Romantic Love

Ok, let’s talk about a little romance. A little kissing, a little touching, a little talking, a little this, a little that. Should we talk about someone that’s been introduced to these things lately and has been grappling with them? Someone who doesn’t know where to draw the line, doesn’t even know if there’s any line at all. Should we in our usual way, try to talk about this situation without giving hard and fast rules?
How about we talk about how far you should go when you’re in a relationship with someone you really love and who loves you back. The fact that you both love yourselves, should that be a criteria to go all the way?
If we continue this way, we may end up not talking about anything at all but that wouldn’t hinder this page from being full. I think we should talk about romance, we should talk about love from the perspective of a Christian. Why is there so much fuss generated whenever a Christian is involved in some lovey-dovey? Why are people quick to judge whenever a Christian goes out with another?
So romance they say is an addiction, they say you should fall in love first then romance naturally comes into play. They tell you to find a good Christian girl when it’s time to marry but they never tell you to find a good Christian girl when it’s time to fall in love. Your heart just follows the tide and most often than not, because you haven’t fallen in love with a “good Christian girl”, you find a reason to break up with whom you actually love and begin the search for a good Christian girl. Good luck with that search as you’d need it.
You know sometimes I feel God utmost desire is for us His children to become romantically involved with the opposite sex, for us to be in love with the opposite sex. That’s probably part of the reason why he had to create Eve for Adam. Eve wasn’t just a helper, Eve was someone Adam could channel some inborn drive towards, that’s why most of the love gestures should come from the male. It’s inborn. By channelling this inborn drive towards a woman, towards Eve, Adam begins to really discover what it is about God that has made Him go all through all he has just for us. But then I feel God looks down, he sees how blinded his children have been about the concept of love and shakes his head. Love is a beautiful thing, yes, I mean that kinda love that makes your heart skip a beat, that kind that makes you want to spend your last dime on her, that kind that makes you think about her all the time, which makes you want to be with her all the time. Brother, it’s not a sin, it’s not wrong either to feel these things long before marriage. By feeling like this and learning to channel these feelings rightly, you begin to know more of God. This is no fallacy, take note. These feelings aren’t worth wasting just 5 minutes of adrenalin rush into sex, these feelings are worth more precious time, these feelings are worth more, these feelings make you do things that will leave an impact, these feelings are magical, these feelings are inexplicable.
You love somebody and you’re really sure it’s love? Boy make that first move, let her know, there’s nothing wrong in telling her you don’t even know what to do next, there’s nothing wrong in telling her you were nervous about making your feelings known, there’s nothing wrong in telling her how she makes you feel. Nothing absolutely wrong. Let the feelings flow, let the romance begin and see how you react to it, see how you battle with your being, see how loves overtakes you, see how love turns you into a motivational speaker, see how it turns you into a better man, be prepared to also see it bring out the beast in you but then calmly controls that beast to unleash the angel inherent in you too. It could go sour if you don’t channel that romance into the right tunnel, it could go wrong if it wasn’t love at first but if it was love…love never goes wrong, love never does wrong, love never “nevers”.
Love someone from the opposite sex, you’ll feel good, you’ll discover new things, you’ll get to understand love better. Love is so powerful that it can make you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.
I’m not resting my case yet.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch
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