The Jonathan-Buhari Conundrum

Ever since Buhari emerged as the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), so many schemes and debates have begun. So many juxtapositions between the incumbent President; Goodluck Jonathan of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and his rival General Muhammad Buhari. So many of them misleading too.
Let me give you a brief history here. The incumbent President belongs to the PDP and the PDP which is the largest party in the country has been in power since 1999. The symbol of opposition in the country is the APC. Ever since there was a merger between all the other opposition parties a few years ago which birthed the APC, they have grown stronger and stronger but in influence and superiority.
To tell you the truth, ever since this election brouhaha and shenanigans started, I have steered clear from it reason being that the two candidates both have what I need when merged together that is.
I, like many other Nigerians would love to see what an aversion to our democratic system would usher in, the PDP has been in power since 1999 and we really haven’t had the chance to measure their development rate because despite the fact three people have been elected president since then, they are all the same kind. So the APC provides us with a chance to see what we have either achieved over the last 15 years or what we have missed. And because one of the things that change brings along with it is ambiguity, we are all eager to see what this change may bring, if it will be worse, we only then have to endure for just four years before we boot it out of government, but what if this change will bring better? You see, we really can’t tell unless we elected them.
So many Nigerians agree with what I have written in the previous paragraph. Actually, why so many people are still sticking with the PDP is because they lack faith in the candidate of the APC whose past to be honest isn’t anything but nice.
But here is where the dilemma lies. Should we stick with the current administration for yet another four years? Despite the fact that all they have fed us with have been lies upon lies and nonperformance? Or should we try a leader who many believe to be a religious bigot and an ethnic jingoist?
For the first time ever, I have sincerely come to really see the APC candidate as someone who may likely win this election, it had never crossed my mind before now reason been that Nigeria has a good history with power and Incumbency.
The populace is truly fed up with this current administration but what makes us think Buhari will be better? No one is doubting the fact that this administration haven’t lived up to the standards promised when we elected them without shoes back in 2011. No one is doubting that, no one!
If the APC had presented someone else other than Buhari, it is safe to say they would have been coasting into the elections. But then we all fail to see the silver lining in the cloud.
What if Buhari is truly a changed man? Yes, he jailed people when he was a military leader, he campaigned for Sharia rule but are we not all free to publicly express our religious beliefs? Especially when that belief is strongly supported in the book your religion is based on? Why are we holding it against Buhari for standing publicly with his faith?
Those saying Buhari will Islamize the country are far-fetched, they forget his Vice President is a Christian, a Pastor at that.
You see, we really can’t tell which Buhari will turn up at Aso Rock if he is elected just as we really don’t know which Jonathan will turn up for his second term? Who knows, he may do better, or worse. Like I said earlier, we don’t know until we vote.
You see why so many Nigerians are still undecided about which risk to take, I pray which ever you take leads us aright…as for me; I remain neutral which is why I will vote for a neutral candidate. There are 24 other candidates after all.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch