Don’t Chase Time

I haven’t put up a post on here in a while, well in a little over a month. But I have been writing short pieces and putting them up on social media. I started these little thrust pieces where I’d dwell on one theme during a particular period.

Lately, I’ve been writing short pieces on chasing love and time. These pieces have been figments of my imagination but so many people have been relating with them. That has to be one of the good things about writing, the fact that you can create an alternate story and still find a place for your phantasms in the real world.

I also have a couple of incomplete drafts in my folder about stories I’d been wanting to put up. I have an almost finished article on happiness and why we should all do the things that make us happy irrespective of consensus opinion, but that post will come up some other day. Maybe, I’d post that during the end of the year when people get into really sober reflective moods as they measure their progress for the year. I’d also begun a post that was to act as a follow up to this post where I chronicled my intentions to start fighting for things. My efforts have been laughable thus far so I’m waiting to get sufficient sample size before I write down my conclusions.

However, today I want to talk about something different and I will make this piece short (circa 500 words) because I haven’t ruminated on this piece for a long time like the others. I just literally opened my Mac and started typing and so far I haven’t had a break.

I love football, I love watching Arsenal play, and whenever we score, you can bet my roars will bring the whole house down. Now, if I get that excited when we win, imagine what I’d look like when we lose (and recently, we’d been losing a lot before the new coach came in). Don’t imagine anymore, I’ll tell you for free. I can be an emotional wreck when we lose, taking out my frustration on whoever comes next.

One time, I had a friend who swore never to talk to me any time Arsenal lost, I didn’t think it was such a big deal until I started one of those my routine introspections and I figured I needed to get a better hang on my emotions especially when it has to do with things I’m passionate about like people, Christ, football, technology, strategy, etc.

I have realized that at the forefront of our quest as individuals for “better” is time. We always slip into the subconscious realm where all we are told is that there is no time, so you rush into decisions and actions because you are trying to beat time. I’d since come to learn that if you can control your reaction to time, you can almost control all the other facets of your life. You are not running out of time, no one is chasing you and that’s what I want you to learn from this short post today.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Love Waits

Love Waits

For all the things people say about Love, I think the most pressing, which is often neglected, is that love waits. Love, when you sight the gold spot, waits, and perseveres. I don’t see so much perseverance these days when it comes to the different expressions of love that have marked our generation.

Marriages fail these days because, among other things, love acts fast. Sibling rivalries reach new heights because love chooses to act fast.

I am a man, who has been in “love” at different stages of my life and with different people, and I can say that for the different expressions of love I had at different times, the ones that failed were the ones where I was not patient enough.

When my main love expression was keeping you company through the night while you rambled about your dreams, I was not patient enough to realise that on some nights, you just wanted to be on your own.

For another, when it was dragging you to night reading sessions so you’d prepare for your exams, I was not patient enough to realise that it was cool for you to decide to take some other guy to keep you company for the night. I had slowly seen it as an entitlement.

When it was buying you gifts and some of the things that made you happy, I was not patient enough to wait while you went through your happiness phase. My patience wore out once I didn’t see the happiness return.

When you wanted to feel like a gold fish, I was not patient enough to realise all the sensations my presence and body brought was not enough. I made magic with my body, I thought that was enough. I wasn’t patient to see you come out of that phase.

As I sit to think about love, I see a very striking anecdote with Music. The perception that alternative music is reserved for only the intellectuals, that you can’t listen to Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, and make a good meaning of their craft without the commensurate intellectual sagacity required is laughable but believed by many to be accurate.

The same people believe love is not for children, they believe you have to be emotionally ready and capable to handle the rigours of love. They make love seem like a man mountain, only to be surmounted by 10,000 hours of gym work through a lifetime. But even the strongest of them all, buckle at the slightest nudging that love brings.

Love is for everyone – young and old. The qualities that make love stand the test of time, have nothing to do with age. They have everything to do with the presence of mind. For I have found out that love, values the presence of mind given to it. When the mind is absent, love withdraws. Love demands absolute commitment and presence.

I have particularly noticed that whenever I feel like I have discovered a gem, I am always prepared to wait no matter how long. Waiting doesn’t seem like a burden anymore because love happened. It is also same for others who have been in love.

Love waits, not just for three months, not 24, not 48. Sometimes an eternity, other times infinity. They mean one and the same.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

God’s Plan

I’ve lived for over two decades on earth. I’m chasing my third decade. I’ve seen quite a few things, yet for the thousands I have seen, there are a million yet to be seen. Do you ever sit down and think about Preachers who have been on the pulpit for over 30 years doing this “thing” every week? I just did the maths, a preacher who has been on the pulpit for 30 years must have preached no less than 1,500 sermons within that period, that’s over 46,000 minutes of sermons at an average of 30 minutes per sermon. That’s over 30 days of continuous preaching non-stop!

Where am I going with this? Hold on. I have literally been in congregations where the experienced preacher suddenly experiences a light bulb moment or shares an exciting message which he says he just discovered from the scripture. Admittedly, I always get carried along in the euphoria, but lately I have been thinking. If a Preacher who has devoted most of his life to studying the Word and preaching every week still sees something he didn’t know before, even after 30 years, that tells me something.

It tells me that life isn’t exhaustive. Shows me that life isn’t best enjoyed when you have the whole world around you, strengthens my belief that life is best lived with each day, and then the next and then some. That life is best lived when you view your time here as an accumulation of days; taking each day as it comes because when push comes to shove, my two decades of living goes down the drain if I don’t learn the lesson waiting around the next day.

This is why I get petrified every morning and strengthened at the same time. Petrified, because I am not so sure I’m making the best use of my days, nevertheless strengthened by how far God has taken me. Strengthened because I know life is a script, and once God takes the wheel of your life, you know he’s doing great things in the background for you. Which is why you must be careful not to impede God’s plan for your life (cue the Aubrey Graham reference).

So it doesn’t matter if they have been wishing a million and one bad things on you, doesn’t matter if they are starting trouble with you, just keep calm and do you stuff, because it’s all part of the script! Don’t be too concerned about the people who make no effort to love you or stay in your life, don’t sneak up on Instagram and feel bad because they didn’t invite you to that party popping on their story. Learn to live per day, the things that are yours will come the next day if it doesn’t come today.

It doesn’t matter if someone was an important part of your life the previous day, when you wake up and notice they have disappeared, don’t get distraught, look forward to your day with optimism because what’s yours will surely come. God’s plan.

I never ever struggle for anything in my life. Girls, money, job, house, material things, love, etc. I have never ever made any elaborate plan to get any of those things. I have always believed in waiting your turn, what’s your will always come. This strategy has worked for me and keeps working. I believe that if I ever need to do something to show you that I’m worth something, then it’s not mine. Why? God’s Plan.

We came here as a result of that plan, we will leave when that plan says we will. That plan gives us the option of choosing how we react to things that get thrown our way (because the lets it), it’s only right that we explore the gamut of that control. Rather than worry about how to change a scripted event, why not channel all that energy into how you react to that event.

You are not a failure, there is nothing wrong with you. You are perfectly alright. The fact that people didn’t want to hang with you yesterday doesn’t mean no one will hang with you tomorrow. We all make fun at the throwback images of the very people we adore today, we laugh it off, forgetting that we wouldn’t have associated with them when they looked this hideous. But now, we all adore them. That’s how life is; the promise of tomorrow is greater than the event of yesterday. Hold on to that promise, you know why? God’s plan.


Stay True!

Miracle Roch.