My Birthday Gift to You

I didn’t give you a birthday cake or a birthday gift, I only sent a solitary text message. That should do, you should even be happy I sent a text. Isn’t that just about all you deserve? Do you deserve more? Well, since you’re so obsessed with writing, and since you obviously love writing more than you do me, this is going to be my own birthday present for you. A chip of what I feel.
Can you please add some weight? I’m tired of having to make do with your skinny body, I need some flesh to feel and hold when we have our intimate moments. I don’t want to worry anymore about going too hard on your skin. Please go to the gym, add some muscles, flaunt your abs, I like them.
Can you calm down a bit? Most times in public, wished you could just read me, could you look at my face and know what it is my heart is really saying? You talk too much in public, yes, I know you are eloquent, I know you are brilliant and while you may not have the intention of showing all that off, that is really what it does seem like.
Can you add a little swagger to your persona? A little panache would do you no harm, you must not always be about books all the time. Sometimes spice up your life with varieties, yeah, waste time on trivial things, it don’t hurt. Change your walking step, walk like some pop artist, walk like some star, it wouldn’t harm.
Can you not be selfish? Yeah, most times without actually knowing it, you act selfish. You act based on what you, what if someone else knows better? Can you be a good listener? Sometimes, all I just want you to do is listen to my rubbish talk and smile sheepishly, sometimes I don’t want to be corrected, I want to be wrong and be proud of it when I’m with you. I want to be bare when I’m with you.
Can you not spend too much money on people? You spend far too much on people than you spend on yourself. It wouldn’t be bad if you spent much more on yourself, buy that stuff for yourself first before buying for others. Please, put yourself first for once. For once.
Can you stop writing about yourself all the time? What are the odds that you wouldn’t even tell the whole world what happens between us. How am I even sure that you wouldn’t show the whole world this? Please make your writing less personal, for me at least.
Can you teach me how to write like you? Not the private kinda but the mind twisting, brainwashing kind of writing that you do that keeps readers engaged and intrigued? Teach me, I am willing to be a good student.
Can you love me some more? I feel on top of the world already with the little love you have shown me, imagine what my life would look like if you added some more? Don’t change, don’t do more, don’t buy more, just love some more.
Can you remain different? All through my life, I have never seen anyone like you, no one thinks like you, no one reasons like you, no one talks like you, no one loves like you. Please I don’t want that to change. I want you to remain unpredictable and different. I love you like that.
Finally, Can you just hold your peace and let me love you for life? Just calm down and go on this journey with me, will you be by my side? Will you hold me tight? Will you keep me warm? Will treat me right? Will you carry me in your arms? Will you be mine and mine alone? And let me just do the loving.
You know I do love you boo.

From, “you know who”.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch
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