Unleashed – A Birthday Panegyric

I haven’t had the chance to reflect on my birthday in depth. It’s been a whirlwind period for me filled with only highs and no lows and I couldn’t be happier. This is the first time in three years that I’d be away from anything work related for this long. Staying away from work, and not having to worry about something or someone that needs to be saved or need my help has allowed me time to think about myself and the evolution I have undergone. I couldn’t stay this long without writing so I’ve written this panegyric of myself in one take. Of course, like all other panegyrics, it could appear like I’m being too full of myself, depending on the lens you read this from, and then maybe appear like I’m being too hard on myself. But it doesn’t matter, enjoy this one take piece, forgive the errors as I’m still on vacation and not functioning at optimal capacity also seeing as I’ll definitely follow this up with a part two when I’m back in my stride.

Few months ago, I wrote an an article about how people shouldn’t cry for me when I die because I may not necessarily come across as being nice, so many people reached out to me to counter that statement. They kept reiterating the things I’d done for them and how I was literally the nicest person out there, and while it felt nice to hear all these things, they just don’t get it because that’s not how I’d define niceness. The things I define as niceness is what the world frowns on sometimes, like getting into random DMs and offering to have lunch and coffee with a total stranger because somehow I know that’s the little break they need from their life (did I hear you scream “how will you, a stranger, know what they need best”?). Or is it the people who always tell me they envy my life, how unbothered and unfazed I am and how I’m always happy (this is true) without stress (this is not).

I live a very honest life, I mean if this were during the heydays of online dating where you had to pretend to be composed during the first date with your online match, I’d probably fail all the time because I wouldn’t wait until the second date to crack my chicken bone in your presence, nor would I wait for the third date before I ask the waiter if I could have some more sweet and sour sauce. I’d do all those things on the first date because by the 17th date, I’d still be doing them unabashed and unashamed. This way, I’m under no pressure at all to pretend to be who I’m not to impress you by changing who I am. When people ask me what my secret to always being happy is, this really is it! I always tell them this is it — my originality no matter how awkward it is, I always own what’s mine unashamed! It looks so banal that it is almost unbelievable, but I wish I had a deeper answer.

By focusing on my present and living my life to the fullest, I’m leaving no stones unturned for the future. Sometimes, this comes out a bit too much for people, I’m always two seconds ahead (which may seem impatient and forward), a mitochondrion always looking for the next available person beside me to transfer that happiness to. Like that one time when I was on vacation on New Year, and I was wishing random strangers on the street a happy new year, or the other time I walked into a lounge and just started introducing myself to everyone I saw there. So much energy, so much joy, so much magnanimity that I’m always looking for who to share it with and it gets even difficult because my career as a Strategy Consultant also puts me in this same mode seeing as I’m always advising or putting together some strategy for others (hence no distinction between my life and work). One of the things I plan to do is to try so hard to create this distinction because sometimes humans don’t need help, they just want to be sinking and that is totally fine. I’m still trying to come to terms with this reality, because then you stop overthinking and stop trying to offer help “which may seem intrusive especially when not asked for”. Speaking of things people potentially intrusive; my excitement and energy! I’m always in my constant cloud nine state that I wonder how people cope with me. I’m sure they find that intrusive most times but don’t want to tell me because then again, they know the world needs more happiness than nought.

I also plan to take a full one year off work soon and just learn to live without trying to help save the world or help the next door neighbour, and believe that the world will be fine without me. Oh! I am also not perfect, I do think I have lots of flaws especially around controlling my energy and excitement levels. The battle I always have with this is that dichotomy between honesty and control. Do I just be fully honest about who I am unleashing all my elements or do I control the release? The battle being that sometimes, I tell myself that controlling them would be dishonest as it doesn’t show the true extent of my pizzazz. While I keep pondering over that, I know that whatever flaws I may have, will eventually sort itself out because if I remain honest about them and always listen to feedback, the help/improvement I need will eventually come.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

When I Die

People won’t say nice things about me and that’s fine.

Once in a while, I come across sad stories online about some good folk who has just died. People eulogize the dead and reminisce on the good memories they had and my favorite – how the world has lost a real gem. I get emotional when I come across some of these eulogies as I believe no good young person should die. It’s always disheartening coming across tales like this.

I think about what sort of legacy I’d live behind when I die. I actually don’t believe in leaving a legacy, I believe in living for the now and doing good without trying to attach your name to it. I don’t think about death, it’s one of those things I believe no one except God can control, so why lose sleep over what you can’t control. The only person I worry about in the event of death is for my mother, how will that woman cope with her only child dying in his prime? That must be such a tragic tale that no one should ever go through. It’s not something to talk about. But what happens when I actually do die whether now or in my old age?

When I die, I don’t think people will say nice things about me. As much as I like to think of myself as a nice person, I don’t think many people share that view. I’m a very direct and honest person, that doesn’t win you many fans. At first glance, people take a strong liking to me, and then the experience flows and you see how staunch and strong this guy is, those who linger for long and scratch beneath the surface also get to see the wonderful honest heart I possess. But very few people go beneath the surface, I don’t let too many people in.

So when I die, people won’t recall nice things about me. I wonder what would go through minds seeing as everyone is somewhat obligated to say only nice things about dead people. The one thing everyone would say is that I was very smart. I imagine those who want to be diplomatic will stick to my being very smart and tall, they’d steer clear from the personal stories. Some others may call me proud and arrogant while others may call it confidence. I wonder what the hearts that I may have broken inadvertently will say, good riddance or missed chance – serves him right? What about those who I never checked up on and they mistook it for my being nonchalant and uncaring? The missed calls I never returned, the messages I never replied to, the meetings and hangouts I missed. I really do wonder. Which brings me to the question, do I actually have enemies? I know I have people who envy me in private, but smile with me publicly, I don’t know who they are, can’t be bothered thinking about them. But full blown enemies? I don’t think I do have them.

I am really not doing a good job at this legacy thing. I struggle to see the nice things people will say about me and I don’t feel bad about it. Actually, I have grown to not expect any niceties from people, I get surprised when people occasionally say nice things about me apart from the now boring “he’s so smart”. My originality and affinity for honest living and doing what makes you happy must have hit home.

When I die, you don’t have to say nice things about me. If you must talk, talk about the really maverick things I did, the things that made me standout and made you take note of the new kid on the block. Don’t say I was nice, I’m rarely nice. Even the nice things I do, I do them in private that recipients rarely know its coming from me, so when you say I’m nice, you’re really just telling a lie. You can say I’m helpful but not nice.

What will people say about me when I die? Not many nice things and that’s alright.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

The Fight For My Life

When Fabrice Muamba, a footballer, slumped in the middle of the pitch during a football match, his Bolton teammates feared the worst. They had seen medics attend to him on the football pitch. Many people believed Muamba wasn’t going to make it after his heart attack, even the medics present talked about how difficult his condition was, they said he had to fight for his life. Muamba lived because he fought so hard not to give up – even when his heart had given up on him.

When medics say people “fought” for their lives, they mean it literally. People who fight must find the strength to breath over and over again; they have to suck it in for as long as they can and hold on to life. As I turn another year on earth, it is fitting that I look back at my life and ask if I have fought dearly for the very breath I exhale today, fitting to look at the fights or non-events that had occurred because of my aversion to fighting. Have I fought for my life?

Looking back at situations that would have required me fighting dearly for my life, the situations that kept me on the edge between mortality and beyond, what was my instinctive reaction? When faced with daunting challenges that require resilience and grit, do I throw in the towel or do I keep fighting – like Fabrice did in the face of death?

One time I was air-bound and was suffering from Ear Barotrauma, it was so severe and intense that a full bottle of water and multiple sweets and swallowing later couldn’t stop it. I’d tried the Vulvasa Maneuver yet it wouldn’t stop. At some point, I stopped hearing totally and the flight attendants were worried. When it became so intense, I stopped trying to fightback. I basically sat back on my seat and imagined what the worst would be? Going deaf? People have done that and lived. I will survive. What about dying? Oh well, if now is the time, so be it. I literally gave up fighting. I stopped trying to do anything to solve my problem. I just let fate decide (more on this later) what my end would be. By thinking about the worst-case scenario, I was preparing myself for the end so whatever it was wasn’t going to take me by storm.

I strongly detest anything that threatens the balance of my inner peace. I’d rather give in than let whatever it is distort my equilibrium. I have lost count of the human relationships, opportunities and possessions I’ve lost because I wasn’t willing to fight, because once that relationship threatened to distort my inner peace, my instinctive reaction was to run. If I was ready to give up my own life to preserve my inner peace, nothing else was worth it. I always let fate decide what the outcome of my dealings would be. I always try not to influence these outcomes by anything peculiar to me.

It is against this backdrop that I remain ever grateful to the powers that be, albeit unforeseen, who have tried so hard despite my negligence to preserve my Being. I look back at my disposition about life and it’s not so hard to see where it all began.

Tales abound of how as a fetus I gave problems all through pregnancy. Looking back, it sure feels like something did not want me on this earth. Perhaps I was the last Airbender or the Seeker. Whatever it was, something must have wanted me not to make an entrance and in keeping with my style, I obliged. I made no efforts to come out of the womb when it was time, I had stayed in there for eleven months going to twelve months and yet no sign of movement. It looked like I was happy to just stay in there rather than distort my inner equilibrium. Even when I came out, it was not out of my own volition, I was forced out and was heading to the floor until a nurse clad in white held me with her gown. As usual, an “Angel” had appeared to save the day.

The events surrounding my birth has been mirrored in all the major events that have surrounded me. As I approach a new year, my most successful year yet, it’s so clear that no matter what I do – and I say this strongly, because the life I live now, I do not deserve – the powers that be appear to always back me, it appears they have me destined towards the very best things in life, even I can’t stop that journey.

Muamba is alive because he fought, according to the medics at least (Muamba himself alludes his survival to God). I am alive despite having given up my fights, because the powers that be keep fighting for me unconditionally.

Happy Birthday Ihemrochi, as you live another gracefully given year, may the powers that be keep fighting for you even against your own will.

Stay True!


God’s Plan

I’ve lived for over two decades on earth. I’m chasing my third decade. I’ve seen quite a few things, yet for the thousands I have seen, there are a million yet to be seen. Do you ever sit down and think about Preachers who have been on the pulpit for over 30 years doing this “thing” every week? I just did the maths, a preacher who has been on the pulpit for 30 years must have preached no less than 1,500 sermons within that period, that’s over 46,000 minutes of sermons at an average of 30 minutes per sermon. That’s over 30 days of continuous preaching non-stop!

Where am I going with this? Hold on. I have literally been in congregations where the experienced preacher suddenly experiences a light bulb moment or shares an exciting message which he says he just discovered from the scripture. Admittedly, I always get carried along in the euphoria, but lately I have been thinking. If a Preacher who has devoted most of his life to studying the Word and preaching every week still sees something he didn’t know before, even after 30 years, that tells me something.

It tells me that life isn’t exhaustive. Shows me that life isn’t best enjoyed when you have the whole world around you, strengthens my belief that life is best lived with each day, and then the next and then some. That life is best lived when you view your time here as an accumulation of days; taking each day as it comes because when push comes to shove, my two decades of living goes down the drain if I don’t learn the lesson waiting around the next day.

This is why I get petrified every morning and strengthened at the same time. Petrified, because I am not so sure I’m making the best use of my days, nevertheless strengthened by how far God has taken me. Strengthened because I know life is a script, and once God takes the wheel of your life, you know he’s doing great things in the background for you. Which is why you must be careful not to impede God’s plan for your life (cue the Aubrey Graham reference).

So it doesn’t matter if they have been wishing a million and one bad things on you, doesn’t matter if they are starting trouble with you, just keep calm and do you stuff, because it’s all part of the script! Don’t be too concerned about the people who make no effort to love you or stay in your life, don’t sneak up on Instagram and feel bad because they didn’t invite you to that party popping on their story. Learn to live per day, the things that are yours will come the next day if it doesn’t come today.

It doesn’t matter if someone was an important part of your life the previous day, when you wake up and notice they have disappeared, don’t get distraught, look forward to your day with optimism because what’s yours will surely come. God’s plan.

I never ever struggle for anything in my life. Girls, money, job, house, material things, love, etc. I have never ever made any elaborate plan to get any of those things. I have always believed in waiting your turn, what’s your will always come. This strategy has worked for me and keeps working. I believe that if I ever need to do something to show you that I’m worth something, then it’s not mine. Why? God’s Plan.

We came here as a result of that plan, we will leave when that plan says we will. That plan gives us the option of choosing how we react to things that get thrown our way (because the lets it), it’s only right that we explore the gamut of that control. Rather than worry about how to change a scripted event, why not channel all that energy into how you react to that event.

You are not a failure, there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly alright. The fact that people didn’t want to hang with you yesterday doesn’t mean no one will hang with you tomorrow. We all make fun at the throwback images of the very people we adore today, we laugh it off, forgetting that we wouldn’t have associated with them when they looked this hideous. But now, we all adore them. That’s how life is; the promise of tomorrow is greater than the event of yesterday. Hold on to that promise, you know why? God’s plan.


Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Are You Intentional?


When I buzzed Konko during an odd hour in the day, she must have been shocked. However, while Konko remains a sweetheart, she still has a terrible phone habit, she can frustrate you at odd times when you need her to respond. I thought putting her “read receipt” back on was going to solve this dilemma, apparently it has only gotten worse. I fondly call her Ancestor, but that day, I was in no mood for that after she took ages to respond, and in her typical fashion, spent half of the time apologizing. Big head. I love her still though.

The main reason why I buzzed Konko at such an odd hour was because I wanted her to send a copy of a piece she had written sometime last year. It was a post about Coffee and something like that. That post was one of the best things to happen to me last year (along with her, of course), it addressed some of the things my heart had warmed up to ever since. I turned a paragraph from that post into a picture and put it up everywhere, it was even my wallpaper. The post has a therapeutic effect on me, it’s been my go-to for times I needed some sorta bump.

I’d been going through something recently that warranted a second look at that post and some of the message it carried. I read it again, and it sent shivers down my spine, just as it had done one year ago. You see, Konko is one of the best writers I know, and good writing is like art, it gets better with time – more valuable and enriching. Every single time I read that post, I always think of asking her if she adorned my mind while writing it, those words were straight from my heart. Short, less than 300 words but deep. The crux of that post talks about being intentional. Nothing is more important to me than humans that are intentional about everything they do, people who do stuff just to while away time irk me. I don’t get the concept of not putting your heart into anything you do, no matter how trivial.

I’ve decided to share this wonderful piece by Konko with you. Do Enjoy!

If we are having coffee, we’d be seated at the far end of the coffee shop, just by the windows, and we’d stare out appreciating nature and passersby for the moment.

Then suddenly, I’d turn and look at you and ask you the most mundane question I can come up with, because, that is the thing. The most important questions are the often the hardest to ask.

So, I venture; “What makes you happy?”

And you look at me, wondering where that came from. 

Then you say: “Everything”.

You think it’s an easy get away from me probing deeper but it’s exactly the kind of response I wanted because it’s not about you at this moment, it’s about me. And my unspoken feelings, unsaid fears, untaken risks, unattained goals and the deep desire to talk about them!

So when you say; “Everything” all I see is this big opportunity to finally let it all out and I grab it before it goes away. 

I start speaking almost breathlessly before my tirade leaves me.

“These are the biggest issues with all of us. Our inability to actually sit still and think deep and look inwards and find the real things. Everything cannot make you happy. It’s absolutely impossible!

To be happy is to be deliberate. To look and to find the things that bring the feeling. You have to be intentional. You have to find it. And it means everything to me when I find people who are actively looking for these things. Being intentional means everything to me. So, are you intentional?”

And you look at me afraid and uncertain about responding because you see the trap in this and you know just where I’m headed.

I give you that sultry smile, and ask again.

“Are you intentional?”

I hope you enjoyed it like I did.

Stay True!

Close Encounters of the Roch-Kind

Few years ago, I read a book by Jesse Duplantis – read the book and listened to his sermon on the same title – the title was “Close Encounters of the God-kind”. He detailed and chronicled the experience he had on his numerous visits to Heaven. You see, Jesse is a willy old charismatic preacher so you can bet that I enjoyed listening to the sermon more than I enjoyed reading the book.

However, something struck me during that period – I was highly impressed with how he recreated the divine scenarios he had experienced and also how he related those experiences to seemingly mundane and trivial everyday life experience here on earth.

Before Jesse, I never really paid attention to stories of people who went to Heaven only to come back and try to coerce people out of fear to live for God, it doesn’t work that way, but I was drawn to Jesse’s version of events and led to believe them, simply because there was a lesson in there for me!

I want to follow Jesse’s example in talking about the various encounters I’ve had in the last couple of months. You see I’ve met different people under different scenarios, and I’d try to relate some of these encounters to a general allusion.

I look back at my life and see how far God has brought, and I see how every new phase of growth in my life has been distinguished by the kind of interactions I indulge in. I have never been one to have numerous friends. You know, I still don’t know how people do it. I’m not your guy for the long term or after party. I am still trying to come to terms with the concept of sharing your life with people, it got me really worried at some point until I had an epiphany – people will fulfil their mandate in your life with or without your help.

The people who are meant to stay in your life do not need your help – you play no part in orchestrating it. The people who leave, left for the same reason, they had played their part, and their business was done. No sentiments. I look back at the people in my life right now and I don’t think I’ve played any conscious part in them staying. I’d more likely give you more reasons to leave rather than stay.

I wish people would stop whining about their interactions with people. What I have come to understand is that people are in your life for a reason and season – it is your duty to find out what their role is while they remain, not your duty to make them stay. People who would stay will stay, those leaving, will. You’d hate yourself if you ever had to lower your standards or give up your comfort just to prolong the exit of a bystander in your life, you’d be worse off.

The things we go through in life aren’t meant to be reproduced in a soap opera, there are lessons in even the mundane things we experience. If you don’t figure out what the lesson(s) is, you’d keep running round circles. What are the current encounters you’ve had in recent times? Can you point out the inherent lessons that were for you? Jesse Duplantis wrote a whole book from encounters, can you even write half a book on the encounters you’ve had in a life time?

That guy you met last week; you guys are buddies now, but to what end? What role is he playing in your life? Quit letting bystanders take centre stage in your life, quit incurring losses all because you want to have people in your life. I’ve studied people who know so many people – it came effortlessly, on its own. Life is not LinkedIn where you can wake up one morning and set up a connections target for the day to increase your connections. In the real-life version, you don’t increase your connections by tapping the button. Rather, you increase your connections by staying true to yourself. I remember when we were derided in high school for not being promiscuous, they kept trying to make up believe that we would be disadvantaged in the real world when it came to choosing partners as we had not been well versed in the art of “toasting”. That’s a big lie, the things that are meant to come your way in life come not because you went after it, but because you stayed true to form and it was easy to locate you! Stay true to form, do not be distorted because you want to fit in. Any success you get from otherwise, will only be short-term.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Thoughts on Old Age

I admit, I am such a baby boy. I am too soft and kind hearted. I don’t understand how some people do the stuff they do, I can’t even hurt a fly with my hands; I let my Insecticide do the job. Recently, I’ve craved spending time with very old people, I just enjoy watching them talk and move. Whenever I see one in a BRT standing, I quickly give up my seat and watch them seat, if I see anyone on the streets carrying something heavy, I quickly offer to help. No I’m not trying to be a good boy, I just love coming closer to them, even if words aren’t exchanged. There’s something about their aura that heightens my humaneness.

Image result for world's oldest person

World’s Oldest Woman; Misao Okawa | Credit: Daily Mail


Most times I try to wonder what goes through their minds as they navigate through their day. How different is the world now from what it used to be forty years ago. Do they wish they did something different? When I look at their wrinkled faces, I try to imagine the spotless beauty that covered this face during their youth. When I see them frantically holding on to pillars for support, I try to reimagine the swagger with which they moved around in their pomposity.

I’ve noticed quite a whole lot of striking similarities between old people. One of them is that, nothing seems to matter anymore, none of the things we hurriedly worry about. An old man once insisted I gave him the broom to sweep, I didn’t understand why at such old age you would want to bend down and sweep. It got me thinking; as young humans, we demand so much respect, we want to feel important and respected, but these guys have seen it all and they realise all that counts for nothing.

Old people also don’t like to admit they are old. Isn’t it funny? Because as young people, we try so hard to convince people that we are old enough, we never want to revel in the innocence and exuberance of our youth. We always want to speak like King Solomon and dress like Benjamin Button, just so we’d convince people that we aren’t young. But here’s an old man frantically trying to do things to convince those who care to listen that they’ve still got fire in their bones.

Old age is exciting, little wonder most of them tell you they have no regrets. It’s a blessing to live long. I can bet there’s no way they would have lived this long if all they did was regret the decisions they took or didn’t take years ago. Another crazy juxtaposition because we young people are so fond of living in regrets. You cry everyday about the actions you didn’t take that you end up missing out on the present opportunity starring you in the face all because you’ve got your eyes still fixated on the past. No one moves forward with their gaze behind. No one.

Old people smile a lot when they see us young people strut our stuff. I haven’t been able to ask them what fuels that smile. I like to see that smile as an approval; an approval to enjoy life and make all the mistakes you possibly can while you are young. An approval that no matter how careful you are, you still need to fail a little so you can succeed plenty.

Old people understand the power of words. Once they send a “God bless you my son” your way, they nudge you to say “Amen”. They understand how powerful words are. Another wonder about old age is if there’s a knowledge bank where old people just go to freely to access nuggets. I haven’t met an old man who didn’t have some real truths to spill. Is it something that comes from experience?

When next you see an old person, take a pause, if you notice, they are never in a hurry, so where are you always rushing to? There’s really never a missed opportunity that doesn’t come back. Take a pause and appreciate the beauty of old age, bask in the euphoria of your youth and visualise yourself one day with grey hairs and weak bones and an ever cheerful smile. Take time to appreciate the soothing air and landscape around you for in less than no time, they would be your greatest companions.

What are you currently doing to ensure your old age is blissful? Old age really is the annuity returns you get from your investments as a youth. Have you started investing towards your old age?


Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

The In-Betweens

Life is a journey, or so we are told. But I don’t believe life is a journey. I mean, I had to check my dictionary for what the Englishman defines as a journey, and it’s pretty straightforward. A Journey is an act of travelling from one place to the other. My problem with taking this popular definition of life is that is neglects a very important part of life; the in-betweens.

I don’t mean that other “in-between” people use to demarcate life and death; in-between life and death, as they refer to it. I mean the “in-between of life, mostly found between “li” and “fe”.

The in-betweens are those numerous minuscule details that serenade your whole life and actually do the damage (or good) without ever taking credit for it. Your in-betweens churned you out the way you are right now.

I am grateful for my in-betweens, mainly because it’s made me who I am. We all go through various in-betweens daily, and I feel so bad because, they appear so irrelevant to even spring up to mind.

As you go through life, don’t be in a hurry. Savor the in-between. Don’t be too focused on the future that you end up missing out on the present. Once I wrote about having tasted both sides of the coin and how that adventure helped me realized which side of the coin was better. I thought I got a better understanding because I was on “the other side”, but with the benefit of hindsight, I realized I only landed on the “in-between”! Even coins have their in-betweens.

Most times, when you actually feel you’ve flipped the coin, what you actually did was tilt it upwards. You landed on the in-between. The in-between gives you a better view. I make bold to say the “in-between” is the best view; it doesn’t make a fuss, it just goes on about the job and gets it done.

Your ability to sideline the efficacy of your in-betweens is the reason why you keep running from pillar to post looking for refuge, it’s the same reason why you keep falling into different arms looking for protections and spend every resource you’ve got materials because you’re looking for satisfaction. The satisfaction, security and protection you require are all within you – disguised as your in-betweens. Quit looking in the wrong place.

No time is ever wasted, what you actually call “time wasted” was a precious stop over at the “in-betweens”, enjoy the experience and embrace it wholly.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

I Chose This Life

I Chose This Life

So I’m here all seated in my office. Nothing wrong with that except that I’ve been seated since 6.30AM. Yeah. The thing with Lagos Traffic is that you always have to make a decision every morning, would you rather sit out 2-3 hours in traffic every day or sit them out in the comfort of your office? Crazy thing is, your choice doesn’t even determine anything. There’s always traffic. But today, there was no traffic, or would I rather say the cab driver was clever enough to follow a less public route.

So why am I writing this? Because I’ve been reminiscing about my life. Was this the life I dreamed of at 21? I have no idea, I don’t remember ever saying anything spectacular about my “21”. But why am I not somewhere at home sleeping? How did this corporate white collar life start? Shouldn’t I be balling and goofing around like the others?

I realised that at 21, I’ve tried out virtually everything there is about the corporate world – at a rudimentary level at least, I’ve even done blue collar jobs. I’ve done plenty things all in a bid to discover premium time occupancy.

I chose this world. After I left school, I started craving for a job or task that will make me leave my house every morning and come back late at night. I wanted that routine, I called it The Discipline of Routines (got a blogpost with the title for over two years in my head now). I wanted to learn how to wake up early, get my clothes ready for the next day and all that stuff.

I’ve been so rigid with routines that it’s almost become my holy grail – finding a routine that works and yields progress at the same time! At some point, I had to buy a white sole sneakers, just so I’d learn how to wash my shoes. I wanted this kind of job because as a student, I almost regularly missed my exams and important stuff because waking up on time was war for me.

Back in school, I dreaded every morning that followed a “night class” I went for, it looked like my body will always take its statutory 6 hours of sleep no matter what was at stake, it didn’t care that I had an exam the next morning. This was worrying, and I don’t know any great man who slept more than he worked. This got me really worried, my sleeping habits became my bane.

I knew I couldn’t continue like this as an adult in the real world, so I needed a routine responsibility. I’m here to say God has helped me achieve that. No matter the time I sleep, I always get a nudge around 4.30AM, even without an alarm most times. Of course, getting a nudge and getting out of bed are two different things, I’m sure you understand. But progress, nevertheless has been made.

I chose this life because I have decided to pay now and play later. “Satisfy me Lord in the days of my youth”, says a popular scripture. “But what right do you have to ask for satisfaction if you haven’t been working”, I quipped to myself. Ever since then, I have been putting my youthful exuberance to good cause, all that energy, rather than waste it pounding girls, I’d rather pound books and my laptop keyboards with it.

I chose this life because I chose knowledge over money. I have been massacred (not literally) by all and sundry because I have simply decided not to chase money. When I got my current job, they told me how much my salary was going to be, they expected me to negotiate, after an awkward moment of silence, they had to ask me if I wasn’t going to say anything about it, I looked at them and told them, I wasn’t here for the money. They were all shocked.
People don’t understand yet that money is just paper. That paper becomes important when you place a value on it, I have rather chosen to place my value on better things, things like the human heart and the human mind.

I believe that knowledge will get you as far as money can’t. I believe that knowledge will thrust you as far as power can’t. This is because, we happen to fall into a generation where the emphasis placed on knowledge dwindles with each passing time. A beauty pageantry has more rewards than a science contest. Don’t fight it, it’s the world we are in. It will only get worse on a large scale.

I chose this life because, caring about what people say all the time won’t get you nowhere. I don’t care how I look in my selfies, I take them for my pleasure and not for yours. In my head, I’m a Bradley Cooper (or a Stephen Curry), I don’t care if I’m an Idris Elba in your head, and it doesn’t matter. No matter how I look in those selfies, it wouldn’t change that image of me in my head, stop trying to please people. You can never please them.

I chose this life because I chose God. I know He is my creator, I know he’s got the advantage of hindsight and foresight, and He will work out what’s best for me, so long as I follow Him.

I’m following him, I won’t stop.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Celebrate Life

Miracle, celebrate.

Sometimes, I wish I was enthusiastic
Sometimes I wish I act my age
When am I going to realize
That it’s alright being 21
And acting 21

I want to get excited sometimes
But it’s not just there
Watching people excited
I just don’t get it
Really, what’s the fuss?

But don’t be like me.
Celebrate life
Because there’s no second
Don’t end up wishing
You didn’t stuff you wanted

Don’t try fitting into a stereotype
Enjoy the moments that bring joy
They won’t kill you
They will teach you

Miracle, celebrate.

Stay True!