Me, My blog & I

Alright! My name is Miracle, friends call me Mr. Gudboi. Now, the name signifies a lotta things and since most of the things I do revolve around the name; it is pertinent that I let you in. I’m called a “Good” lad because; first and formost I’m a born again christian and live by the precepts of God Almighty so I don’t engage in contraband stuffs so that was how the “good” came about. I’m called a “boy” because based on my age; I’m a young lad (but an official adult anyways). There’s a “Mr.” Because my thought pattern and life experiences makes me think/talk like an 80 year old man.

I’m a student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Currently studying Physics/Astronomy. I hope to profer solution to the global warming crisis and stop the vulnerability of our ozone layer.

The opinions presented here are mine and mine alone. Do well to be well versed in what I drop here as they are both a collection of what life has taught and what God lays on my heart.

Muçhás Gràçíás.