2019 Review: Memorials and Traditions

God loves memorials and tradition. Most of the direct instruction he gave the Israelites in the Bible was for them to celebrate and remember major events that had happened. When he introduced himself, he made reference to being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he loves some history God. Jesus also continued in that light by showing his disciples some events he wanted them to annually remember.

Following in line with the things close to God’s heart, I have decided to write and publish this after so many deliberations. For over 8 years, I have always written an end of the year review, it’s one of the traditions that has stayed with me since I started this blog in 2011. For some reason, I’m not a sucker for traditions, I actually detest traditions and always looking for something new. But when I got a wind of the pattern in the Bible as to how God treats tradition, here I am.

2019 was a good year. Since 2015 till now, my years have been exponentially getting better. 2019 did not feel exponential, it felt progressive maybe because 2018 was a stupendously great year. Or so I felt, until I actually crunched the numbers for 2019 and saw that I did grow exponentially as well, but why did I not feel like it? I improved across all areas, conquered new heights in multiple folds but it did not feel exponential. Perhaps this was because I had raised my own bar, or is this what DJ Khaled called “suffering from success”? I did suffer from success, wins that were huge became “small wins” for me, I had begun to slowly underrate some of my achievements but thank God for data and records. I have since come around to my full senses and remain super grateful for how God has been so kind with me.

2019 was a part of a long road trip, the part where you stop to have some food and walk around before you continue on the journey. I had so many good moments, I met the best people in my life, I probably met more new people in 2019 than I did ever and some of them will become mainstays in my life for a long while. If you read any of my previous reviews, you’d know that the years always have specific lessons for me and it feels like 2019 had multiple for me and they were thoroughly important lessons I needed to learn; lessons about life and love.

I am struggling to write this review because for some reason, I’m not able to shake off or mentally separate 2018 from 2019. Like Jesus said, a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of things he possess so I’m usually very keen when I review moments not to make them about possessions but rather focus on the intangibles and I spent a great deal of time this year on my intangibles, the things people did not see or could not make sense of. Thank you for sharing 2019 with me as much as I let you and thank you for understanding. I’m not promising that the situation will change in 2020 but we’d never know.

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Stay True!

Miracle Roch.


2018 Review: Endless

This year has been my best year yet. During the last day of 2017, I was feeling super grateful for the wonderful year I’ve had, I felt 2017 was so good that it would take something special to top it. I had spent the last few weeks of the year praying and listening to what God had in store for me in the coming year. I hadn’t heard anything and I was prepared to wait for as a long as possible.

I finally heard God on the last day of the year, as I prayed into 2018, the word came. It was so clear I couldn’t miss it but I was also scared because I couldn’t fathom how it was going to happen. God shattered all my expectations and gave me more than I could have imagined. If you thought 2017 was amazing, hen you haven’t heard about my 2018. I have no single complaint from the year.

I’ve come to appreciate time and seasons, God deals with us separately according to our level of readiness and willingness. There’s no competition in life, the only person you’re competitions with is yourself. The sooner you realize this, the better for you.

I did so many things for the year time this year and attained so many heights. But in doing that, I realized something importanter. Life is ephemeral for the large parts, if you rely on the things around life to give you happiness then you are in for disappointment. The things I used to think led to a good life, I got them all and then realized everything I needed for a good life, I had them all along.

Peace of mind is all you need, never compromise your peace of mind for any materialistic craving. All the things you desire won’t give you peace of mind, peace is a state of being you need to attain within yourself. Stay away from things that will chop at your peace. When people desire the good things of life, they assume the materials things they seek would automatically fill in the void in the lives but even the most successful persons end up discarding their wealth in pursuit of something more fulfilling. We hear time and time again how the rich folks give up their wealth and pursue philanthropy or something really trivial, my theory is that once you really get all the good things in life, you then realize that all you ever needed to fill the vacuum in your life has always been with you.

You also need the love that God offers. A song says “God feels the depths of our hearts and still loves us the same”. It’s really heartwarming to know that someone loves you the same despite seeing the schemings of your heart and it’s very dark thoughts. It’s something that has not been lost on me, I’m always reminded of God’s love towards me and this year, it was more prominent.

I look forward to 2019 as God maps out his plan for my life. It’s surely an endless supply of life and security as I march on.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

2017 Review: Flourish and Grow

2017: Flourish and Grow. I Did Both.

When I got into 2017, God told me this was going to be a year of flourishing like the palm tree and growing like the Cedars of Lebanon. I heard him clearly and was so convinced that this year was going to be a great year for me.

I’m here to tell you that God told no lies. I flourished this year in all aspects. Had more than I’ve ever had before this year, really grew in all aspects. I surpassed all my 2016 achievements and milestones twice. Everything was really double double. As I reflect on the coming year, it time for my customary year review and I’m really filled with gratitude.

I’m trying to pick out the negatives from this year and there’s really none. I can’t pick any, except the fact that I still didn’t get serious with the gym yet again.

One thing I did notice well though was how God was always getting me out of difficult situations and taking the distractions out of my life. It sure looked like something was hell bent on making sure I didn’t go into the new year with some people and some things. I didn’t even have to do anything, all those things left my life just the same way they came.

And it really made sense. I’d talk about how the two things God told me at the beginning of the year played out – Flourishing like the Palm Tree and Growing like the Cedars of Lebanon. Before I continue, let me also remind you that God is very serious when it comes to times. The Sons of Issachar understood the times, little wonder they were left in charge of strategy for the Israelites. You can’t be strategic if you don’t understand the times in which God is playing over your life. God doesn’t joke with seasons and time, as you enter a new year, I can bet you that God is speaking, you got to listen.

Flourishing like the Palm Tree

The Palm Tree is a beautiful tree in its stride especially with those lush green leaves. The palm tree is a strong tree with root deeply rooted to the ground. You can’t just uproot a palm tree like that. The palm tree is known to be a harbinger of productivity, there are countless products that can be gotten from the palm tree and they are all economically viable. Palm Oil, Rafter sheets, Palm Kernel, Feed, Wood, etc. So when I think of the palm tree, I think productivity. This year has really been a productive year for me, I grew and got more for little. I also multiplied the works of my hands. I made more this year than the previous two years put together. I was not stressed this year at all, that’s one trait about flourishing, its naturally and easy going, like I can’t believe this year is ending already. It was so smooth all through, there was no hiccup. God came through before I appeared on many scenes.

Growing like the Cedars of Lebanon

The Cedars of Lebanon are known to be stout expansive strong trees, more like the Acacia. One of the attributes of the Cedar tree – particularly those found in the nigh regions of Lebanon – is the diameter of the tree. It can get really wide as it grows. So once I think of the Cedar, I think of growth, expansion, enlarged capabilities, but there’s also a downside with growth and expansion; things get demolished and knocked down. As I grew, I realised people who weren’t playing a role to my growth, people who were going to slow me down or hold me back were being knocked out of my picture, and like I mentioned earlier, I happened without my knowledge. I remember times this year when I got uncomfortable with things and I tried to fight that feeling, I didn’t know it was my being reacting to the expansion going on within. Some of the things I couldn’t do before, I was doing. I became more magnanimous. This year I crossed a lot of things off my bucket list, so many things I hadn’t done before or couldn’t do, God brought them my way. God gave me those things on a platter. Cedars don’t care about obstacles when they grow, they just grow. I really grew like those Lebanon trees.

I can’t wait for 2018. Like the year hasn’t even ended and God has already started working. He’s been dropping pointers, and all I can see is greatness. Thing is, I was not even deserving of all the things that came my way this year, like no way. But God showed that he really does show mercy and compassion on whomever he chooses. He has chosen me again for 2018, how can I not be happy?

Thank you for sharing the year with me, I hope you had a great year like me too. Looking forward to the new year with great optimism.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

Sweet Sixteen

Twenty Sixteen was my best year ever. When I crossed over to this year, I asked God to make it a memorable year for me and He sure did. There were so many memorable moments, so many “firsts”. When I see people complain about how bad 2016 was for them, I feel bad really, because I had a blast this year. I can’t share it all in one post, but I will share a few.

I got a new job this year, got a new house, made giant strides professionally and socially. Oh, I also got a live radio show gig. Bonkers! Above all, I met really nice people. God really used people to pull me through. There was never a time when my future looked blurry, God always had a plan waiting for me. One of the scriptures I always use to describe growth is Luke 2:52.

I grew in Wisdom, like when I go through some of the professional work I did this year, I’m amazed. A year ago I knew nothing about Financial Models and some really deep strategic stuff but look at me now. Wisdom comes from a deep-seated place in the Spirit. It is the Spirit in you that births original insights, concepts and ideas. I had so many “this is it” moment after many brainstorming sessions. It didn’t come from thin air, it came from a deep-seated pool within. I read about 10 books this year, which was quite below my numbers. I have an excuse for this but it’s not a valid excuse so I’d just keep it to myself.

I grew in stature, I grew taller but there’s yet more work to be done. I was too lazy and complacent this year to gym, I really hope to change that next year. But asides the eternal longing for broad shoulders and abs, it’s all good. Stature is only physical. There’s also the mental stature. You see this year, I became very staunch in my paradigms and actions, I was proud of my actions and stood by them, I was not easily swayed by the tides. That’s stature you know. It helped me evaluate my actions better and make changes where applicable.

I grew socially, I really met some cool people this year. One thing I learn this year was to carefully sift my audience, and throw out any form of negativity. I realized how powerful people and their words carry, so I decided to only stay around people whose words edify and grow me. I did throw a few people out, but I let in even amazing people. It’s just so amazing when you have conversations with people who are on the same pedestal with you. I also learnt to love people irrespective of their beliefs and actions. I learnt to see people from a neutral lens, it really helped me get close and learn a whole lot form different people.

I really met some awesome people, people were unusually kind to me even when I was undeserving. Like I was so shocked, I tried to reciprocate the kindness I got but it was increasingly difficult. God used my interactions with people this year to show me that He really does stuff on earth through people. I’m working on being a good friend, you know, the thing with being as carefree as I am is that nothing really bothers you or keeps you awake at night. So it means I lost pace with so many people, in twenty seventeen, I will try to really become a better friend and keep in touch.

I grew spiritually. There was some level of spiritual maturity I attained this year. This part is was laid before this year, you see, every path I trod this year was carefully orchestrated by God, this year was just me walking on His blueprint. I couldn’t have even made it without him. There were numerous times of course when I felt so lazy that we didn’t even spend time together, but the few intimate times we spent always made up. This year, I fell in love like romantically with the Holy Spirit. You have no idea. The Holy Spirit is such a darling, I could literally feel him making my pulse race. If you really want to have a good twenty seventeen, you have to ignite your relationship with God.

See, it’s not about God, it’s about the fact that there’s some level of connection that enables you operate outside the realm of the physical world of five senses. It’s not about a religion and set of laws, it’s a relationship. This year, we had so many dates, it was lit!

Learn to love your presence and self, I learnt to retreat from groups or conversations that didn’t add value to my life. I loved staying alone, dancing in front of my mirror and praising God. You don’t always need to go out, sometimes just stay home and sleep if you don’t have anything else to do. Learn to keep quiet. Mary kept God’s words to her heart. Can God tell you something and be confident it won’t end up as public gist? In the multitude of words, sin abounds. Sometimes delete your Twitter and Instagram, stay off Social Media for some time and get your act together. Don’t be locked into this fast paced environment that you end up losing touch of the very thing that counts – your humane soul.

So that was how my year went. You can bet twenty seventeen would better. Oh and yes! I did not fall in love with anybody, I remained single and celibate, and guess what? It felt so good that I think I would continue the trend in the new year too. Don’t let society trick you into thinking you must be in a relationship to become somebody (more on this later in the new year).

From my heart to all of you who read all the things I post on this blog, thank you for staying with me through my intellectual sinusoid, I really do love you all. Let’s do this again (and more) in the coming year.

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Stay True!

Miracle Roch.

On Open Letters, Cheques, Jets, Oduahficate, Impersonations and Awards



I see the trend of open letters have continued although I must confess this recent one from Chief Edwin K. Clark has a different undertone to it with some ethnic tones. The letter is scathing attack on Obasanjo but sadly he diverted at some point in the letter and focused mainly on Obasanjo’s negatives which doesn’t bode too well. We haven’t see the end of “open letters” though.




So Adams Oshiomole gave out another cheque to another hawker. There are so many things wrong with this; I hope he’s ready to be offering cheques to every hawker because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Is the money his personal money or government money? I don’t think it is under his jurisdiction to be giving money away to random citizens like that. What are the odds he won’t be setting up “beggars” and giving money to them too.




We once heard Nigeria had the highest number of private jets in Africa or so; how fitting then that the President of this same country has over 10 jets in his presidential fleet. There’s been rumours and counter rumours of the President going to Kenya with 7 Jets. When reports came in that the President recently acquired jet number 11, tongues were wagging. For a country that spends so much on irrelevant things already; I’m thinking of a better explanation the presidency will give.





How long will it take Stella Oduah to realise her cup is getting full? Reports of her faking an M.Sc in one of the schools in the US is alarming. And the fact they were removed from her credentials and CV adds credence to the reports. I find this very disturbing, a committee should have been set up to verify these reports but we all know how these things work.





One has got to wonder how much these guys who impersonate others make from these shameful acts of impersonation. We saw a purported picture of Banky W engaged in debauchery making the rounds, thankfully he refuted the claims. Doris Simeon also complained about the same thing; while I can accept hers under the auspices of people trying to make money, I still don’t get Banky W’s own. Why would you want to tarnish someone’s image? It’s so unfair.





I understand the support for Mikel to become the African player of the year but I was dismayed at the fact it was only Nigeria that canvassed for him. Why Drogba made that list I would never know but CAF should know that aphorisms like this can degrade the award and make a spectacle of it, meanwhile congrats to Yaya Toure for scooping the award for a 3rd time. There’s no denying he’s in superb.



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