Pandora’s Box of Youth

Everything we humans need fall under these prevalent categories of food, clothing and shelter. Whatever it is you need find their habitat under these three listings. Hence, an anomaly arises whenever one or all of these three things are not available. Part of what the modern day government (democracy as is so called) should ideally do is provide these three things or a means through which these three things can be attained. We begin to desire these three things during our youth. It is therefore not surprising that you’ll find the unhappiest youths all over the world here in Nigeria (accordint to the Youth Wellbeing Index by the International Youth Foundation and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies). The answer is not farfetched. The three basic things that top the priority of youths all over the world are being denied youths here in Nigeria in broad daylight. What is more shocking is the fact that these things have not been given to us as a lack of inadequacy but simply due to sheer corruption and greed. How fitting that these basic needs have been taken away from youths and given to the ailing and sickly older generation.
What these people at the top don’t understand is that the future and strength of every economy lies in the engaging capabilities of its youth. A nation that has not made adequate plans to stock up its future will only stumble when it gets there. It is hence not surprising that we boast a large number of people living under a dollar, it is no surprising that the state of things in this country is becoming worse, no surprise that the name Nigeria has slowly lost its significance when it comes to things that matter. The reason being that the youths – supposed image makers – are disgruntled. They haven’t been put into consideration and it is adversely affecting our economy. When youths are side-lined, our economy should follow suit. If we must revive our economy, we must place back youth welfare on top our priority list. The things that even lead to a battered economy like crime are aided by youths, when youths are angry, their young blood can’t resist the lure of being busy so then engage in vices, they contribute to the societal decadence, all the things that can crash an economy are propagated by youths. Image what the best case scenario would be when these youths are given something legitimate to do, something permissible to hold on to, something to reassure self-worth. What if?
Some of the youths around that have refused to soil their hands begin to seek solace elsewhere, in a country (and world at large) where education has been hyped as the key to greener pastures, it is not surprising to see youths striving to get some form of education. And this, is where we have failed as a country. We have failed to provide an alternative hence the zealous ones amongst the youths seek solace overseas, in countries where the standards are better; to provide education nonetheless. We see countries like Australia blossoming because the environment has been made a safe haven – a paradise for youths, even the Australian PM, Julia Gillard in a youth in her own right. Ever since she assumed office, 80% of the projects she has embarked on have been centred on schools and youths in general. That why you will unsurprisingly find the happiest youths in Australia. Most of the countries we try to emulate economically have a strong bond with their future – with their youths.
Until we try to go back to the basics – the basics of the first paragraph – of providing food, shelter and clothing, only then will we have taken that major first step towards this journey of a thousand miles.

Stay True!
Miracle Roch.

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