The Easter Pabulum


So what if Jesus didn’t die? What would have changed? How can you say he died to save me, when even my great-grandparents hadn’t been born by then? What logic is there in that statement?

Ab initio, we’ve become accustomed to the story surrounding Calvary but then how does that affect you? Even as a Christian! I say that because I’m aware of the fact that before Jesus came, there were already devoted Christians like John, Anna, Simeon, etc. When I say devoted, I don’t mean “religion-playing”, these guys were staunchly devoted. So what exactly did His death do? How did His death affect me? We are going to try and answer these few questions in the following paragraphs and trust that we’d understand.

Before the advent of the Christ, Christians followed the laws God gave Moses back then in Genesis. Then, it was more of an eye to an eye kinda’ thing and people were regularly falling short of the standard. So God looked, the law didn’t save anyone, the capital punishments attached did not even prevent them from sinning, they had become slaves to sin. They were condemned already. God knew if He let these people be, they’d end up dying and rotting in hell. Sure, God dint want that for almost all mankind. Yes, there were a few who were still serving God but God had always being interested in the greater majority. So what would he do to stop this widespread destruction? Blood needed to be involved, so let me cast your mind back to the biblical story of a king whose nation was losing a war, he killed his son – and heir apparent to the throne – during the war as a sacrifice, the Bible records that there was great indignation and his nation started winning. Now, that story tells you the weighty significance of blood sacrifice. Even then, when people sinned, they offered the blood of animals to atone for their sins. Remember, God’s aim was to make mankind free from sin. His love for mankind was so great that He decided a blood sacrifice was needed to stop this destruction. A meeting ensued in heaven and when the question was asked, everywhere was mute. God had told them how a clean blood was needed and that it had to come from the heaven-ly. Who would offer himself, relinquish the quintessence of heaven and come save mankind that had no regard. It was a very big ask so God condoned the silence, after a while, Christ! The One who had been sitting at the right hand of the Father stood up and said; “Here am I, send me!” and the whole heaven shook almost immediately. God’s beloved was offering himself up. God was shocked, he was torn between saving His son and saving Mankind. He had to choose, and choose fast as time was running out. His love for Mankind was enormous so He decided to send Him. Go ahead Son! I love you, so He said. The Son remained mute as he braced himself.

So what exactly was Jesus supposed to come and do? Jesus was supposed to come and lay down his life as an atonement for Mankind. How was he to do this, by coming in the form of a human being and making sure he was without sin for that was the only way to not be subject to the devil. And in rescuing Mankind, He also had to sell the right ideas to Mankind, His job was not just to come die and go! He was also to teach Mankind the new right kind of way. So that was how the whole story about disciples, miracles, bla bla bla came about. When HE died, what happened? How does it affect you presently? Basically, what happened at His death was a change of systems, a new system – that will last till this day – was put in place and the old system was abolished. There was no need for you to fight sin on your own again anymore, the initiative was no longer with the devil, why? When Jesus died, he went to Hell, yeah, the same place all the others have been going to. He went there because although He was sinless, at the cross there was a transfer! The sins of the whole world was transferred onto His innocent soul that was why when He dies, there were reports of dead bodies rising out of their graves and living, their sins had being taken away. Immediately the transfer was over, Jesus died. In hell, he defeated the devil, took away the keys of death from him. What that meant was that the devil on his own couldn’t take away life. Jesus’ death also opened up access to God, so that you could go directly to him anywhere you find yourself whenever you sinned. Now what God sees isn’t your transgressions anymore, the Blood of Christ covers you meaning anytime your file is brought up in Heaven, theres a “blood” on it meaning he contents have been erased. You didn’t have to wait to get to church or see the priest or something. Right there and then, you could access God and ask to be washed. And that remains till this day. God saw the billion number of people that would perish if this system was not in place.

If Christ hadn’t come, you would probably have been dead now as the complacency you show now would have been punished with death. Now the question is, the way you are living now, is it good enough for someone that gave up His life so you’d have it easy?

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

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Before The First Christmas

Here’s another literary thriller I’m sure you are going to get captivated in; it was drafted by @YSAndre64.


He could actually feel the sweat forming on his brows. His fists were tightly clenched and his lips were so dry. His countenance was melancholic and his eyes were so far away staring, unfocused even at empty space. Deep in thought he seemed and deep in thought he was. A lot was to come, so much was about to unfold. And he was at the center of it all. Fate had come to pass, destiny was about to be fulfilled and by him, his destiny. For he was destined to bring about change that was so severe that it shook and cut through the very pillars of creation, cutting through the physical to the very intents of the spiritual. It’s been a long time coming, but the awaited moment had finally come.

Joseph was frantic “Oh Mary, why now of all time and here of all places!”

He wasn’t scared. Not scared, at least not exactly. He was just, let’s say a bit confused, unsure, and maybe alert. Like a lion that suddenly finds itself in another’s pride, like a king in another’s kingdom. This was going to be the first time he was not going to be exactly in control. The first time ever he was going to be prone, vulnerable. The first time he would submit, the first time he would— in fact, everything was going to be a first. He imagined it all. A family: a caring father and a loving mother. He had already seen the woman. Such sweetness, if the world had been filled with people like her, this task might not have been necessary. He imagined life with her; he imagined having brothers, sisters and friends. He imagined playing under the hot Middle Eastern sun. He imagined working with the man at his shed, for his would be father was a carpenter. He was going to learn to work; he was going to learn a lot of things. He was going to know how it felt to be human. He was going to experience it all, all the euphoria, the endless vanities that was associated with mankind. The anxieties, the joys and yes, the pains… Pain! Had he done the right thing by accepting to do this? What was needed was atonement, not necessarily his. Nah, He brushed that thought aside, this had to be perfect, it had to be him, he knew his father very well; for this to be flawless it had to be him. But then that didn’t make it any less daunting. He thought of what it felt like to feel pain, what it felt like to die, what it was going to feel like to die like him. Death. Lifelessness. Battle. Dominion. His mind suddenly became flooded with thoughts and all of a sudden dread filled him from nowhere. This wasn’t going to be easy, in fact this was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done. And he wasn’t sure of the outcome. This was the first time he wasn’t going to be sure of anything. He wasn’t forced, he could still change his mind, he could still free himself from this uncertainty, from this chaos. Yes, in fact that was what he was going to do.

“Calm down my love.” Joseph was saying “I’m going to get you a place to stay”. The pains were excruciating for Mary. “Joseph my baby!” She shouted.

He looked down again and saw her. So tender so loving, she had taken Gabriel’s message so well. She deserved redemption, he thought of his would be father, hard working and caring, a man who loved his woman so much that he refused to cause her embarrassment despite his being shamed. He too needed to be saved, he thought of those twelve lads he was going to meet. Such promise, such potentials that would lie dormant unless he went. He thought of all the blind men, the lame, the deaf and the infirmed that would need his help; He thought of the countries, he thought of the cities, such waste it would be if he just decided to quit. He couldn’t let the devil have his way, death had to be stopped and for that to happen, sin had to be dealt with. His speeding barrage of thoughts finally slowed down, dissolved and settled at one thing. He thought of you. He imagined you coming into the world, filled with hope only there would not be hope for he never died. For he was hope. The very salvation that mankind sought. The very cure to the insanity that was gradually engulfing all. He couldn’t let that happen to you. The more he thought of you, the more his resolve strengthened. He couldn’t bear the thought of your not being free. He had to not only free you, but empower you. He had to—
“Deep in thought I see”. He looked up and saw his father staring back at him, his face showing a hint of worry.  He started to say something but he was cut short. “Don’t bother I know what’s bugging you. He sat down next to him and in silence and in all omniscience, they both stared down at the world. “He’s a good woman, the very best there is”
“Yes, father, I’ve been watching her since and Joseph too.”

Mary was screaming so loudly now that Joseph really considered making a run for it. “Yes sir, we’ll take the animal shed, just tell us where it is. The innkeeper was shocked.
“Err, are you sure, it’s quite very messy?”

He couldn’t help but laugh and his father laughed with him. It was followed by a brief awkward silence. “You know you really don’t have to do this”
“Don’t worry dad I know, and I’ve made up my mind”
“Once you get out there, there is no turning back.” He nodded “Of course you realize the importance of what you are about to do, you realize the reason why it has to be done, everything has to be perfect. And of course you understand–“
“Relax dad, calm down, you forget it’s me you’re talking to.” His father smiled
“I’m sorry son; I guess I just got carried away. It’s just that when it comes to these folks–”
“You always get like that when it comes to these folks; you love them so much that at times I wonder if you have any feelings for me at all.” His father was shocked, it was only when he looked at his son and saw the smirk on his face that he realized it was a joke, the two burst out laughing. After that came another awkward silence.

Mary was screaming and pushing. Joseph was scared to death. He cursed at himself; he should have brought a midwife along as they journeyed to the capital. Why hadn’t he anticipated this?

“This will be the beginning of a very great thing my son, if only you know how many promises of mine would be fulfilled today, the prophets will be relieved I’m sure. Do you know what the people are going to call this day in the fut–”
“Christmas.” He answered. His father mumbled another apology.

“Oh Mary dear ,are you sure you don’t need me—“

They would have laughed again if not for the fact that the time was almost near.
“Emmanuel right,” his voice held a hint of sadness “I must admit the name’s rather catchy”
“Yes, and from this day henceforth I would never leave my people, I will be with them always”


    They stood up abruptly. “Well son, I think it’s time. To say I would miss you would be an understatement but truth is—“
The father couldn’t finish for the son gave him a very passionate hug that brought out all the feelings he had been trying to suppress. They held themselves for sometime before they broke away.
“You go now son, you go and save the world”
“Yes father, as you wish, your will always”. And he turned and walked away, Mary’s voice now louder than ever. This wasn’t the beginning of the end, this was the start of the beginning, before Jesus walked into the first Christmas, he turned back to take one look at his father. He was still standing where he left him seemingly deep in thought. The father smiled at him and said
“For mankind son.” He smiled back and replied
“For mankind.”

The Death That Lived On… (1)



I had to read the account of what happened that day from the four gospels.
My fascination had begun to grow after everyone was busy raving about his death…
I log on to Facebook and everyone is gibbering about Easter…
I sign in to twitter and everyone is tweeting and retweeting about Easter…
There was even a dedicated hash tag #Easter…
It was maddening…
I couldn’t even check my mails without seeing something being said about Easter…

I went to see a movie yesterday…
I had signed up for “Hansel and Gretchel 2”
The first part had so fascinated me that I was eagerly anticipating the second part…
Whoa!! I went to the cinema…
How come no one was talking about Hansel?
Everyone was all about “The Passion of the Christ”…
How weird…
I felt so out of place that i decided to join the crowd…
So I ended up seeing the movie…
Could all that be true?
Could this dude have suffered all these for people that hadn’t been conceived yet?
Or was Mel Gibson only trying to play on people’s emotions and sell his film?
Oh! Well…I don’t believe all that so I’m not moved…
But how come I spent all the entire minute of the journey back home…
Thinking about that dude called Christ…

Of course! I’ve always heard about him…
But I have never seen a stark graphic representation of Him like this…
But is it really true?
Did he do all this just for me?
I’m beginning to doubt that?
But well, if it wasn’t for me then who?

I had read the gospel’s account..
How tepid my feeling was…
For the first time, He may have did it for me..
So he died just so I could be free…
What a super hero..
But well, what did he have to lose?
Everything!!! I hear my head screaming…

So all my life, I’ve been living my life…
Not really knowing that someone gave up His for me?
So how do I show him love for dying for me?
Well, that I’m yet to find out…
But I’ve got a feeling, I will find out soon…!