A Little Love

Everything that goes on around you depend on one factor. You can control the outcome of your actions if you get this one factor right. Most of the struggles you go through right now will evaporate into thin air in one flash if you get this factor right.

I am talking about the state of your heart. The state of your heart determines how the other things pan out. The heart is telepathic and magnetic; it wants what it wants but will only get what is it. Tit for tat.

I am going to share some stories to show you examples of how the state of your heart really is the most important thing.

Many years ago, on Christmas day, we didn’t have so much in the house but we were happy. Our hearts were in sync. So we cooked the little rice we had and made stew with tin tomato pastes. While other households used chicken and whatnot, the only luxury we could afford was fish.

My friend came around the house that day and he was served our rice and stew with fried tilapia fish with a sachet of water, pretty mundane for a Christmas day buffet. But remember, we were happy and served that food with joy without any remorse of feeling of being short-changed.

My friend ate that food, finished it and was very happy. We both left the house after he was done to go round and visit folks. Everywhere we went to, we were served delicacies much better than what we had at home in face value. But my friend continually made a statement everywhere we visited that day, and that particular statement stuck ever since.

He kept telling folks we visited how I wanted to kill him with food in my house, how he ate and enjoyed the food in my house. Guys, I know he was blabbing, don’t be deceived. It was normal everyday white rice and tin tomato with just water. We were offered (and ate) awesome delicacies at the different places we visited, so there was no way what he ate at my place could have resonated.

Alas! He wasn’t blabbing. He did enjoy that food. The things that matter in life are not ephemeral, they are not even tangible. The most important things in life aren’t physical, they cut beyond the physical five senses and logic.

Looking back to the events of that day, it’s easy to see why he was proud of what he ate at my place; it was served in love. Like we were so happy and proud of what we had, we shared it in love. Nothing beats that, love. The state of our heart was so right that it became infectious. Once the state of your heart is right, it’s so easy to get things going in your favour.

It doesn’t take the whole world to get your act right, so many of you have gotten your heart deeply interwoven in the fabrics of deceit and hate. Everything that goes on around set on autopilot, there’s no realness anymore. It may not even be your fault, as you’ve been so deep into it that you can’t change nada anymore. I mean, I remember so many years ago when I unintentionally used to tell a lie, I had told that lie for so long that subconsciously I began to saw it as truth. I told the lie with the confidence and dexterity that would normally accompany a truth. Not until I realised one day that it was really a lie did it stop.

So I understand how you can get deeply woven into things without knowing. For some of you, it could be deep seated hatred towards someone for something that happened years ago, granted you might have outgrown the event but somewhere in your heart, it still rings a bell. These things don’t go off without intentional effort. For some other person, it could be something really trivial, I mean, we all have people who smile and laugh with you but go behind your back and say all sorts. It may not be intentional, actually, sometimes it’s never intentional, it’s just something that has to do with the state of their heart.

The only way to correct an ill state of heart is by throwing tiny flashes of love into your heart. It’s akin to darkness, you never chase away darkness by “shuuing” it, you chase darkness by bringing an anti-darkness – you bring in a tiny bit of light. When light comes, darkness goes missing, it gets superimposed, once light goes off, darkness needs no invitation to come back. So throwing tiny bits of love here and there isn’t enough, make it consistent.

I’ll leave you with a verse from Glen Campbell’s song Try a Little Kindness;

You go to try a little kindness

Yes show a little kindness

Just shine your light for everyone to see

And if you try a little kindess

Then you’ll overlook the blindness

Of narrow minded people in the narrow minded streets


Stay True!


Miracle Roch.


Before The First Christmas

Here’s another literary thriller I’m sure you are going to get captivated in; it was drafted by @YSAndre64.


He could actually feel the sweat forming on his brows. His fists were tightly clenched and his lips were so dry. His countenance was melancholic and his eyes were so far away staring, unfocused even at empty space. Deep in thought he seemed and deep in thought he was. A lot was to come, so much was about to unfold. And he was at the center of it all. Fate had come to pass, destiny was about to be fulfilled and by him, his destiny. For he was destined to bring about change that was so severe that it shook and cut through the very pillars of creation, cutting through the physical to the very intents of the spiritual. It’s been a long time coming, but the awaited moment had finally come.

Joseph was frantic “Oh Mary, why now of all time and here of all places!”

He wasn’t scared. Not scared, at least not exactly. He was just, let’s say a bit confused, unsure, and maybe alert. Like a lion that suddenly finds itself in another’s pride, like a king in another’s kingdom. This was going to be the first time he was not going to be exactly in control. The first time ever he was going to be prone, vulnerable. The first time he would submit, the first time he would— in fact, everything was going to be a first. He imagined it all. A family: a caring father and a loving mother. He had already seen the woman. Such sweetness, if the world had been filled with people like her, this task might not have been necessary. He imagined life with her; he imagined having brothers, sisters and friends. He imagined playing under the hot Middle Eastern sun. He imagined working with the man at his shed, for his would be father was a carpenter. He was going to learn to work; he was going to learn a lot of things. He was going to know how it felt to be human. He was going to experience it all, all the euphoria, the endless vanities that was associated with mankind. The anxieties, the joys and yes, the pains… Pain! Had he done the right thing by accepting to do this? What was needed was atonement, not necessarily his. Nah, He brushed that thought aside, this had to be perfect, it had to be him, he knew his father very well; for this to be flawless it had to be him. But then that didn’t make it any less daunting. He thought of what it felt like to feel pain, what it felt like to die, what it was going to feel like to die like him. Death. Lifelessness. Battle. Dominion. His mind suddenly became flooded with thoughts and all of a sudden dread filled him from nowhere. This wasn’t going to be easy, in fact this was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done. And he wasn’t sure of the outcome. This was the first time he wasn’t going to be sure of anything. He wasn’t forced, he could still change his mind, he could still free himself from this uncertainty, from this chaos. Yes, in fact that was what he was going to do.

“Calm down my love.” Joseph was saying “I’m going to get you a place to stay”. The pains were excruciating for Mary. “Joseph my baby!” She shouted.

He looked down again and saw her. So tender so loving, she had taken Gabriel’s message so well. She deserved redemption, he thought of his would be father, hard working and caring, a man who loved his woman so much that he refused to cause her embarrassment despite his being shamed. He too needed to be saved, he thought of those twelve lads he was going to meet. Such promise, such potentials that would lie dormant unless he went. He thought of all the blind men, the lame, the deaf and the infirmed that would need his help; He thought of the countries, he thought of the cities, such waste it would be if he just decided to quit. He couldn’t let the devil have his way, death had to be stopped and for that to happen, sin had to be dealt with. His speeding barrage of thoughts finally slowed down, dissolved and settled at one thing. He thought of you. He imagined you coming into the world, filled with hope only there would not be hope for he never died. For he was hope. The very salvation that mankind sought. The very cure to the insanity that was gradually engulfing all. He couldn’t let that happen to you. The more he thought of you, the more his resolve strengthened. He couldn’t bear the thought of your not being free. He had to not only free you, but empower you. He had to—
“Deep in thought I see”. He looked up and saw his father staring back at him, his face showing a hint of worry.  He started to say something but he was cut short. “Don’t bother I know what’s bugging you. He sat down next to him and in silence and in all omniscience, they both stared down at the world. “He’s a good woman, the very best there is”
“Yes, father, I’ve been watching her since and Joseph too.”

Mary was screaming so loudly now that Joseph really considered making a run for it. “Yes sir, we’ll take the animal shed, just tell us where it is. The innkeeper was shocked.
“Err, are you sure, it’s quite very messy?”

He couldn’t help but laugh and his father laughed with him. It was followed by a brief awkward silence. “You know you really don’t have to do this”
“Don’t worry dad I know, and I’ve made up my mind”
“Once you get out there, there is no turning back.” He nodded “Of course you realize the importance of what you are about to do, you realize the reason why it has to be done, everything has to be perfect. And of course you understand–“
“Relax dad, calm down, you forget it’s me you’re talking to.” His father smiled
“I’m sorry son; I guess I just got carried away. It’s just that when it comes to these folks–”
“You always get like that when it comes to these folks; you love them so much that at times I wonder if you have any feelings for me at all.” His father was shocked, it was only when he looked at his son and saw the smirk on his face that he realized it was a joke, the two burst out laughing. After that came another awkward silence.

Mary was screaming and pushing. Joseph was scared to death. He cursed at himself; he should have brought a midwife along as they journeyed to the capital. Why hadn’t he anticipated this?

“This will be the beginning of a very great thing my son, if only you know how many promises of mine would be fulfilled today, the prophets will be relieved I’m sure. Do you know what the people are going to call this day in the fut–”
“Christmas.” He answered. His father mumbled another apology.

“Oh Mary dear ,are you sure you don’t need me—“

They would have laughed again if not for the fact that the time was almost near.
“Emmanuel right,” his voice held a hint of sadness “I must admit the name’s rather catchy”
“Yes, and from this day henceforth I would never leave my people, I will be with them always”


    They stood up abruptly. “Well son, I think it’s time. To say I would miss you would be an understatement but truth is—“
The father couldn’t finish for the son gave him a very passionate hug that brought out all the feelings he had been trying to suppress. They held themselves for sometime before they broke away.
“You go now son, you go and save the world”
“Yes father, as you wish, your will always”. And he turned and walked away, Mary’s voice now louder than ever. This wasn’t the beginning of the end, this was the start of the beginning, before Jesus walked into the first Christmas, he turned back to take one look at his father. He was still standing where he left him seemingly deep in thought. The father smiled at him and said
“For mankind son.” He smiled back and replied
“For mankind.”