Never Believe the Hype

I love my job. I look forward to my job every day, on weekends I get disappointed at the prospect of not having to go to work. It has nothing to do with my exuberance, I simply love what I do.
But ever since I started working here, I have rarely felt good with myself. I keep feeling I disappoint myself. I keep feeling I have not really contributed something ingenious to my job, I keep feeling I haven’t done anything special. That I haven’t differentiated myself from any other person.

I keep a work diary, there I write down the tasks I carry out and how I go about them, every time I go through that diary, I feel disappointed, I keep writing the cruellest things about myself. The impression is that I’m a “Black Einstein”, I rarely feel like a Chike Obi to start with.

It got me really bothered, why do I keep rating my contributions to the job so low? Most times when there’s a task in the office and I struggle to come up with a blockbuster distinctive solution, I always end up feeling disappointed with myself. It’s like my brain has let me down.

But don’t get this twisted. I’m only giving what I have, if I haven’t come up with anything blockbuster, it’s because it’s simply not there or so I think.

Meanwhile, when you hear reports from my colleagues about me, you’d be shocked at what I have written. When they say all those dope stuff about me, I’m left confused. Am I the same person they are talking about? In my head, I have been average, but apparently, they see something different. It is deliberate.

I put too much pressure on myself that there’s no chance to rest on my oars. Never believe your own hype, the day you do, your downward spiral becomes expedient. You can never learn anything new if you don’t empty the “bin”. Until you pretend to be a novice on something you’re absolutely good at, you won’t learn something new. So I never ever feel I’m on top of the world (unlike DBanj). That way, I strive for more.

I’ve conducted numerous Microsoft training for people before, I’ve been called a Microsoft genius from various quarters before, and I’ve really done some cool stuff with Microsoft before but alas! When I stepped into the new job, I pretended to be a “john”, listened carefully to the directions I was being given on how to do basic stuff, you wouldn’t believe how much more this supposed “Microsoft genius” has had to learn.

Imagine I came fronting myself as a genius, I wouldn’t have learn all those supercool new stuff I have learnt. This is the bane of our generation. We never ever want to come across as empty, we always want to say something even if it’s irrelevant. I call us the “Noisy Generation”, we always want to show off, either by putting up deep quotes on Facebook, or dope captions and pictures on Instagram, all in a bid to create this pseudo aura of awesomeness. Listen to me, the day you begin you hover around what to give to the public as against what you feed yourself with, you will perish.

There’s something called an overflow. Anything you give to society should come out of an overflow, you should saturate yourself with so much knowledge that there’s no space anymore. Let me give you a little story.

I used to be known (still known) as “a people’s guy”, people say I make it very easy for people to trust me and all that stuff. So it brought so many people into my life, people who relied on me for some sort of support or something. I was pretty good at that though, but I recently decided to toss the trash. I told myself, I wasn’t going to be a pro for any one coming into my life, I was going to forget all the “how-to”s conversation starters I knew (and lectured people on).

Ever since I took this decision, I’ve had quite a good number of people throng into my life for the first time. I have seen how tedious it has become for me to keep conversations going, most times the urge is there to switch on my “pro-ness” and give life to the conversation, but I always win that battle. During this period of dry and boring jokes to keep conversations going and keep people in my life, I have learnt a valuable lesson. A lesson I wouldn’t have felt the need to learn, if I didn’t deem it fit to start all over.

In acting like a boring guy, I have learnt to appreciate how tolerant the human soul is. I have realized that most often than not, what keeps people in your life doesn’t have to do with your awesomeness or what you do for them, it is how you make them feel. And, how you make them feel is independent of what you do, those that want to stay in your life will stay. Someone that wants to stay will stay, irrespective of the devil in you. You don’t have to do nothing to impress them.

This is just one example, I’m sure you’re subconsciously doing a self-appraisal of your life, you must have seen different areas where you need to start all over again, don’t be like religious people who keep using testimonies of over 30 years ago to preach to a new audience, don’t be misinformed about the current trends around you, simply because you’ve stuck with “ancient and modern”.
Keep trashing, that’s the only way you can take in more!

Miracle Roch.

Man is a Natural Refugee

Everyone wants to make money via the easy route. I’ve been following the recent refugee crisis in Europe and it’s so shocking that no one has really ever mentioned the real problem behind the crisis. These refugees are probably using the crisis in their region as an excuse (and also a means) to fulfil their lifelong ambitions of moving into Europe where the grass is supposedly greener and make all the money they can lay their hands on. So many Africans and Asians are part of the refugees, please tell me what ongoing crisis would make them also leave? Emphasis on “ongoing” because I strongly feel the problems that have for so long plagued us are not new. We’ve been there before.
In one of the clips I watched, I saw refugees running away from a refugee camp because the camp officials weren’t taking them to Germany but Austria instead. About 90% of the refugees want to go to Germany because they feel that’s where the money is. This is exactly why I feel these refugees are not running away from crisis. If you’re running to save your dear life, you’d perch at the first sight of safety. I can’t believe they are been given the luxury of where they want to go to. Most of these people will end up in Germany, make money and return to their country to flaunt their new gotten wealth. See the irony there? They will go back to these supposedly war torn countries and flaunt wealth. Let me put up a disclaimer here that my scenario does not apply to all refugees, of course I believe and know there are some really honest refugees who are just running for their lives and want to feel safe, no doubt!
This refugee crisis opens up a nice narrative on the insatiable nature of man. Man is never satisfied, I think it was John D. Rockefeller who history records as the first billionaire on earth (some even say the richest ever) that was asked how much money should a man make and be comfortable with? His reply was a classic; “just a little more than he currently has” was his reply. In that answer, you begin see that man is never satisfied, he is always looking for various means to increase his income.
Now, there is nothing wrong in wanting to increase your income, nothing wrong in wanting to be rich. Nothing at all. But I’ll bring out two real life scenarios to drive home my point. Just today, Bentley Motors announced the launch of her first ever SUV; the “Bentayga”. This car is no doubt a luxury car and ranks high up there with the very best and you will certainly not be out of place if you start fantasizing about the Bentayga. I’m very sure many billionaires would have already pre ordered the car whose starting price is $229,000; that is almost 50 million Naira. Wow! A single car costing N50m and you can bet the rush. Bentley Motors also made another huge announcement alongside; they will give the Queen of England a Bentayga to commemorate her recent achievement as the longest serving Monarch in Britain’s history.
You see where I’m going with this? While Mr. Bill Gates can afford to buy a Bentayga with his own hard earned money, the Queen gets one simply for who she is at no cost! Is it wrong to be Mr. Gates? No! But given the choice, I know who I want to be in his/her shoes, of course! I would want to be in the Queen’s shoes, getting stuff I would kill for just like that simply because of who I am.
That is where we have all got it wrong, we’ve so on about the money that we totally forget that there’s actually a way of wanting all that we ever wish for to come our way without the paper! Man is a natural refugee, man is always running for more, man is always leaning towards greener pastures, man is never satisfied with where he is. Man always wants to get more. Don’t blame it on any crisis, don’t blame it on the economy. Why do you think Sergey Brin and Larry Page keep buying up all the start-ups and companies they can touch despite having built a big unrivalled conglomerate in Google (or Alphabet as they want it to be called)? It’s because they keep looking for more, they keep wanting to own more than they currently own.
I just recently graduated from school and all along, I’ve been fantasizing about how the money will flow in quickly and I’d just go ahead and buy myself a Toyota Venza (for a start), build a house all before I clock 25. Now don’t get me wrong, I still believe all those things will happen before I clock 25, my only problem was with the paradigm with which I chased them. I had only wanted those things because I wanted the fast lane, but now wit Purpose and Ministry, I have a better understanding of why those things need come.
Another typical example of how Man is a natural refugee there! I recently got a job, a job which suited all the attributes I claim to possess. I hadn’t worked for a week and I was already thinking of quitting! Why? Because the cash wasn’t flowing like water, I had thought that with my honesty and integrity, the cash would flow in naturally but then I hear the words; “…in the process of time”. Life is a culmination and combination of different and numerous “processes”. You know how IDM and all the other download managers break their files into parts to enable them download faster and then add them up at the end (in case you were wondering, that’s why 100% takes more time than the other percentiles), that’s the way life adds up your different processes! All you need do is make sure your current process is worth all the hassle and time.
Man is a natural refugee, granted! But that refugee can be tamed! Don’t be in a hurry to move to Germany so you can get enough money to buy a Bentley Bentayga, just focus on developing your “process of time” and your Bentayga may just find you in your Buckingham Palace and get to you free of charge.

I rest my case.

Stay True!

Miracle Roch.