Becoming a Monster

No one sets out to be a monster from day one nor to turn into a monster by day 10. We don’t really plan to turn out bad.

The change happens slowly, not like magic, it’s never sudden. It starts gradually and then grows on. Once you are unable to detect the loopholes that allow the change creep in from the start, it’s always hard. It’s like Cancer, you only find out when the damage has already been done.

He doesn’t leave the house expecting to cheat on his wife. It starts by hanging out innocently with friends in a bar and even when the Lady in red comes along, he doesn’t intend to cheat on his wife. So, with an innocent mind, he hugs her. Still no ill intent. Then it cascades from there and when it happens, it has no idea. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t just stop there. Once you get sucked in, you’re in. So in a bid to cover his tracks, he goes to the Lady in fuchsia pink this time around and then over time he becomes a monster, a serial cheater. It’s so easy to forget that it all started with an innocent hug.

When your friends convince you to escort them to Alhaji’s house and “take” his empty tires to sell, they convince you that it’s not stealing. They tell you Alhaji has too many tyres that he doesn’t need them so you get sucked in. Tyres today, kidnapping tomorrow, notorious armed robber the next. It’s so easy to forget that it started with you just escorting your friends to Alhaji’s house.

You don’t set out to be a woman beater. He made you angry the first time and you walked away but she did not stop shouting. So you convince yourself not to walk away the next time. The next day, you come with the intentions of talking things through, very commendable. But then she shoves you and in a bid to react you slap her, the whole world pauses and you apologize, calling it a mistake. She forgives you, but the next day, you don’t stop at a slap, you pummel her like Mike Tyson would Evander Holyfield. These days you don’t even feel remorseful about it. You are proud of your heroics and now see it as a legitimate way to shut her up. It’s so hard to relate what you have become to the remorseful lad from that first day.

You came into politics to effect change, you were so passionate but then your first initiative did not pass through because you refused to bribe the Permanent secretary. After three failed initiatives and nothing to show for your time in office to decide to succumb, you give the Perm. Sec a bribe and the initiative is a huge success and lauded by everyone. By the next year, Perm Sec didn’t even need ask, you anticipated and dropped huge sums, then you discovered a loophole that meant you could also allocate more money to Perm Sec and then share the money with him. You have become so ingrained that you now feel obliged to take a cut from every public money that passes through you. Perm Sec is retired but that hasn’t stopped you. It’s so easy to blame the Perm Sec for putting you in this state, but can you relate any of this to the passion you started with? All started with you not saying no for the fourth time.

And that’s the template to becoming a Monster. Congratulations, you made it into the League of Monsters.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch

Tilling the Fields

Felicitations. I say this knowing fully well what I have said. Service is something that will change you. Devote your time and energy into these two years and you’ll be thankful to yourself at the end. I will keep this as simple as possible with the intention of hitting the nail rightly on the head straight in.

You have been made the Outreach Coordinator. Make no mistake, you are not just the Outreach Coordinator. You are FECA Nsukka hitting purpose on the head. You are FECA Nsukka hitting the right notes in relevance. You are FECA Nsukka retaining it’s standing among contemporaries.

But make no mistake. You are under authority. You have your duties to perform. You have a portfolio. Stick to it. Don’t be everywhere and end up being nowhere. Don’t be worried about other offices that you neglect your office.

First thing you should note, FECA is an Outreach based association. So whenever you slack or derail, FECA details. Yes, you have that much resting on you. Don’t de distracted by other things that crop up along the roadside.

Work with people, you can’t do this on your own. Even Jesus had 12 people he did the work with. When going into the fields, take people along. So it means you have to improve your interpersonal skills, you have to improve your human relationships. People are key in the work, you’d have to be at your interactive best to have them do what you want. If you want to drive results home.

Having zeal is good. Having knowledge is good. But having zeal without knowledge is terrible. Having knowledge without zeal is horrible. Having no knowledge and no zeal is atrocious. Make sure you have enough of these two every step of the way. Don’t be too eager to do the work without having a critical appraisal first.

Don’t be too interested in the spotlight. It doesn’t bode well. Do most of your work in the background. Don’t be concerned with public accolades. The only one deserving of both receiving and giving accolades is God.

You’re at your best when no one gives you credit for the work you have done, that should serve as the impulse to do more because you can be sure heaven took note.

Obey authority. Even when the authority is not fully established, even if the authority is flawed. Even if the said authority is derailing. Obey. What counts is your obedience and not the scenario. In obedience, you get a leeway, more like a lubricant to grease your wheels and fire on without complications.

Make your life someone’s testimony. Be an example. People will follow you better if you give them a good reason to. People will follow you so they will get a bit of what you have. You have to make yourself desirable.

You are addressed the way you dress is wholly correct. Look good, look presentable. When going to secondary schools, dress well. 70% of people’s first impression of you come from what they think of your dressing. The other 30% is from what comes out from your mouth. Do well to speak the right words.

Logic does not always pay. It’s good to be logical but it doesn’t always pay. The best sense of reasoning to use is the Holy Spirit. He’s an insurance cover against catastrophe. He’s a latitude against limitations. Spend time with him.

Plant men. Prioritize planting men. Men plant chapters. Men build lasting structures. Men propagate. Men promulgate. Men uphold. Plant men.
Always seek counsel. Be teachable. There’s so much more to know. So much more you still won’t know so why not take cover with someone who already knows. You can never know too much. Enlarge your coast. Read, open yourself to more. Be a lover of more.

There’s can’t be too much of more. You’d need a high level of tact and intellect in the fields.
Make the office whilst also allowing the office make you. As exalted as His position was/is; Jesus still made himself accessible to the multitude.

Don’t allow pride settle in. Don’t ever begin to feel you have arrived. Remember, you are only the funnel, nothing else. Just a tool being used. Be humble.

Trophies aren’t given to people who have a good beginning. The key to relevant success is to last the whole duration of the race. Times will come when you’d test the fire but they will only make you testify afterwards. Start strong, continue strong but most importantly finish strong. Two years isn’t such a long time when viewed back in time.

Finally, don’t be like me. If you must be like me, become an updated, upgraded, corrected and better version of me. I am proud of you. Be sure to know I’ve got your back for these two years of your life. And son, you must remember; lifetime is working time. Get ready to work; therein lies life.

I love you son.

Stay True!

– Miracle Roch.
Erstwhile Outreach Coordinator FECA Nsukka [2012-2014]