Relationship Lessons

Ok, so my guess is you’ve been in a relationship for too long and you are already getting disgruntled. You have gotten overtaken by jealousy, even wondering if you are still in love, picking out faults from the boo, getting irritated and evens shocked at your actions. Calm down, it’s all natural. A relationship isn’t rocket science, it’s systematic, you have to work, it isn’t something that just springs out of the blues begins to make sense. I’m gonna be dropping a few things here to help you before you capsize your relationSHIP.

  • Never use the word “think” carelessly. They always want to be sure you know what you’re talking about. When you say “I think I love you”, you are sure to hear them exclaim “think!” No one wants to stay with someone who sees them as just a thought. They want to be overly sure.
  • It’s normal for you to wait for them. Don’t get agitated when you have a function to attend with the boo and you end up waiting for over 30 minutes. It’s inborn in them to always pay attention to the smallest detail whenever they have to go out so chill, it’s nothing personal.
  • Others guys will make passes. The fact that you see them with other guys doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t see you as priority. If the boo is very pretty, you don’t expect other guys not to see the same gorgeousness you saw. It doesn’t mean the boo doesn’t see you as priority or anything but then you need to understand she’s got a life that doesn’t need to revolve only around you. Actually, getting to talk to these other guys improves your worth.
  • Her whole time isn’t for you. Dude! She had a life way before she met you, you don’t expect her life to suddenly come to a halt and experience a U-turn just because you came around, truth remains her life is paramount and comes first before any other’s.
  • She mustn’t tell you everything. Never ever judge her love for you based on what she says. So don’t feel short-changed because you feel she doesn’t say too many things with her mouth.
  • You must adulate her. Truth is, 80% of her dress choice is influenced by you, she wants to look good for you, it’s gon’ be cruel if after going through the stress, she doesn’t get a word of approval from you. Always tell her how good she is looking, and on days when she isn’t looking good, find a way to subtly tell her.
  • Don’t try to impress her. Never try to do anything that will impress her, she loved you with all your rustiness and raggedness, what makes you think she would appreciated a better you? Be who you are, don’t try to do too much as you could spoil her installed prototype of you.
  • She mustn’t return you call. Yes! You called her, she didn’t pick, after sometime you call again only to realise she’s on the phone with some other person. Calm down, it’s nothing to be worried about, you have been leveraged. The fact she didn’t call don’t mean she don’t love you.
  • Don’t ask her too many probing questions. With time, she’ll get to tell you all the things you need to know about her and yes! You don’t even need to know everything. Don’t be too fast and ask her about the boy you saw her with, the girl you saw her with and stuff. They like it when you don’t because eventually, they will.
  • Trust her even against the odds. Yes, you’ve made a decision to love her and you probably had other choices yet you chose her. Stick with her even when the odds are stacked against trusting her, believe in her judgement, and believe in her actions. In the long run, it will pay off.
  • Tell her things when you need to. Whenever there is a rising need to talk to her, don’t form hard man about it. Nothing weak in seemingly telling someone you love something you think you need to.
  • Never hesitate to let her know how you feel. Oh! she just said something you didn’t like, don’t bottle it, she needs to know what it is you dint like, not telling her isn’t gonna help matters.
  • She’s always right. You have to be ready to be the one apologizing all the time, even when you shouldn’t. You have to make her feel alright and in charge whenever she’s around you that way she develops a security around you. Never ever argue with her, don’t even imagine it, you’ll always end up on the losing side.
  • Love her. Adore her. Love her. Ain’t nothing like been with the woman you love. Love really trumps all the other nitty gritties. Love does. Even when your back is against the wall, keep loving.
  • She won’t tell you. But whenever a need arises, make do to settle it especially when you have the resources to do so.
  • Love isn’t enough. There is no doubting that fact you genuinely love her, yes you do but you need more than love to make it work. You need firm decisions, you need someone you submit too, submission is key. Love is just one facet out of many things you need for a relationship to work.

Apply these things and soon you’d be seeing the boo these days with tons of guys and it wouldn’t get you worried, you wouldn’t even take it for a pinch of salt. Your love for her is there. Her actions don’t affect it. You’d love her not because she pays more attention to you, not because she calls you sweet name but simply because she is who she is. Nothing more, nothing less.


Stay True!


Miracle Roch.

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