Roch; the Lad who refused to grow up

My name is Miracle Roch. This is just an inch of my story. The story of the lad who didn’t have a childhood. The lack of unseriousness which generally characterizes infancy I have sorely lacked. I should have what people call a comfortable life now, I mean; I’m in a Federal University, will be graduating soon, I’m still young, I’m very tall, dark, handsome, I can speak very well, I’m eloquent, I’m brilliant, I know too much, I know the girls, I make people happy, I play football, I wear good clothes, I use a good phone, I have a laptop, I have good grades, I mean, what else qualifies a good life? I’m a Christian, I’ve got God.
I like writing about myself because my life as a whole is a degree. After the first paragraph, one could say my life is blissful eh? Many look at my life now and want to be like me…they see a perfect life but what they don’t know is that I’m not really better than that guy you see hawking things around motor parks, I’m not better than any of those Lagos area boys who loiter around, seems funny but that’s the truth. I didn’t plan for any of these, I can’t even say I’ve been fortunate enough sadly so I can’t even attribute it to fortune. I’m not better than anyone, that’s the sad truth. What I presumably have is a “working mind”. I have just been blessed with the right kind of mind – the one which continually longs for form, for completeness.
Yes, I may have had a mixed childhood, one where I was the prince and then quickly turned into the pawn. Maybe that’s why I will never rest until I find out if my value as it were came as a result of a lack of competitors(competition) or as a result of my true worth. It’s a question I still ask…am I really all that? Am I as good as people portray me to be? Parents tell their children to follow me but am I worth following? Everyone see me as some perfect article and I keep asking…Are they following me because there is no one else or because I’m really that good? Some fork and knife to ponder on.
I’m proud of my history, what have I not experienced? Why did life become more than just a fairy tale at the tender age of 4? I never watched cartoons as a kid maybe that helped me see life as something more serious than phantom aliens and magical wands. Most of the things other children had the chance of seeing, I didn’t see even with the same chance. How can my earliest memories of watching the TV be vivid images of NTA’s network news? That can’t be right, can it? How can the rare visits to the beach not even spring to mind? How can the swimming pool visits not feature prominently on my thoughts? Something’s gotta be wrong!
I remember going to a different area from where I was living and I went to a field around to watch some boys play football, somehow I ended up as a goalkeeper and at the end of the match, everyone was hailing me, I was new to the area so no one knew me, they saw me as one kinda whiz kid, I think I still have vivid images of me flinging myself to the far right and making one save that even Oliver Kahn would be proud of. It’s no surprise really that I have not forgotten that particular incident, it wasn’t the praise or anything but the fact that I really felt I deserved this one. Right from when I was a fetus, sycophants have always praised me, and because I struggled most often than not to really understand what I did, I was oblivious of it so you could imagine my joy that day.
As a kid, I already knew how to configure a phone, how to configure a television set, I was into many technological things, I was a guru, doing well in school; that was heaven. I basked in the euphoria of being a genius. At that age, I had begun to take responsibility for many of the things happening around me. The things I had to take care of and learn as a young man was too much that in hindsight I always ask myself in surprise how I could carry those thing on those tender shoulders of mine.
But like I said, this is just an inch of my childhood story…that of a young lad who refused to grow up and grappled with adulthood even when childhood was at his beck and call.
Will there be a follow up piece to this one? Let’s see how it goes.

Stay True!
Miracle Roch

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The Official Adult

The little exposure began at age 7.
The harrowing experience of life began at age 5.
The understanding came at age 4.
Life has been lived with the mindset of looking up above…
Life has become better when on its own without encroachment.
This mindset has been stamped ab initio.
Nothing could be done about it.
But just as the Biblical Paul said; “it is time to do away with childish things”.
What makes money different from mere paper is the fact that it has officially been recognised as a legal tender.
In as much as early experiences forced me to live out my childhood as an adult, I still hadnt become an adult when it had to do with the society.
But now; there’s an epiphany.
I have become an official adult.
It’s time to personalize…
It is worth noting that the adult stage is the last stage of life.
At age 120; one is still an adult.
At age 50; one is still an adult.
At age 18; one is an adult still.
This is no time to be scrappy about things.
This is the time to ensure that all that glitters become gold.
This is no time to place round pegs in square holes.
This is time to ensure perfection even unto the smallest of details.
This is time to make all those experiences count.
This is time to make use of all those moral lessons.
This is no time to give my woman cause for regret.
This is time to show that a creature can never be bigger than the creator…not out of incapacitance but out of respect for the kindness of the creeator.
This time for to assume full responsibility for even the minutest of actions.
The English Dictionary associates the word adult with maturity and development.
It’s time to show’s time to tackle life’s daunting task head on without fear but with courage.
Determination shouldnt be lacking.
The four way rule must be strictly adhred to. Talk only when neccessary.
Mother nature shines her luck on everybody but providence sustains a few. Always be positive; there’s always light at the end of a tunnel.
Forget about earthly pleasures, they profit nothing but rust!
Focus on that which is eternal – it makes you urgent.
Place your heart on that which iss above.
Always try to make peoplle impressed with your actions.
Yes, you musnt pretend before people like you.
it is not in writing.
A verb is called a verb because it is a doing word…
Let this be the verb that completes all your sentences in life.

Practicalize it!