2018 Review: Endless

This year has been my best year yet. During the last day of 2017, I was feeling super grateful for the wonderful year I’ve had, I felt 2017 was so good that it would take something special to top it. I had spent the last few weeks of the year praying and listening to what God had in store for me in the coming year. I hadn’t heard anything and I was prepared to wait for as a long as possible.

I finally heard God on the last day of the year, as I prayed into 2018, the word came. It was so clear I couldn’t miss it but I was also scared because I couldn’t fathom how it was going to happen. God shattered all my expectations and gave me more than I could have imagined. If you thought 2017 was amazing, hen you haven’t heard about my 2018. I have no single complaint from the year.

I’ve come to appreciate time and seasons, God deals with us separately according to our level of readiness and willingness. There’s no competition in life, the only person you’re competitions with is yourself. The sooner you realize this, the better for you.

I did so many things for the year time this year and attained so many heights. But in doing that, I realized something importanter. Life is ephemeral for the large parts, if you rely on the things around life to give you happiness then you are in for disappointment. The things I used to think led to a good life, I got them all and then realized everything I needed for a good life, I had them all along.

Peace of mind is all you need, never compromise your peace of mind for any materialistic craving. All the things you desire won’t give you peace of mind, peace is a state of being you need to attain within yourself. Stay away from things that will chop at your peace. When people desire the good things of life, they assume the materials things they seek would automatically fill in the void in the lives but even the most successful persons end up discarding their wealth in pursuit of something more fulfilling. We hear time and time again how the rich folks give up their wealth and pursue philanthropy or something really trivial, my theory is that once you really get all the good things in life, you then realize that all you ever needed to fill the vacuum in your life has always been with you.

You also need the love that God offers. A song says “God feels the depths of our hearts and still loves us the same”. It’s really heartwarming to know that someone loves you the same despite seeing the schemings of your heart and it’s very dark thoughts. It’s something that has not been lost on me, I’m always reminded of God’s love towards me and this year, it was more prominent.

I look forward to 2019 as God maps out his plan for my life. It’s surely an endless supply of life and security as I march on.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Never Believe the Hype

I love my job. I look forward to my job every day, on weekends I get disappointed at the prospect of not having to go to work. It has nothing to do with my exuberance, I simply love what I do.
But ever since I started working here, I have rarely felt good with myself. I keep feeling I disappoint myself. I keep feeling I have not really contributed something ingenious to my job, I keep feeling I haven’t done anything special. That I haven’t differentiated myself from any other person.

I keep a work diary, there I write down the tasks I carry out and how I go about them, every time I go through that diary, I feel disappointed, I keep writing the cruellest things about myself. The impression is that I’m a “Black Einstein”, I rarely feel like a Chike Obi to start with.

It got me really bothered, why do I keep rating my contributions to the job so low? Most times when there’s a task in the office and I struggle to come up with a blockbuster distinctive solution, I always end up feeling disappointed with myself. It’s like my brain has let me down.

But don’t get this twisted. I’m only giving what I have, if I haven’t come up with anything blockbuster, it’s because it’s simply not there or so I think.

Meanwhile, when you hear reports from my colleagues about me, you’d be shocked at what I have written. When they say all those dope stuff about me, I’m left confused. Am I the same person they are talking about? In my head, I have been average, but apparently, they see something different. It is deliberate.

I put too much pressure on myself that there’s no chance to rest on my oars. Never believe your own hype, the day you do, your downward spiral becomes expedient. You can never learn anything new if you don’t empty the “bin”. Until you pretend to be a novice on something you’re absolutely good at, you won’t learn something new. So I never ever feel I’m on top of the world (unlike DBanj). That way, I strive for more.

I’ve conducted numerous Microsoft training for people before, I’ve been called a Microsoft genius from various quarters before, and I’ve really done some cool stuff with Microsoft before but alas! When I stepped into the new job, I pretended to be a “john”, listened carefully to the directions I was being given on how to do basic stuff, you wouldn’t believe how much more this supposed “Microsoft genius” has had to learn.

Imagine I came fronting myself as a genius, I wouldn’t have learn all those supercool new stuff I have learnt. This is the bane of our generation. We never ever want to come across as empty, we always want to say something even if it’s irrelevant. I call us the “Noisy Generation”, we always want to show off, either by putting up deep quotes on Facebook, or dope captions and pictures on Instagram, all in a bid to create this pseudo aura of awesomeness. Listen to me, the day you begin you hover around what to give to the public as against what you feed yourself with, you will perish.

There’s something called an overflow. Anything you give to society should come out of an overflow, you should saturate yourself with so much knowledge that there’s no space anymore. Let me give you a little story.

I used to be known (still known) as “a people’s guy”, people say I make it very easy for people to trust me and all that stuff. So it brought so many people into my life, people who relied on me for some sort of support or something. I was pretty good at that though, but I recently decided to toss the trash. I told myself, I wasn’t going to be a pro for any one coming into my life, I was going to forget all the “how-to”s conversation starters I knew (and lectured people on).

Ever since I took this decision, I’ve had quite a good number of people throng into my life for the first time. I have seen how tedious it has become for me to keep conversations going, most times the urge is there to switch on my “pro-ness” and give life to the conversation, but I always win that battle. During this period of dry and boring jokes to keep conversations going and keep people in my life, I have learnt a valuable lesson. A lesson I wouldn’t have felt the need to learn, if I didn’t deem it fit to start all over.

In acting like a boring guy, I have learnt to appreciate how tolerant the human soul is. I have realized that most often than not, what keeps people in your life doesn’t have to do with your awesomeness or what you do for them, it is how you make them feel. And, how you make them feel is independent of what you do, those that want to stay in your life will stay. Someone that wants to stay will stay, irrespective of the devil in you. You don’t have to do nothing to impress them.

This is just one example, I’m sure you’re subconsciously doing a self-appraisal of your life, you must have seen different areas where you need to start all over again, don’t be like religious people who keep using testimonies of over 30 years ago to preach to a new audience, don’t be misinformed about the current trends around you, simply because you’ve stuck with “ancient and modern”.
Keep trashing, that’s the only way you can take in more!

Miracle Roch.

Versatility can kill you

Versatility can Kill you! and this is not even a heading.

Let’s do a quick run through history. Recently, I’ve been using the “b” word on history too much because I just realised it’s something that can’t be erased. Yeah, you can make amends but you can’t erase history. I digress.

Growing up, people told you to try your hands out at different things and see what you’re very good at. People liked it when you were good at sports, in church and also good in school. Then there was this Current Affairs book that was making the rounds in the country. Your parents would buy it for you and you’d spend the free time of your life reading “current affairs”. Isn’t it funny that they call the affair “current” yet you’d have to keep memorizing dates of things that happened long before your grandfather was born? Maybe we should have called it “Historical Affairs”. I near digress.

It was the in thing then. A kid who knows and can recite the whole states and capital of their country, tell you who the President of Kagawastan is or what the capital of Purukan is. All those things made sense, parents were proud of their kids for being up to date. They were even happier when the kid smashes academic records in school. “Ah! We’ve given birth to a genius”, the man says while on top of his wife. Reinvigorated by success, the wife screams “let’s make more babies”. “…Intelligent ones”, the man adds and then goes ahead to pummel. You see how families are made? Again, I digress.

You think this is prosaic. You haven’t seen nothing yet, I still have a bucket load of banality to serve up. Kids grow up thinking it’s cool to “Jack of all trades, Master of none”. Who says you need to be a master anyways, so long as you know the “current affairs” version of the subject matter, you’re good to go. All you need know is that Nigeria’s capital is Abuja, who gives a heck about the population density of Abuja. Slowly, we’ve denigrated into a generation of Robin Hoods. We indulge in wrong and pacify ourselves with the notion that we do so for the greater good. I nigh digress.

Don’t be everywhere and end up nowhere. Better a man who knows every single detail about Abuja including the ratio of beans lovers to rice lovers (if need be) and nothing else than a man who knows the capital of all the states and it ends there.
I’ve been involved in so many things. I read newspapers like mad while growing up, I’m supposed to be the guru, but I don’t fancy all that. I remember reading Angus Maciver’s First Aid in English while I was still a toddler (err, not literally) and I remember all that history about nothing. I remember thinking I was gon’ fly a plane after reading one newspaper article about pilots. I remember thinking I was gon’ be a neurosurgeon after reading Ben Carson’s Gifted hands, I remember wanting to be President after reading a Times Magazine exclusive on Bill Clinton. I remember wanting to be different things based on what I’ve read. I wasn’t helped by reading almost everything printed on paper. I don’t digress.

They tell you, now is the time to try out different things, they tell you, you’re young, you’ve got the time to try out whatever. But I keep asking the stars, if Bill Gates had tried out Software, Hardware, Lacrosse, Rugby, etc at a young age, would he have known what to devote his lifetime to? If I had spent all those years reading only newspaper articles about Aviation, read novels about aviation, only, would I have spent these latter years confused about what to do? No digress.
It’s good to be versatile, it’s good to know a bit of everything, especially if you wanna go for a general knowledge Millionaire gameshow, it’s good but truth is except you’re Christopher Langan, you may never know deep bits about everything.
Find a niche, find something. It may not make sense to you now, but devote all your energy into that one bit, get to know everything about it, be a master of it. You’d realise that all the other things become interconnected at the top echelon.
Versatility can kill you; if you start at the bottom. Versatility should begin from the top. Getting to the top is a lifetime singularity. I digress.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.