems I was; I must confess, that made me feel better. I wasn’t the only gullible one who fell for their trick at least. But imagine I did this survey before buying them, I would have avoided the whole brouhaha at first. Now I see why modern day Einsteins twisted the old maxim that “experience is the best teacher”. You know they now say “someone else’s experiences is the best teacher…don’t let it happen to you first”. I added the last part. But it makes perfect sense now.

Only a fool will jump from frying pan to fire just to show that he can jump.

Remember when we had just GPRS on our mobile phones? You know life was pretty much sane back then, with our “G”, we could do whatever we wanted, Facebook, Goal, Wapking, Waptrick, Sefan, and all the other stupid things we did on the internet back then with no complaints whatsoever. But just like my toothpaste story, someone somewhere came across a Nikola Tesla or Edison theory that said we could do more on the internet with double GPRS and decided to take the theory serious. Thanks to some crazy Billionaires who like that kinda stuff, the dude got funding and went into research, the result? The 2G internet was born. That guy ruined our lives! From 2G to 3G and now we’re at 4G (hey, in Africa of course, I know some of my American readers will quickly point out that they’ve got 4.5 or 5g over there, allow us shine in peace with our 4G at least).

I mean, faster internet shouldn’t be a bad thing yeah? But it is! That’s because you pretty much can’t do anything with G or 2G. I know this because the network reception in my house room (room because once I stand in front of my door or walk around my compound, I get good reception, but on my bed, my table, my toilet; pretty bad reception. As a matter of fact, to publish this post on the internet, I’d have to go stand in front of my door). Note that when I say bad reception I mean 2G. It’s crazy how I can’t open a web page with 2G, not even Facebook. Like freaking Facebook that required just G to open back in the day! This is treacherous! I’m furious! Why is this so? This will take us back to my toothpaste story. So when Facebook saw that there was now 3G, it decided to do some crazy stupid stuff behind the scene that meant 2G couldn’t open Facebook pages anymore.

Now this is what progress does to you, it gives you an illusion of something better. So Zuckerberg sees 3G, and rants in his garage about how the introduction of 3G means, Facebook can now stream live videos, post pictures without compressing it (remember when they used to do that?), and all the other stuff and boom! They added all those features and a little more. But in adding those features, they made Facebook heavier. This explains why my miserable 2G can’t open Facebook pages. It also explains why my teeth has become miserable. The $3 toothpaste guys probably added some chemical benzene-ethanoate-fluoride-chloro-II-methane compound bullshit which my teeth was unfamiliar too and it had messed up my teeth.

Were we not all happy when I was using the normal $1 toothpaste? Why are we now unhappy? Some guy decided to conduct an experiment and came up with that disaster of a toothpaste that has now become my nemesis. Don’t get me wrong, research is good. But research shouldn’t be done at the expense of efficiency. The fact that those guys at Volkswagen keep researching and bringing out new car models every year doesn’t mean my great grandfather’s 1969 Volkswagen Beetle can’t move. You should have brought out your 3G without making my 2G less efficient. And for this, I bear a grudge.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

The In-Betweens

Life is a journey, or so we are told. But I don’t believe life is a journey. I mean, I had to check my dictionary for what the Englishman defines as a journey, and it’s pretty straightforward. A Journey is an act of travelling from one place to the other. My problem with taking this popular definition of life is that is neglects a very important part of life; the in-betweens.

I don’t mean that other “in-between” people use to demarcate life and death; in-between life and death, as they refer to it. I mean the “in-between of life, mostly found between “li” and “fe”.

The in-betweens are those numerous minuscule details that serenade your whole life and actually do the damage (or good) without ever taking credit for it. Your in-betweens churned you out the way you are right now.

I am grateful for my in-betweens, mainly because it’s made me who I am. We all go through various in-betweens daily, and I feel so bad because, they appear so irrelevant to even spring up to mind.

As you go through life, don’t be in a hurry. Savor the in-between. Don’t be too focused on the future that you end up missing out on the present. Once I wrote about having tasted both sides of the coin and how that adventure helped me realized which side of the coin was better. I thought I got a better understanding because I was on “the other side”, but with the benefit of hindsight, I realized I only landed on the “in-between”! Even coins have their in-betweens.

Most times, when you actually feel you’ve flipped the coin, what you actually did was tilt it upwards. You landed on the in-between. The in-between gives you a better view. I make bold to say the “in-between” is the best view; it doesn’t make a fuss, it just goes on about the job and gets it done.

Your ability to sideline the efficacy of your in-betweens is the reason why you keep running from pillar to post looking for refuge, it’s the same reason why you keep falling into different arms looking for protections and spend every resource you’ve got materials because you’re looking for satisfaction. The satisfaction, security and protection you require are all within you – disguised as your in-betweens. Quit looking in the wrong place.

No time is ever wasted, what you actually call “time wasted” was a precious stop over at the “in-betweens”, enjoy the experience and embrace it wholly.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.


For all the things I do wrong in life (they are a whole lot by the way), for all the deadlines I miss, for all the tasks left unticked, how have I managed to survive in this life with all the horrible things I’ve done (and keep doing)? I must really say that I have become the proverbial cat with nine lives.

Despite my irregularities, I do have a few “sacrosants”. Allow me share them with you…

1. Bitterness is worse than anger. Worse because it is suppressed and internal. What kills a man? The things that emanate and reside on the inside. Where does bitterness dwell? Yeah, inside!

2. Bitterness is deadlier than hatred. Hatred is noisy, bitterness is always on stealth. The things that take down a man never announce their intentions, it’s always the empty vessels that make the loudest noise. Noise isn’t something that can be attributed to effectiveness.

3. One of the ways I survive is by viewing bitterness as a baggage. I can’t harbour bitterness not even in its purest form (it doesn’t have a purest form though). That way, nothing eats me up from within.

4. It’s easy to say stuff like: “do away with bitterness”, “don’t let that stuff dwell in you” and things like that but the deal is in implementation. So what did I do?

5. I found substitutes. I founds things that drive away bitterness in me. One of such things is food. Let me reiterate that bitterness doesn’t just appear on the scene like Thor. It starts with a bad mood, degenerates to sadness and maintains its metamorphosis. So once I sight a bad mood lurking from afar, I immediately look for something to munch. With each munch, the feeling gets eroded.

6. Negative vibes breed bitterness. And people bring about negative vibes. So I let people off the hook. When I see someone doesn’t want my progress or feels we are in some sort of competition, I withdraw immediately. I don’t have strength. If it would mean reducing my circle to the barest minimum (there is no minimum though, you can be a circle of one), so long as I push all that negativity faraway. Bingo! OMG, you have no idea how toxic people can be, you don’t need all that toxicity.

7. In the Bible, the story is told of how a young David chased evil spirits away from Saul just by singing. Don’t under estimate the power of music, which is why you must be careful what you listen to. Music has the power to overwhelm, listen to the right ones, and your spirit will be lifted.

8. Sleep. Sometimes, all the theories in the world won’t be able to help you, so what do you do? Sleep, when you wake up, you’d be better.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Dear Marie

Dear Marie,

I am writing you after such a long time because I’ve been a total mess from the last time.

I haven’t been able to gather my pieces together ever since. Like they keep proving difficult the farther I go, is there some Rubik’s Cube joke going on here that I don’t know?

I know you are doing so well, I just don’t understand how you manage to pull off all the exceptionalities you pull off. You say I took after you, but our lives are on two extremes that I feel that statement is delusional.

I’m writing you because I need someone to talk to, someone to hit, hug, kiss and caress. Just about anything to reduce the weight of this humongous burden on my shoulders.

I don’t even know how to keep a home, I wonder what will become of the kids by the time they are grown. Will they ever be like our Prime Minister Modi? I have no idea Marie, how do I ensure they grow to become exceptional – like you.

I wish I had listened to you earlier on before I started this journey. I’ve become so lonely. No new friends, the old ones are gone. Only the scavengers remain. This wasn’t the life you promised me.

Ree, you once told me to be positive, you said the happier I was, the brighter my future. I’m in the future now, and all those years of smiling sheepishly hasn’t done me any good. What way is there?

I don’t want to be like John Pierpont, I don’t want to wait anymore. I fear my strength slowly fading away. I fear I may no longer hold on when it’s all gone.

I even realised my most prized asset – humility, is all gone. I’m too proud now Marie, I can’t even say “please” anymore. The more I remain stoic, the more I worry for the future of the kids. Will they ever have someone to call “dad”? This whole brouhaha has turned me into my worst nightmare. I am slowly becoming that person I told people to steer away from.

I may bear the thought of living out a wrecked life, but I will not be able to bear the thought of dumping the kids on the path to wretchedness. I won’t.

Marie, I am slowly dying. Help me before it’s too late. You let all this happen in the first place. Fix it, Marie, fix it.



Tayna, a single mom, wrote from Calcutta.

Life of my Party

I’ve had so many people walk up to me and cry their hearts out. Bone of contention? They wish they were like me.
So many people wish they could be as expressive as I am, so carefree. They wish they could turn every situation into a party like I do so well, they wish they could discover what their life was all about just as I have discovered mine (or so they think).

I am the life of the party.

I don’t know how to keep calm, I am a professional noisemaker. Already blessed with an unusually loud voice, I guess I was built for the medieval age where they had no microphones but depended largely on loud voices to pass
across information in public.

I still don’t know how to whisper subtly, my voice keeps letting me down every time. I am proud of my noise-making abilities. I make bold to say that my name almost always appeared on every noisemakers’ list back to back all through my primary school days. Most times you’d see a “x4” attached to my name in those “Names of Noisemakers” lists, I always got more strokes of the cane than every other person. I was both the instigator and the sustainer of noise.

Did I forget to mention that I am also a talkative whenever I’m in my niche? I can talk for Africa, as a little boy, I earned the nickname “Radio without battery” as a result of my propensity to talk for long tours without tiring.

My name is Miracle Roch, and I am the life of MY party.

My life is a party, it is my duty to give life to this party. I can’t have a dull party, it is my duty to supply the necessary consumables required to inject life into my party. This is what I do every day; supply consumables. It is my life’s job description. It is this constant supply that has led people (cue first paragraph) into wanting to join in on my party.

But here’s why I am writing this, don’t try to join my ride, don’t wish you were in my party, rather than look for a budding party to groove to, why not try fixing your own party and give life to your party?

I knew my noisemaking abilities and talkative nature were key ingredients in giving life to a party, hence I made no effort to curtail them. Rather I made more noise, talked some more, and I can categorically tell you that most of the progress I have made in life and most of the networks I have established came as a result of someone’s interaction with the products of my noisemaking or talk!

I am the life of my party, if only Shawn Mendes knew this, he wouldn’t have begged a girl to be the life of his party (To illustrate this, how many charts did Shawn Mendes top, where is he now, do you even know him? You see?!). Get this, it’s your party, you give life to your party, you don’t hand over that responsibility to another. In doing that, you lose the essence of your life, life becomes boring, and you start getting tired of stuff around you.

Stand up today, and give life to your party.

Life is a party and you are the life of your party!

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.

Who are You?

Who are you?

I haven’t really posted any of trademark post here in a long while. You know, the kind that I’m so good at – mixing personal stories with real societal issues. I will tell you why.

I recently got some very good recommendations and exciting offers through readers of this blog. I had to reject some of the offers because frankly, I didn’t quite believe I was that good.

I took time to go through most of my posts in a bid to see what you all see, I finished reading and I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about (although I must admit some of the things I read were so good I couldn’t believe it came from me, more like Future listening to Desiigner and wondering how that isn’t him).

My point is, I didn’t really see what the fuss it. So I began to dig deep, there must be something about me and my writings that has cut across so many hearts, yeah people read me from Norway, Australia, Scotland. One day I will post WordPress’ Atlas of my blog, I’ve got a spot in literally all the continents except South America. Not that I have mind boggling hits, I mean, I’m not on Alexa yet, but I appreciate the fact that the esteemed few who read value my content. I mean, I really put all these here to help you all become better even as I wander along the path of “betterness”.

I have to be doing something right to be getting this kind of following, and after much deliberation I’ve been able to come up with an explanation.

See, I’m a very horrible person but I’ve become good at it. I don’t pretend to be who I’m not. Actually, if you meet me for the first time today, I put on my worst behaviour. I have no interest in appearing nice to folks. That thing doesn’t pay, it’s fake. I have refined my horribleness to be something akin to a labyrinth admirable from afar. When you buy a Picasso art, you are not buying the ingenuity of the art, you’re buying the name on the art. It’s the name and not the art that is valuable. What is your name?

Let me tell you what been your real self does to you, it saves you the stress of having to worry about those in your life. I recently took a drastic decision to reduce the number of people in my life, I seriously don’t care what people say about me. I’m real to myself. I have preserved and placed more value on my name than on my art. Which is probably why, when you read my posts, you’re not reading my “art”, you’re reading my “name” transcribed through letters.

It is this secret that has won me hearts (and gotten me jobs) via this blog. The fact that when you read, you see my rawness without appearing vulnerable.

The real people who like you, don’t like you for any particular reason, trust me. When someone really cares about you, they don’t need a reason to do so. In trying to give them a reason to do so, the genuineness fades away.
I took a stock of the people that actually matter in my life, I didn’t do anything to impress them. I’ve been an ass more times than I’ve been a human to them, yet they’ve stuck to me. It’s because they really want to. How about those I really did “stuff” for, those are the ones who come up with silly excuses of how you haven’t meet doing something right for them. It is always about them. You don’t need that kind of negativity around you.

Interpersonal social interactions are like magnets, just be the real you, and an aligning character will be attracted to you, in less than no time. It may take time but chill. I know what it feels like to be alone, I’ve been alone before, and even despite all my shenanigans about being a proud loner (I did blog about that years ago), deep down, I still felt hollow. But rather than wallow in that feeling, I got something doing. I worked towards becoming better and in the long run, the RIGHT people came along.

So I ask again, who are you? The person who see in the mirror? Or the person they say you are? Or the person you wanna be? Or the person they want you to be? You must decide who you are!

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Talent – The T Word

Does practice really make perfect?

So you think you were born into this world daft? You have found it extremely difficult to come out tops in your class, find it tough answering those smart trivia questions like who the President of Panama is. So you’ve given up on yourself, it’s just not there, I’m not as smart as those other guys. I would love to tell you how right you are, I would love to call you a “zombie”, yeah, it would make my day, but alas, you’re wrong.
No one is born daft, no one is born stupid. That guy you call the smart one, you’re better than him, yes you are. I will tell you what the difference is…hard work and practice.

Thing is, you were born into this world with a high level of ingenuity. Everyone has talents. Equal talents! Those servants in the bible that were given talents by their master, they were given equal talents – according to their abilities. What determines the weight of your talent is your ability. The guy with 5 talents had five because his abilities could contain five. If your abilities can’t handle your talent, sorry, but you ain’t getting nothing.
But here’s the good news, developing your abilities is a task that lies wholly in your hands. Your abilities depend on you, how far are you willing to go? Are you willing to work your socks off? Yeah, old fashioned hard-work, that’s the difference between that smart guy in your class and you!

Think about it, God has given you amazing talents, given you all the necessary incentives you need, to become a world beater, and all he’s required from you is just some hard work, some effort. And because you’ve been too lazy to get your ass to work, you’ve let all that talent go idle, effectively leaving mankind in need.

Yes! For every time you let your talents waste, the world suffers. Think about all the great inventors we hear about, where would we be if that guy who invented the telephone decide to just “chill”. Yeah, I can’t imagine it neither.

The world is waiting for you! Get to work.